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P-F10: Week 9 Express Edition (It's a Holiday Weekend)

I'll clean this up later, folks. WEEK 9 NCAA SCOREBOARD WEEK 9 NFL SCOREBOARD

P-F10: Week 9 Cards

(updated 10/28/10 3:09 PM) NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 9 Form NCAA - Week 9 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 9 Form NFL - Week 9 Printable Card

P-F10: Week 8 NCAA Bonus Results - Choose Your Own Bonus Question

This week's NCAA bonus question was part Choose Your Own Adventure and part Why Do I Have To Come Up With All The Content? ! WEEK 8 NCAA BONUS QUESTION : Here is your big chance. Submit your own NCAA related bonus question. I may use it in an upcoming week. (0-10 points) I'm going to score these based on my opinion, but at the end I'll let you guys vote for the question you'd like to see for next week (you can't vote for your own). My absolute favorites aren't going to score many point, but they were definitely the "I'm busy" or blank answers. Yep, that's pretty much the way I feel on Wednesday night, 4 beers in, at midnight when someone emails me to remind me that I haven't posted the card yet... but I know what I signed up for. ------ Name : Answer My comments   Points ----- ANo, Northmen : Why do you think UGA is so darn cute? ;-) I'm not surprised with this submission. You guys should know that she's never picked

P-F10: Week 8 NFL Results

(last updated 10/26/10 6:48 PM) BREAKING FAVRE NEWS THIS MORNING Brett confirms leaving the phone messages for Sterger (makes sense, umm, I could hear his voice). Brett denies sending inappropriate pictures to Sterger (he has a point, I have no idea what his dong really looks like. That could have been a dong double). (click link below to see the full scorecard) Week 8 NFL Scorecard Leaderboard: NOT BREAKING NEWS Bevo XIV is putting a hurting on the league. Point summaries for Week 8: The Northmen (ANo) picked Colt McCoy to lead the Cowboy-like Browns over Pittsburgh last week, but didn't pick them to beat the Saints. If she had, she wold have been the weekly winner. Just saying. Bevo XIV (DW) extends his lead by another point this week. That's +4 on the nearest competitor folks. Apparently I reverse jinxed Novacain last week ( "Novacain (CCa) extended his deficit to -16 on the leader" ), because CCa filed a 10 of 14 NFL card and dug himself out of

P-F10: Week 8 NCAA Results

(last updated 10/25/10 5:47 PM) Today is the Independence Brewing Company 's 6th anniversary. You like freedom? Buy Independence. (yeah, I'm an investor. This is the full disclosure or whatever. It's also, like, delicious beer and stuff) (click link below to see the full scorecard) Week 8 NCAA Scorecard Leaderboard: You know what is worse than my picks? Texas' offense. Point summaries for Week 8: After two straight weeks of sub-double digit performances from the entire league, 13 teams picked in the double digits this week. Thirteen.  13, that is the number of correct picks from our winner, WhooDat4Life (Lo). 13 also happens to be the amount of National Championships that 'Bama claims. And 13 may be how many they are claiming next year, that is if Auburn has anything to say about it. Weekly Stats: Weekly Winner(s): Lo (13) +3 bonus points NCAA dubs (10+): KW (11), KZ, CCa (12), KS (11), DC (12), DD (11), CG, JM, JN (11), ANe, Lo (13), AP (12

P-F10: Week 8 Cards

(updated 10/21/10 11:37 AM) NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 8 Form NCAA - Week 8 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 8 Form NFL - Week 8 Printable Card

P-F10: Week 7 NFL Bonus Results: Favre-Aid

BONUS QUESTION: Reports suggest that Favre's dong shots may cost him $100M in endorsements. Got any suggestions for potential a future revenue source?   I really don’t think there are any winners in the Brett Favre dong-gate. If you don’t agree, maybe you haven’t seen the pictures. I won’t be posting them here, but you can find them on Deadspin . I haven’t seen anything that disturbing since way back in the early aughts when JH (Nothing to Lose) sent me a video of a person getting fkd by a humongous pig. Bonus results are listed below. Team Name Answer Points ANo Northmen V8--ever feel like you are leaning to one side? Have a V8 and it'll put you straight! Flip Flops? Flip flops (Crocks), real strong. +2 GN Ferments-A-Lot AT&T See what I’m getting at? +2 KW The Swinging Richards He should talk to John Bobbitt for brainstorming and a cocktail.  He figured out how to make

P-F10: Week 7 NFL Results

(last updated 10/21/10 11:38 AM) More stuff will go here... promise . (click link below to see the full scorecard) Week 7 NFL Scorecard Leaderboard: If the text above was a little underwhelming to you, how about what may go here? Point summaries for Week 7: I'm a little disappointed that only The Northmen (ANo) picked Colt McCoy to beat the Roethlisbergers. The league average was up over 2 picks from the dismal week before. Pat yourselves on the back for that. Bevo XIV (DW) extended his lead to +3 on the competition. Novacain (CCa) extended his deficit to -16 on the leader. Weekly Stats: Weekly Winner(s): One Man Wolfpack, MF (8) +3 bonus points NFL dubs (12+): None  +3 bonus points Bonus Question: Stay tuned. Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, JH, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1 2Do List: Week 7 Weekend Thoughts - NFL Week 7 Bonus Question results Week 8 NFL Card

P-F10: Week 7 NCAA Results

(last updated 10/21/10 9:30 PM) Did you hear the one about the Cornhusker beating the Longhorn? Me either. Maybe we'll have a story to tell this evening. So, so sad. ( 1 win in the last 11 tries. Good luck in the Big Ten.)  When I preface this picture with "I don't want to kick someone when they are down," what I really mean is the opposite. Apparently Zazzle lets you edit other people's t-shirt designs. I could (and may) spend many more hours today having fun, but for now, I present you the results of 5 minutes of work. 0-4 on their home field vs. Texas (click link below to see the full scorecard) Week 7 NCAA Scorecard Leaderboard: GF text messaged me a picture of his picks this week. Disgusting dude. Point summaries for Week 7: It has apparently become impossible to reach double digits in weekly NCAA picks. The top of our leaderboard isn't complaining. The top three NCAA pickers scored a 5, 6, and 6 respectively. Weekly Stats: W

P-F10: Week 7 Cards

(updated 10/13/10 9:51 PM) NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 7 Form NCAA - Week 7 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 7 Form NFL - Week 7 Printable Card

The Weekend That Was - NFL Edition (October 10, 2010)

In my opinion, there was pretty much only one thing that happened last week... my dong... well not *my* dong, it's the name of the song. Possibly the greatest video I've ever posted here.

P-F10: Week 6 NFL Results

(last updated 10/13/10 9:56 PM) I'm pro breast cancer as much as the next guy, but seriously NFL? Pink two weeks in a row? The way he licked his lips and touched my hips I knew that he was slick. You make me sick. - P!nk (click link below to see the full scorecard) Week 6 NFL Scorecard Leaderboard: Let's see who is winning this thing? Oh not me? Never mind then. Point summaries for Week 6: Two straight late card submissions is sinking Smokey's Bandits (KH). Bevo XIV (DW) now has the top spot all to himself. Who else is doing well? Not Novacain (CCa), that's for sure. Weekly Stats: Weekly Winner(s): AN, KW, DW (2nd week in a row), JH (8) +3 bonus points NFL dubs (12+): None  +3 bonus points Bonus Question: More combined INTs... Young (0)/Romo (3) = 3 , Favre (1)/Sanchez (0) = 1. Bonus Question Winners: WH, GF, DC, RK, MF, Lo, AP +3 Paid: KW, DW, KH, WH, KZ, KS, DD, CG, JN, ANe, MF, Lo, AP +1 2Do List: Week 6 Weekend Thoughts - NFL Week 7 N

P-F10: Week 6 NCAA Results

(last updated 10/13/10 9:54 PM) I just got done looking at Brett Farve's junk . Hmmm. In other football news... Local predictions: Texas stomps a mudhole in the bye week. LSU , A&M, and Tech BAMA go home with mudholes. (click link below to see the full scorecard) Week 6 NCAA Scorecard Leaderboard: I just clicked on the scorecard link and took a look at KW's picks... you guys are fkd. Some Live Game Watching Thoughts: 11:14AM - Holy sh!t. There is (almost) literally no one at the Baylor/Tech game at the Cotton Bowl. Well done Lubbock and Waco. TV is wisely showing field-only shots or really tight shots of the stands. They just flashed an un-focused crowd shot... like, if I squint my eyes it looks like there are twice as many people (50 maybe). 11:20AM - The announcers are calling Robert Griffin "RG3." I don't know why that bothers me, but it does. 11:25AM - Baylor-Texas Tech: "It is like one big cage match of small dudes looking to pr

P-F10: Week 6 Cards

(updated 10/07/10 7:15 AM) NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 6 Form NCAA - Week 6 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 6 Form NFL - Week 6 Printable Card

The Weekend That Was - NFL Edition (October 3, 2010)

(updated 10/7/10 9:21 AM) I just realized I left this post in draft status all week. Anyway, I've got some videos. Angry defensive backs try to make Jordan Shipley's head explode. That hit was so hard Shipley probably forgot to call Colt Sunday night after the game. The Giants had like 10 sacks last week (I think... I don't really do a lot of homework for TWTW). After one of them, we got the new football celebration dance sensation, the "don't tase me bro." ARIAN FOSTER!!! - Gus Johnson Bernard Pollard is an animal. If you have a little time to spend with us today, check out this Bernard Pollard interview. It will get you pumped, Braveheart or 300 style. By the end, you'll be knocking the piss out of some coworker. Just saying.

The Weekend That Was - NCAA Edition (October 2, 2010)

The rumors of me dying from a shetland pony accident are greatly exaggerated.  Stuff from the weekend. Texas is out of the Top 25 for the first time since October 2000. Over a decade old streak... gone. There, I said it. Texas Tech got throttled by Iowa State this weekend?! I'm nervous about Texas playing Iowa State now. I wasn't big on Oregon, mostly because I hate their uniforms and it's hard to take a duck seriously. From the looks of the polls (Oregon is now 3rd in both polls), Boise and TCU are on the outside looking in unless tOSU and Oregon both lose. Fk the BCS anyway. (I just want you guys to know where I stand.) Air Force is ranked... that's cool and stuff. You know what isn't cool? The fact Air Force is not "The Jets"!!! I'll never understand. Who is the most overrated team in the polls right now? I say LSU. What say you? Best catch of the week. This is great... Double Rainbow Guy Watches Denard Robinson Play

P-F10: Week 5 NFL Results

(last updated 10/7/10 3:21 PM) Was 8 beers and 4 or 5 glasses of wine too much yesterday? Not after losing to ou. I think I'm better now. What's going on with this week's NFL picks you say? I got your link right here buddy. (click link below to see the full scorecard) Week 5 NFL Scorecard (h/t AP for finding a mistake here +0) Leaderboard: GF hasn't won the NFL contest since his first year in the league... 9 years ago. Could a simple team name change break the Pick'em winner's jinx? Not happy with the results? I'm sure it was the refs fault. Fk neutral zone infractions Point summaries for Week 5: All I would like to point out is Novacain's fall from grace. Dead last. The Pick'em winner's curse is strong. Weekly Stats: Weekly Winner(s): DW - Bevo XIV (11) +3 bonus points NFL dubs (12+): None  +3 bonus points Bonus Question: Week 5 NFL Parlay. Winning Teams (pick any combo of 3): CLE, BAL, HOU, NYG, NE. Bonus Question

P-F10: Week 5 NCAA Results

(last updated 10/7/10 3:21 PM) I just checked the TV schedule... it looks like there are a couple decent games on today. But are there adult beverages to drink? Just checked... apparently I have a modest supply. Have you checked this week's scorecard? Why not? (click link below to see the full scorecard) Week 5 NCAA Scorecard Leaderboard: Will KW's reign end? Is it too early for a jinx? Probably. Point summaries for Week 5: Once again, this week was a terrible week for scoring... and I'm not talking about on the football field... or whatever you guys may do in your spare time. Last week's average score was around 6.  This week we improved by 1 pick. Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis might be able to score more points. I suppose what really matters is relative performance, and based on that criteria, KW still doing relatively well. His Swinging Richards are picking 60% against the spread. Check that. That's better than relatively good. The