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P-F13: Week 14 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 14 Form NCAA - Week 14 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 14 Form NFL - Week 14 Printable Card

P-F13: Week 13 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 13 Form NCAA - Week 13 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 13 Form NFL - Week 13 Printable Card

P-F13: Week 12 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 12 Form   NCAA - Week 12 Printable Card   NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 12 Form NFL - Week 12 Printable Card

P-F13: Paid in Full (Week 10 NFL Bonus)

16 of the 28 teams have paid. What do I do now? Thinkin' of a master plan 'Cuz ain't nuthin' but sweat inside my hand EXCUSES: Whine about the remaining 12 in every email for the next 3 months? - chicainery (CCa) I'm not into whining, but +3 for the math (28-16). You were always a good student. Start an over/under on the remaining members to pay out before the end or the regular season. Gary should be a 15:1 odds to pay out before Jan 1 - 93Bronco (GF) Finally, a way I could profit off of this pick'em game. Establish a gambli-- oh wait, never mind. +3 The government shutdown my paycheck. - Naked Bootleggers (JN), Inconsistent Losers (ANe) That is why you pay at the beginning of the season.  JN +3, ANe +8 I don't want to make family holidays awkward with a heated discussion about money on the back patio in front of everyone. It's hard to imagine something awkward happening at a family holiday get together. +3 If I pay before Sunday

P-F13: Week 11 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 11 Form NCAA - Week 11 Printable Card   NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 11 Form NFL - Week 11 Printable Card

P-F13: Lennay Kekua

I'M NOT DEAD! What a rough pick'em weekend. Both contests saw pretty low scores. Curiously, for the NCAA contest, everyone scored either 6, 7, or 8 with an average of 7. That's about as average as it gets. The NFL picks averaged 7 correct picks too, but there is bigger news: THE NFL WILL PLAY THE REST OF THE SEASON WITHOUT QUARTERBACKS. But seriously, Vince Young still can't get a job. The Astrodome died yesterday, because if it can't be turned into a convention center then it obviously can't be turned into anything. Houston has as many convention centers at the Astrodomain property and more in the city than the Aggies and Alabama have fake championships, respectively. What is wrong with people anyway? Who is clamoring to host their convention in the city of Houston?   "Howdy, I'm just walking out of my conference at the Astrodome. What do you want to do?" "You are in for a treat my man. Tons of choices. You can walk 2