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P-F11: Week 18 NFL Card

NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 18 Form NFL - Week 18 Printable Card

P-F11: 2011 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Open Post, Pt 1

LEAGUE NOTES: 12/18/11 10:52 AM Update: Bowl season has officially started. Check back to this post as the bowl season unfolds for league and game results. When navigating the post gets a little unruly, I'll start a new one. We usually end up with about 3 of these. It's the beginning of the end, and bowl season has begun with some major excitement. The bowl card is a beast... click the picture to bring up a larger version. Click to enlarge. Last updated 12/31/11 12:27 AM  Bowl Games 1-3 of 35 New Mexico Bowl - Albuquerque, NM -  University Stadium December 17, 2011 1:00 PM Temple Owls 37, Wyoming Cowboys 15 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Boise, ID - Bronco Stadium December 17, 2011 4:30 PM Ohio Bobcats 24, Utah State Aggies 23 New Orleans Bowl - New Orleans, LA - Superdome December 17, 2011 8:00 PM San Diego State Aztecs 30, Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns 32 What I learned after these games... Just like the first week of college football, the mer

P-F11: Week 17 NFL Results

post last updated 12/27/11 12:59 AM 2011 Week 17 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard Only 1 more week after this one... Bevo XIV (DW) made a pretty big move toward the money spots this week. Seven of you probably have a legit shot at the Top Two.

P-F11: Week 17 Card

NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 17 Form NFL - Week 17 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 16 Results

last updated 12/21/11 8:47 PM "Perfect and wholly imperfect seasons come to an end Sunday in the NFL when the Chiefs beat the previously unbeaten Packers 19-14 and the Colts win their first by beating the Titans 27-13." - CBS Sports For you guys, that means it's time to check back in on the Week 15 NFL Bonus question: Q: What week will Indy finally get that first win? A: W15 @ Tennessee Correct Answers: ANo, DCo, SS ( +8 pts) 2011 Week 16 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard Bonus Question: The Bradys -6.5 The Tebows +6.5 Final Score 41-23, Bradys. Winners : KW, DW, RK, KSc, JH, CCo, Lo, A-C, DD, CG, ANe, MF, D2, AP, KP (+3 Bonus Points)

P-F11: Week 16 NFL Card

NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 16 Form NFL - Week 16 Printable Card

P-F11: From the Bonus Point Basement - Week 4 - Landscaping College Football

h/t to Mr. Smokeypants for reminding me of this bonus question. I can't believe I let this one slip. This may be some of the best collective open-ended-bonus-question-answers evah. (From Week 4) OK. I'm ready. Give it to me. What do you want to happen to the landscape of college football? Viva la Revolution! - GN Northmen (ANo) : I like the super conference situation. I think that would be fun. Play-offs!! Blow it up! +4 The Yeasty Beasties (KW) : F*&^ the BCS, let's see a friggin' playoff system already. Break up all the Division I schools into.....divisions......and compete within your division but also have two traditional 'rivalry' games (such as Texas vs. A&M and Texas vs. OU). These 'rivalry' games will kind of be like inter-league games. But shake up the divisions every five years or so, similar to the NCAA basketball tournament bracket system. When the 'rivals' are in the same division then that just opens up the

P-F11: Week 15 NFL Results

updated 12/13/11 8:24 PM In the battle of the Baltimores, can the win-less Colts beat their replacement team? Uh no. 2011 Week 15 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

P-F11: Week 15 NFL Card

NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 15 Form NFL - Week 15 Printable Card

P-F11: From the Bonus Point Basement - Week 9 - Failed Chumlee's Banditos Jinxes

Failed because he won. OK, failed because maybe I forgot to publish these. Let's see what we got here. JINXES!! Northmen (ANo): Announcer: this guy is perfect never misses a pick! Here he goes with his Week 9 try... Fan: awwwwwwww Announcer: OH MY Goodness! He missed, I caant't believe he missed, Chumlee is no longer perfect! I don't know why this didn't work. +5 Ferments-A-Lot (GN): I've done my part. This always works. Damnit, it didn't. +2 The Yeasty Beasties (KW): Fee Phi Pho Fum, Bella and Edward are having a baby, give me a fcking break. You know you saw it. +4 Bevo XIV (DW): It's the law of averages, his picks will normalize to 50%.  So going forward he should pick the opposite of what his real belief is. Or, only switch on games he's 50/50 on.  Or maybe the luck is really bad, pick only the games you're most sure about.  Just think about it next time you pick. I really should have posted this one. DAMNIT! +5 Mr. Smokeypants

P-F11: From the Bonus Point Basement - Week 13 - Best Rivalry of the Week

The worldwide leader brands every week of college football now, which is smart because it makes it mean more. Just kidding, the bowl system makes each week mean more. Just kidding Pickem makes each week mean more. Just kidding... it's beer. The Pharcyde - Ya Mama I asked you guys in Week 13 to weigh in on the best rivalry of Rivarly Week 2011, Part 3. You answered with some stuff. Sometimes history doesn't mean jack sh!t, right aggies? Like, despite Texas dominating the competition historically and already having a more hated rival that they play every October, many of you chose the Lone Star Showdown as the best rivalry. Reasons included "because it is finally over" (ANo, +3) "...until at least 2018" (JH, +3). I'll admit there is a little hate, no matter who started it , and some of you agree: "Are you really asking me this question? Longhorns/Faggies" (MN, +3). Even non-affiliated Texan-ish Beantown residents weighed in:

P-F11: Week 14 NFL Results

updated 12/6/11 8:48 PM Everyone but four picked Denver today. In Tebow's name, Amen. 2011 Week 14 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard Week 14 NFL "Best Bets" Winners: ANo, GN, KW, DW, KH, RK, CCa, JH, Lo, A-C, DD, JB, JN, MM, AP, KP Everyone who lost picked the Cowboys. One of you boldly picked the hobbled Texans. One of you had Him in your Best Bets.

P-F11: Week 14 NCAA Results

Congrats to Chumlee's Banditos (KP) and Dirt Burglars (D2)! 2011 Week 14 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard Congrats to Chumlee's Banditos for kicking our arse. Both winners are P-F newbies. 1st Place: Chumlee's Banditos (KP) 2nd Place: Dirt Burglars (D2) Wonder how it happened? D2 overcame a slow start and finished strong. KP sprinted to a huge lead and coasted at the end. It's not often that someone picks 58% against the spread and doesn't win. KP's 61% is really impressive. 2011 Week 14 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Score Chart

P-F11: Week 14 Cards

updated 11/30 /11 10:58 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 14 Form NCAA - Week 14 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 14 Form NFL - Week 14 Printable Card

Week 9 NFL Bonus: Vince Young is the Greatest of All Time

Week 9 NFL Bonus: Vince Young is the G.O.A.T. VY will be the Greatest "Next Vince Young" of All Time - Ferments-A-Lot Cat Power - The Greatest Vince Young is a polarizing sports star. His play is sometimes ugly and sometimes downright absurd, but occasionally his play is awe-inspiring. We could argue what the real VY is for years (we have), but there is no sane argument that VY wasn’t one of the greatest college football players of all time. VY’s win/loss record as a starter in college is 30-2. In the NFL, VY’s record as a starter is 31- 17 18. If Chris Johnson was the reason for all those wins, then why didn’t Kerry Collins win with the same team in the same year? VY just wins. I’m a fan, but I can’t explain it. All I know is that VY probably isn’t NFL Hall of Fame bound, so while once the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) in college football, he’s not destined for G.O.A.T. status in the pros. Being that VY inexplicably wins at everything, what is VY’s next G.O.A.T

P-F11: Week 13 Results

last updated 11/28/11 11:08 PM  NCAA Just one thing. A cash grab complication. ¡Gooooaaaaaallll de los Horns! Scoreboard... everlasting. Cash Run (Biggie + Tupac + White Stripes) 2011 Week 13 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard NFL 2011 Week 13 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

P-F11: Week 13 Cards

updated 11/23 /11 2:41 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 13 Form NCAA - Week 13 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 13 Form NFL - Week 13 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 12 Results

updated 11/22/11 10:00 AM NCAA 2011 Week 12 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard GameDay Sign Suggestion Bonus: I asked you to submit a clever GameDay-ish sign to celebrate ESPN's visit to the lovely U of H campus. Here's what you guys submitted. Northmen (ANo) : "Eat 'em up Corso!" +3 Ferments-A-Lot (GN) : 'Did ESPN Gameday come to your High School? I don't think so. RESPECT." Cougar High jokes don't get old, just saying. +4 BevoXIV (DW) : "Who knew SWC >> Big 12?" It's not. +4 Mr. Smokeypants (KH) : "Fowler likes the shocker" Classy, er I mean classic. +3 Mad Bomber (KZ) : "Chunk the deuce" I'm Paul Wall, Swishahouse baby, Houston Tex Live from the gridiron, I'm on the grind, collectin checks. +5 BlitzKrieg (RK) : "Keenum. Haven't seen him? Drink a Case of beer and watch him throw. This system QB is worthy of Heisman row." A rhyme? Are you

P-F11: Week 12 Cards

updated 11/17 /11 11:38 AM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 12 Form NCAA - Week 12 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 12 Form NFL - Week 12 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 11 Results

last updated 11/15/11 8:19 PM The Week That Is: Combo post this week. Below are your scorecard links to follow along as the action unfolds. NFL Sunday Afternoon Kickoffs Tim Tebow > Kansas City Chiefs. Tim threw 2 passes, but it's all about the W baby. Elongated throwing motion // Tim Tebow > Cam Newton? I'm not saying, I'm just saying the Panthers lost to the Titans today. Not good. // Vick lost again. You know you like that. // The Texans don't seem to need Mario Williams. If they re-sign that bum, one or two of you in this league will have to hear my drunken Mario rant at a bar this off-season. // Two of you guys were up on the Seahawk win over the Ravens. I'm going to need to see you in the commissioners office. // Dallas kicked ass. So what's the truth? Bills = pretenders or Cowboys = for real. // Atlanta beat themselves in OT. Who dat anyway. // Former Longhorn Colt lost again... because of former Longhorn Phil Dawson's missed FG. I can