P-F11: From the Bonus Point Basement - Week 9 - Failed Chumlee's Banditos Jinxes

Failed because he won. OK, failed because maybe I forgot to publish these. Let's see what we got here.


Northmen (ANo):
Announcer: this guy is perfect never misses a pick! Here he goes with his Week 9 try...
Fan: awwwwwwww
Announcer: OH MY Goodness! He missed, I caant't believe he missed, Chumlee is no longer perfect!
I don't know why this didn't work. +5

Ferments-A-Lot (GN):
I've done my part. This always works.
Damnit, it didn't. +2

The Yeasty Beasties (KW):
Fee Phi Pho Fum, Bella and Edward are having a baby, give me a fcking break.
You know you saw it. +4

Bevo XIV (DW):
It's the law of averages, his picks will normalize to 50%.  So going forward he should pick the opposite of what his real belief is. Or, only switch on games he's 50/50 on.  Or maybe the luck is really bad, pick only the games you're most sure about.  Just think about it next time you pick.
I really should have posted this one. DAMNIT! +5

Mr. Smokeypants (KH):
Send him to Dr. Morgus!
Dude, the sh!t that is in your brain. +4

BlitzKrieg (RK):
Good job, Chum.
Kill him with kindness. +3

Chicainery (CCa):
Jinxes are powerless to stop one with such powers.  I say congratulations to the Banditos, you've clearly wrapped this season up and the rest of us are playing out the string for 2nd place.
I see what you did there. +4

Large Donkey IPA (KSc):
I think Chumlee might go 100% the rest of the way. He is just that good.
Classic jinx. +4

Bob and Gary Destroyers (JH):
Chumlee, I hope your game picking goes the way of Terrell Owens' career.
Chumlee has two hundred reasons why he won't be jinxed. +3

Beelzebubbles (CCo):
Booley booley junta jinga cluck cluck. Eesh née née neesh, ash nee neckkk noooooo. Cluck cluck bey kong waaaaa noch. Vlaaaaaaaaaa hya.
Que? +4

Topo Chicas (A-C):
Rangers win!
Hrrmm. +3

Devil Dawgs (DD):
i have no clue what you're talking about but i have no doubt that it's completely insane and must be stopped.  we should get the people out and start a movement.  occupy chumlee. we are the 99. fight the power. arrrrrrrrgh.
Like. +5

13 National Championships (CG):
Gree-gree mother f**cker...
Yeah. +3

Pimp Posse (JB):
Gris Gris Chumlee.
Two of you guys in a row with the voodoo. Like the rhyme. +4

Naked Bootleggers (JN):
Someone call the Famous Chicken to give him the "Chicken Zap"
Yeah! No. +4

SEC Rejects (ANe):
This is your National Title YEAR! All you have to do is  show up and play.  Don't even worry about that Tech game, you are invincible at home.
Haha. +4

1 Man Wolfpack (MF):
Chumlee and I are playing golf, this is our conversation heading into 18...
"do you know you have 3 birdies in a row and if you par this last hole you'll shoot a 37 on the back"
that outta jinx him.
Don't know why that didn't work. +4

Rose Ate It (SS):
Rangers' hex!
2nd Ranger hex. +3

Hellfish (KSh):
Two words: voo doo
Big fan of the "two words" that aren't two words. +4

Dirt Burglars (D2):
Curse of the Sports Illustrated Cover.  I will email the photo.
I wish I could give you more than 5 points. This is worth 5x that.

Gig'em Baby (AP):
Chumlee's Banditos is just too damn good. No jinx can stop him. I'm sure he'll get at least 10 of the 15 right this week...just like he does every week ;)
The emoticon probably undid the jinx. +4

...and the jinxee...

Chumlee's Banditos (KP):
You know the sad part of this whole thing is that I haven't watched an entire college football game all season and I am doing better in these picks than my other pro pick 'em leagues.

I guess a good jinx is to have me keep changing my scorecard every day and second guess myself....worked really well last week. =)
How does that taste, pickers? +5


  1. Thanks all. I love all your "jinxes"....clearly they didn't work.
    Now for the real secret....this is like shooting myself in the leg like Plaxico but oh well i like you guys..the real secret of my success is whatifsports.com. it's a free sports simulator that can quite accurately predict the out come of college and pro games while changing all kind of variables from players to even the weather! Check it out and see how it works out for you in the playoffs l. I didn't spend a whole lot of time changing variables and just went with the defaults ....didn't turn out too bad uhh?


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