The Weekend That Was - NCAA Edition (September 18, 2010): Losing Builds Character

last updated  9/21/10 11:59 PM

Welcome to another week of TWTW, NCAA edition. I spent the entire day watching 4 to 5 TVs simultaneously. It was man-tastic. I didn't take a picture, but I attempted to build a TV tray and pillow fortress around my La-z Boy, but the kids still found a way to infiltrate. ARG!

I updated the website throughout the day, but below are a few items I missed.

Now kids, cheaters never for some reason always win, but losing builds character.
What an awesome play... too bad time had already run out. Does that disqualify it for an ESPY?

And to prove to you guys that cheating is wrong, God struck MSU head coach Mark Dantonio with a heart attack after the game. He should have told the refs the truth. Just saying.

Speaking of the ESPYs...
This shouldn't have counted either. A puppy died after this dishonesty. Hey, don't shoot the messenger. I don't make these kind of karmic micro-managerial decisions. Alls I'm saying is that it looks like the ground helped this catch just a little.

Mascots Gone Wild
I want to thank whoever shot this video. This mascot fracas never gets old. It has to be the heads. If you put giant heads on UFC fighters, I'd probably pay to view that.

Want to see a duck sit on a cougar's head?

You won't see that in the wild. Just sayin'.

And then there was that time when the Hornets played the bees. That sh!t was bananas.


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