Saturday, December 28, 2013

P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 4 - Paperboys delivering, no they're not

Time to get stupid scared.

(hit play for the full effect)

[Picture The Paperboys (KW) walking in slow with a bit of a strut. Maybe like a bit of a pimp walk. Picture his parents horrified as they realize the lyrics are foul, shocking, and straight up scary as sh!t. Picture KW eating a cockroach and not throwing it up]

He's a Texan fan. Just kidding. He's a Texas fan. Just kidding. He's from Texas and a cowboy. Just kidding. A farmer. He's got mad flow. Just kidding. His gas is sweet. He rides the train to save energy. Just kidding he's the engineer. Just kidding. He is an Engineer. And he makes beer. And drinks a lot too, but that's because he makes so much. It's scary.

But seriously. Yonkers is a scary song. It's so scary that the music alone can make other songs scary too.

Are your picks are scary good or scary bad?

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Friday, December 27, 2013

P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 3 - Great picks are no accident, child

(Hit play for the full effect of the introduction)

You may know him as AccidentChild (MN), but he didn't even leave a team name in his registration this year.
There's nothing wrong with him. Let the bodies hit the floor.
He likes The Real Housewives, but obvs only ironically.
There's nothing wrong with him. Let the bodies hit the floor.
He spent a good portion of his life looking almost exactly like what many people think Jesus looked like.
There's nothing wrong with him. Let the bodies hit the floor.
He's like family to me, because he's actually -- like -- family.
There's nothing wrong with him. Let the bodies hit the floor.

Great picks are something all of us need. Great picks are something that money can’t buy, and something you can't fully enjoy football season without But most of us learn to cope. Great picks are the stuff that dreams are made of. It’s that quality of the picks that makes the future look brighter and football worth watching.

Where do you find great picks? How do you get great picks? Drowning Pool says "You're all by yourself, but you're not alone. You wanted in now you're here." Don't be consumed by the fear of crappy picks. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with me. Something's got to give. Now let the bodies hit the floor.

How are your bowl picks going?

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 2 - Lost Cause

Ladies and gentlemen!! We'll cover two games on this post. But first, I’d like to kick off our Pick’em Dash Football player spotlight. (Hit play on the jam below for the full effect.)

Our first spotlight He won’t hold back his passion for the Cowboys and Longhorns. You may remember Lost Cause (JH) as the guy who recently blew the 2013 NCAA Pick’em contest.

At press time, the Bowl Challenge lead is his to lose. He is quite literally a Lost Cause.





One more door.

Lost Cause (JH) is picking perfect right now. Our first game today is the Beeeeeeeeef Oooooo’ Brady’s Bowl. Has anyone been to this place? It may just be like a Chilis, but I have to give them props for having Beef in their name. That does something inside for me. This year’s edition has the C-USA champion. What’s that? Oh, OK. Today is C-USA RUNNER UP – huh? Today we have C-USA EAST runner-up, hailing from the state of East Carolina vs a team from the state Ohio, although I’m pretty sure that one of those is not a state. The game is at 1 PM on the eve of Christmas Eve in St. Petersburg Florida, so don’t count on anyone being there but the team and a few locals taking an extended lunch break.

Tomorrow evening brings us a much more exciting game from Hawaii. Boise State lost their coach. Oregon State is 6-6. Who you got?

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 1 - The Kickoff

At this time of year we think about the greatest gift that mankind ever received --- College Football. Bowl season was born out of someone's idea to extend the joy of college football season by one more game to bring even more joy to the already joyful joyousness. For over a decade, this has been celebrated by the act of picking each game straight up and ranking each based on confidence. Today, bowl season has been commercialized to the point that we start talking about it in August and we only get games that make a select few the richest. Today we still pick in remembrance of the true gift: approximately one half of one third of the P-F pot. After all, as a person once said, “It is more blessed to pick than abstain. Seriously.”

Click on the picks below to make it bigger. Depending on your browser, you may also need to right click and "view image" to be able to zoom.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

P-F13 Week 16 NFL Card

One is the loneliest number of cards.

NFL Pick'em

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

P-F13: Paid in Full (Week 10 NFL Bonus)

16 of the 28 teams have paid. What do I do now?

Thinkin' of a master plan
'Cuz ain't nuthin' but sweat inside my hand


Whine about the remaining 12 in every email for the next 3 months? - chicainery (CCa)
I'm not into whining, but +3 for the math (28-16). You were always a good student.

Start an over/under on the remaining members to pay out before the end or the regular season. Gary should be a 15:1 odds to pay out before Jan 1 - 93Bronco (GF)
Finally, a way I could profit off of this pick'em game. Establish a gambli-- oh wait, never mind. +3

The government shutdown my paycheck. - Naked Bootleggers (JN), Inconsistent Losers (ANe)
That is why you pay at the beginning of the season.  JN +3, ANe +8

I don't want to make family holidays awkward with a heated discussion about money on the back patio in front of everyone.
It's hard to imagine something awkward happening at a family holiday get together. +3

If I pay before Sunday can I get the 5 points? I swear I'm good for it. - AccidentChild (MN)
Everyone is good for it, until they aren't. +3

How about I pay now? And my excuse is that I suck. And I get 8 points? - Barrel Aged Donkey (KS)
This was my favorite excuse, but +3

'Cuz I don't like to dream about gettin' paid
So I dig into the books of the rhymes that I made


Who are the twelve that haven't paid... I've probably dated them. - Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C)
This answer is so great. I didn't know whether to put this in the punishment or excuses section, though :) . +8 either way. 

Last warning, then a) kick them out and b) split up their points 16 ways. - The Northmen (ANo)
Like. +8

Halfway through the season and there are still people who haven't paid. You are a chop if you fall into this category. I feel you should implement a rule that if you haven't paid up by next Sunday, 11/10, you lose one point off your total for both college and the NFL. And one point is deducted until you do pay. That should get some people off their ass and mailing the check. - 15 National Championships (CG)
I thought we were all friends, but now I'm going to call everyone chops. +8

Deduct 5 points from everybody that hasn't paid. Or charge a $5 penalty after this week if they haven't paid. - Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR), Pimp Possee (JB)
A penalty sounds harsh, but I guess it all goes into the winnings pot. +8

5 more points if you've already paid. - The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC)
That's a week's worth of picks sometimes. +8

We should use a percentage of our pot to hire Chet as the official Pick-em league muscle. - BlitzKrieg (RK)

I thought that was what we have 15 National Championships for. +8

Check out this spreadsheet. It would certainly eliminate non-payers forever. - Gig'em! (AP)


all i know is "stache" - Beelzebubbles (CCo) 
And that is all anyone ever has to know ...

Lost Cause (JH)


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

P-F13: Week 11 Cards

NCAA Pick'em

NFL Pick'em

P-F13: Lennay Kekua

What a rough pick'em weekend. Both contests saw pretty low scores. Curiously, for the NCAA contest, everyone scored either 6, 7, or 8 with an average of 7. That's about as average as it gets.

The NFL picks averaged 7 correct picks too, but there is bigger news: THE NFL WILL PLAY THE REST OF THE SEASON WITHOUT QUARTERBACKS. But seriously, Vince Young still can't get a job.
The Astrodome died yesterday, because if it can't be turned into a convention center then it obviously can't be turned into anything. Houston has as many convention centers at the Astrodomain property and more in the city than the Aggies and Alabama have fake championships, respectively. What is wrong with people anyway? Who is clamoring to host their convention in the city of Houston?
"Howdy, I'm just walking out of my conference at the Astrodome. What do you want to do?"
"You are in for a treat my man. Tons of choices. You can walk 2 miles across the parking lot and see the grass field where Astroworld used to be. OR, you can take a 15 minute walk around the backside and hit Main Street. Watch for homeless people."
"Main Street, that sounds promising."
"Just some apartments and -- I believe -- a Church's Chicken."
"Any bars?"
"There is a Papasitos, Papadeauxs, and a Joe's Crap Shack across the freeway. Just head toward the old Astroworld and hook a right."
"Blast off!!"
I'm just playing, Astrodome fans. At least it'll have Yankee Stadium to keep it company in stadium heaven.
In positive news, we have a new NFL leader. The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC) moved up two spots and leads by one. But I guess that isn't positive for Yahoo Meat Muffins (KP) or Pimp Possee (JB).
Check the leaderboards out for yourselves:
If you want to see how mediocre you did last week, here are those links:
The Week 11 NFL card is coming soon. I won't have any Thursday night games on the NCAA card, but expect some picks to be bonus questions on the NFL card. Also, be thinking of an Astrodome epitaph.
Stay living,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

P-F13: Week 9 Recap

Tech and Missouri drop from the ranks of the undefeated. Heartbreaking. But seriously, how about that LSU/Furman game?
The Northmen (ANo) filed a perfect NFL card this week -- a truly rare feat. I googled my email and found that our last perfect card was, like, a whole year ago (10/22/12, One Man Wolfpack (MF), NFL Week 8). Before that Monday Night game, I apparently did some P-F history research and wrote the following:

Speaking of correct picks, a perfect card is nearly impossible. One of you old-timers can correct me if I'm wrong, but I only remember it happening twice ever. The most impressive of the two was Northmen's (ANo) perfect weekend, where she correctly picked 15 NCAA games and a full slate of NFL games (16). Mr. Smokeypants almost lived out a little league version of this feat this week. Smokeypants capitalized on an abbreviated card (I accidentally left off one game) during the bye-week part of the NFL schedule and had 11 of 11 picks correct going into the HUGE Ravens-Jags game. Unfortunately he got Flacco'ed.

Pick'em recorded history isn't without its holes, but I could only find 2 NCAA perfect cards and 2 NFL perfect cards. A Northmen's (ANo) perfect weekend was insane and will probably never be matched. She also has the other recorded perfect NCAA card. The 2nd perfect NFL card was by someone not in the league anymore.
We have had 6 perfect cards in the 14 year history of the league, 2 NCAA and 4 NFL. Northmen have 4 of those 6, including the only two ever in NCAA against the spread. That is Hall of Fame bleep right there.
Enough about history, how about the P-F13 NCAA Contest.
Week 9 NCAA
NCAA Contest Leaderboard
Top 5

81 Gig'em! (AP)
80 Double D (DD)
77 Naked Bootleggers (JN)
77 Cactie (DCo)
76 Inconsistent Losers (ANe)
And the P-F13 NFL Contest.
Week 9 NFL
NFL Contest Leaderboard
Top 5

83 Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP)
82 Pimp Possee (JB)
82 The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC)
81 Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR)
79 Mad Bomber (KZ)
Finally, just in case you aren't checking all hours of the day for updates to the website, you may want to go check out the Texas State Fair food post. You guys were great again.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

P-F13: Design Your Own State Fair of Texas Food (Week 7 NCAA Bonus)

Even though the 2013 iteration of the Texas State Fair came to an end on October 20th, we here at Pickem Dash Football didn't want to miss the chance to review our favorite new food booths.

Most of you kept with the grand tradition of state fairs and deep fried foods.

BOOTH #22 - The Northmen (ANo): Deep Fried Macaroons.
I googled deep fried macaroons, and what do you know, several people have tried doing this. For any of our Houston pickers who are interested in a good macaroon, check out the honey and goat cheese macaroon at Central Market or just about anything at Petite Sweets on Alabama near Kirby. Their bacon jam pancake mini cupcakes are fantastic as well. +3

BOOTH #A6 - Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C): Fried pork dumpling ... on a stick.
And for those not talented at the chop stick, that is pretty much how they would be eaten. I wish Booth #2 had a sauce with these, but I'll eat a dumpling any day. +3 (and now I'm really craving pork dumplings)

BOOTH #69 - Chicainery (CCa): Chicken fried Erin Andrews ... you're welcome Goon!
Spoiler alert. Barrel Aged Donkey's booth is not serving deep fried Erin Andrews Kolaches this year. I bet Erin Andrews is absolutely delicious with gravy and ketchup. +5

BOOTH #46 - 15 National Championships (CG): Deep Fried Maker's Mark.
Even better was the deep fried Baconized Maker's Mark. Intoxicating. +3

BOOTH  #14 - Bevo XIV (DW): Eggs stuffed in scrapple and deep fried. (Yes. Scrapple.)
So there is this scrapple brick thing with eggs stuffed in it and then fried. Who wouldn't give that a try? For those of you who don't know what they are ordering here, Wikipedia describes Scrapple, also known by the Pennsylvania Dutch name pon haus, as traditionally a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and wheat flour, often buckwheat flour, and spices. +4 Of course I'm down.

BOOTH #39 - Pimp Possee (JB): Crawfish stuffed Twinkies chicken fried on a stick.
Fried Twinkies are old news at state fairs, but savory stuffed and fried. Yessirr. +4

BOOTH #2 - The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC): Deep Fried Cow Patties.
Gross. I didn't go here. +2

BOOTH #4 - Naked Bootleggers (JN): Fried Beer on a Stick.
The problem with this item is that 1) It isn't carbonated, 2) It isn't cold, and 3) it just isn't as good as regular beer. I'll eat anything fried and on a stick once, and I'll eat fried beer on a stick only once. +2

BOOTH 8.5% - Barrel Aged Donkey (KS): Fried bourbon barrel aged stout.
This offering suffered from the same problems as Booth #4, but if you've ever fried a barrel, then you'll know there is something delicious here that can't be ignored. I paired this item with the Chicken Fried Erin Andrews. A+ pairing. +3

BOOTH TRI - The Creekside Purple Sacks (KH): Fried Jalebi.
It looked like an Indian funnel cake. Check it. They don't call them fried funnel cakes though, I'm just saying. +3

BOOTH #28 - AccidentChild (MN): Fried cake, covered in gravy.
Cranberry cake. Smart. And since it is the fair, why not fry it. +3

BOOTH LOS DOS - One Man Wolfpack (MF): Deep fried, T-bone steak breakfast taco, then deep fried again.
The most texican fair item. I put queso on this -- just because. +4

BOOTH #750 - Mad Bomber (KZ): Fried fireball whiskey.
How do you make whiskey a party drink? You spice it with cinnamon. How do you bring the party to the fair? You deep fry it. It's fun and totally gross, but it fits at the state fair. +3

BOOTH #13 - Gig'em! (AP): Deep fried Bevo.
Pass. +2

Some people know that bacon makes things better.

BOOTH #911 - Inconsistent Losers (ANe): Bacon-wrapped Chocolate-dipped Funnel cake.
This could have gone in the fried section, but it was the bacon wrapping that made this dish stand out. Somehow they wrapped the dough (double fried?) in bacon and then covered the whole thing in chocolate. Simple idea. Magical execution. +4

BOOTH #8 - Dirt Burglars (DT): Pretzel stuffed with bacon, wrapped in bacon, dipped in chocolate, drizzled in white chocolate, smothered in whip cream, with hot fudge and sprinkles.
This is best eaten with a double IPA. Good night. +5

BOOTH #93 - 93Bronco (GF): Venibasteak. (An excellent compliment to the Turduckin. Select cuts of venison and steak wrapped around by strips of bacon and (of course) deep fried.  Classic state fair food.)
Hmmm. Fried Venibasteak. I was only familiar with grilled venibasteak. The fried version would have gotten 5 points if it was pairing with something sweet like a blackberry chipotle sauce. +4

Healthy Items
At a state fair, healthy is relative. Here are some items that aren't fried or wrapped in bacon.

BOOTH #2009 - Beelzebubbles (CCo): Frozen Menudo on a stick. With Hominy. Salty Limon on the side to garnish for taste.
I wanted to like this, but you have to like cold soup to enjoy frozen menudo. Or savory popsicles. +5 for originality. 

BOOTH OO - Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR): Blonde with a great big pair of ... dark brown eyes. Holding a slice of pie.
This was a *really* popular booth, and I couldn't tell if anything was actually for sale. All I could tell was that nothing was happening for me here. +3

BOOTH #* - Ferments-A-Lot (GN): Longhorn meat and longhorn cheddar cheese kolaches with free dirt cake samples.
Get it? +3

BOOTH #21 - Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP): 21 ounce t- bone steak marinated with Texas style spice rub...medium to rare of course.
You can question the technique (marinated or rubbed?), but you can't question the flavor. Yum. I paired this with Booth #46's fried Maker's Mark. +3

And The Winner Is ...
BOOTH #1 - Double D (DD): Deep fried has been all the rage for a few years but after a while everything looks and tastes about the same after being dunked in a vat of boiling pig fat and flash fried.

In the spirit of Texas we're going to build a miniature electric chair and strap a live chicken wearing sooner shirt and every time the sooners score or the longhorns fumble we're going to give a jolt.

At the end of the game we're going to roll it in powdered sugar and beer and call it Chair Fried Brown Mack Chicken.


Good job. Good effort. Good picking.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

P-F13 Week 7: Monday Mourning, Afternoon Delight

Did your weekend pass too quickly?

Let me catch you up.

Mizzou is undefeated. The SEC wanted Big XII teams, and the SEC got Big XII teams. Or was Georgia just overrated? You guys can figure that out.

I just want to post this picture.

Message to fans: Don't make faces that gif'able when you are at a game that is being televised.

Message to sports television producers: If you show the poor lady when she was sad about losing, you MUST go back and show her again when she is happy about winning. How awesome would that aggie comedy/tragedy poster be?

And speaking of tragedies, 1st place The Paperboys' (KW) priorities were to murder animals from a distance and not to use his wireless pocket phone to make picks. But seriously, may your shots be straighter than your priorities, and I hope some tasty summer sausage comes from this.

How accurate were you this week with your NCAA picks? Better than Michigan and Penn State kicking field goals?

Week 7 NCAA Links:
Overall NCAA Leaderboard (new leader, AP)

Sean Payton is not impressed with your NFL picks.

But to be fair, neither is McKayla Maroney.

Week 7 NFL Links:
Overall NFL Leaderboard (new leader, KP)

NFL Bonus: Pick 3 games against the spread. (5 bonus points ONLY IF all 3 picks are correct.)
Correct picks: Jacksonville +27.5 (JAX 19, DEN 35), St. Louis +7.5 (STL 39, HOU 13), Dallas -5.5 (WAS 16, DAL 31)
Winners: DW, MF, DDi

Sunday, October 6, 2013

P-F13: Mini Horses vs Irish Fellows (Week 5 NCAA Bonus)

I think everyone knows who would take this thing, but let's see what you guys said.

Obviously miniature horses would win because of their
low center of gravity and scary pig faces
The horse, of course: Mad Bomber (KZ), Gig'em! (AP) +1

The horse, because the Irish are drunks: 15 National Championships (CG), Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR) +1

Haven't you seen the cartoons where the horse launches the people into oblivion with their hind legs? Short Irish fellows are people too, albeit little people. -Dirt Burglars (DT) +3, Solid argument

Is the miniature horse pulling a stupid Conestoga wagon? Because that might change everything if he goes all Oregon Trail on the wee Irish lad. I think I would go all in on the horse though because the Irish contingent would probably be all into the Guinness allowing the horse to knock him the fk out. -Barrel Aged Donkey (KS) +4, I died one time on the Oregon Trail after the Conestoga wagon went all up on me and my band of wee lads.

What color is the miniature horse? If it's pink then I say mini horse. I don't like green and gold little people...creep me out! -Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP) +3 Everything about this answer is creepy and awesome.

Miniature horse, every time. Just because the Irish Catholic guy is drunk and feels no pain, a horse doesn't drink and maintains full control of it's bodily functions. -The Paperboys (KW) +3 I don't know, have you ever seen a miniature horse pee?

Before I answer this, who the hell uses the "printable card" option for their picks? This was requested by the team known this year as Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C) when we switched over from Excel spreadsheets to Google docs. I use it sometimes at my desk before putting them in the online form. +1

Horse by a nose but only cause the Irish are drunks. -AccidentChild (MN) +1

Obviously the wee Irish fellow because all he has to do is take out one horse ankle and that thing must be put down and sent to the glue factory

Short Irish fellow because they have awesome accents! Horses can't talk silly :-) -The Northmen (ANo) +2 The Irish fellow wins the Battle Rap Olympics every time over the horse.

The Irish, especially if the Irish fellow was the guy on Braveheart? One of the best all time. -Inconsistent Losers (ANe) +2 That Braveheart guy was a maniac.

Irish fellow. Chances are, he's a gingy. -Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C) +4 A good reset is worth an extra point.

Short irish fellow. They have that pot of gold, all that luck, and they're always over-rated. Just don't ask me to handicap the Irish against the imaginary girlfriend. -Double D (DD) +3 Those magical creatures are always good for one or two kinky imaginary friends.

Always take the Leprechaun. -93Bronco (GF) +1 Unless of course, a horse is needed.

Short Irish fellow would glide over the rainbow to win. -Lost Cause (JH) +2 Oh, I can totally picture that.

The short Irish fellow. If he loses the fight he can just lie to his imaginary girlfriend and say he won. -The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC) +2 She's [not] dead.

The Irish. Gotta have some luck in even matchups. -Naked Bootleggers (JN) +3 Has anyone ever questioned this Irish luck thing? It seems like the they may be claiming bad luck too.

Obviously you got jokes and/or have 
no idea who would win the match-up

Everybody wins in this scenario, especially the fans! -chicainery (CCa) +2 But does it make money, because that's more important?

Neither, the mini-Ditka would win. -Bevo XIV (DW) +3 This may be funny, but I don't get it.

The fat, ginger quarterback that ate them. -The Creekside Purple Sacks (KH) +3 Haaa.

We talking about racing or fighting here? I think they should join up to create the ultimate college mascot, he could even use the Florida St Seminoles weapon to create the ultimate trifecta. -One Man Wolfpack (MF) +4 So this ultimate trifecta is a miniature pig-faced drunk ginger centaur with a spear? I'm scared.

Camel vs. Midgets in relay race. Photo finish. Depends which little person is racing last. -Pimp Possee (JB) +5

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

P-F13 Fat or Ginger. What would you rather be? (Week 3 NFL Bonus)

Mario Batali has it all, but if you had to pick, what would you rather be?

Red on the head, fire in the bed. 24%
  1. Beelzebubbles (CCo): A ginger quarterback for sure.  My almost albino skin will reflect from
    the Sun blinding the oncoming defense.  My receivers will be equipped with polarized glasses for UV protection so they will not be affected.  I will also then have a penis, because I am a boy.
    I'm not going to touch that one. +2
  2. Bevo XIV (DW): Ginger, as long as I can be slow, too.
    Slow is easy. Fast is hard. +1
  3. Lost Cause (JH): Ginger quarterback - can't handle the fat.
    Mmmm. Handling the fat. +2
  4. Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C): OMG, Gingy all the way.
    Mmmm. All the way. +1
  5. Gig'em! (AP): Ginger fo sho!
    I think you'd make an adorable ginger. Let's do this! +1
  6. AccidentChild (MN): Is this really a question? Am I missing something? Ginger.
    You are missing the part where most of the league would rather be fat than ginger, but other than that... +1
Fat is where it's at, gingers have no souls. 60%
  1. The Northmen (ANo): Fat - A) I get to eat whatever I want 2) I wouldn't be so raw chicken
    white and burn easily and C) being fat would give me more cushion in case I get hit!
    i) solid reasoning +2
  2. Inconsistent Losers (ANe): As long as I still get to play, I might as well enjoy all the food that goes with being a football player.
    I hear that people are just throwing the food at the football players. +1
  3. Chicainery (CCa): Fat - a little cushion for all the hits a QB takes seems prudent, whereas a ginger would just get hit harder.
    Totally prudent. +2
  4. Pluckbear (CS): Make me FAT baby
    Your place or mine? +1
  5. 15 National Championships (CG): Can't trust a ginger... Fatty all da way.
    Mostly because it's hard to concentrate on what they are saying because of the hair (but you should be able to trust yourself) +1
  6. Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR): FAT!
    Enthusiastically fat. Obese maybe. +1
  7. Ferments-A-Lot (GN): A fat QB is great, but a left handed fat relief pitcher is really the holy grail. +2
  8. Pimp Possee (JB): fat quarterback, cue Jared Lorenzen!
    Holy bacon. Thanks for the reminder. I just spent about 5 minutes catching up on Jared. +2
  9. The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC): Fat, a la Jamarcus Russell... You get INSANE money for almost zero success at your job before you retire to wear Cosby sweaters for the rest of your days.
    And the pudding pops. +2
  10. Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP): What? Do you mean ginger like thin, scrawny? Or ginger as in the spice to make gingerbread cookies (hmmm, hungry now). I guess if I ate a lot of gingerbread cookies I would be a fat quarterback like JaMarcus Russell and get picked in the first round by the a dumb team like the Raiders or Jags...make my millions and ride off in the sunset after destroying the franchise for a decade.
    I don't think we can put Oakland's ineptitude as a franchise on Russel. He was only a small part of their mistakes. +2
  11. Mad Bomber (KZ): Fat
    Agreed. +1
  12. 93Bronco (GF): Fat QB. At least fat QB's could still get laid... Nobody touches a ginger.
    Little known fact: If you touch a ginger, you steal his good luck. But don't worry about the ginger. It grows back. +2
  13. The Creekside Purple Sacks (KH): Phat, mos def. Pretty, hot, and tempting.
    Money talks. +2
  14. The Paperboys (KW): I'd rather be a fat quarterback because at least there's a reason why I'm fat.  It's because I have a steady diet of unhealthy and delicious foods such as bone in rib eyes, bacon fat ice cream, Chex Mix and the like.  There just isn't an excuse for a Ginger Quarterback.
    Literally no excuse, I say. +2

    And my favorite answer...
  15. One Man Wolfpack (MF): Fat. Ginger is forever.
I'd rather try out some comedy, because that usually gets more points. 16%
  1. Double D (DD): If I'm a ginger quarterback do I get ginger snaps?
    Ba-dum cheeeesh. +2
  2. Dirt Burglars (DT): How 'bout a fat, balding ginger quarterback.
    And rich. +2
  3. Naked Bootleggers (JN): If your asking would I'd rather be Big Ben or Andy Dalton, I'd pick Romo, yes those two are that bad of an option.
    Wrong. No one wants to be Romo anymore. +1
  4. Barrel Aged Donkey (KS): Stupidest question ever.  I'll take either and then retire in 4 years.
    Stupidest answer ever. -1000

Sunday, September 22, 2013

P-F13 Week 4 Links

I've been out of town. Here are some relevant week 4 links for your clicking.

NCAA Week 4 Scoreboard
NCAA Overall Leaderboard

NFL Week 4 Scoreboard
NFL Overall Leaderboard (will post Sunday night)

Monday, September 16, 2013

P-F13: Your School Sucks, and it is Stupid Too (Week 2 NCAA Bonus)

The Clowney hype is stupid. +3
Northmen (ANo): Here's hoping Clowney's "feeling better" this week. 

Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C): Wtf's my birthday.
Birthday's suck. +1

Chicainery (CCa): I'm so hopelessly out of touch with college football that I got nuthin fo ya. Filling this out sitting in an airplane in Frankfurt.
Airplanes are awesome. Cell phone rules in airplanes are stupid. +1

Beelzebubbles (CCo): The more pick-em's I do the less I get you.  Is it more me or is it more you? I want to say its you.
Couples get that way with each other. Love sucks. It's definitely you. +1

Longhorn Johnny
Double D (DD)
Johnny doesn't suck, and neither does that fake Longhorn tattoo. Manziel hatred is stupid. +3

Self Inflicted Wounds
About the pics of wild topless OU sorority girls that’s made the Internet

Dirt Burglars (DT): You have got to love dumb ass sorority chicks.  But Daddy did a pretty good job at getting the pics removed.
Without the pics, this story is stupid. I do like that the story linked above was filed under the tag "hot chicks." +2 for that.

Cry babies.
Just kidding. That's not the one.

Georgia fan. He loves those dawgs and blood and eyes and hearts.

Bevo XIV (DW)
Loving dogs that much is cool. Loving dawgs that much is stupid. And how they gonna face CLOWNEY now?! +4

Aggie cheer leaders on a road trip.

Ferments-A-Lot (GN): The internet sucks because it's forever. +4

Pimp Possee (JB): Who cares! I already got 14 bonus points!
That's funny to me for some reason, so +1


The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC)
+5 for the memories.

KSU loses to NDSU.

Naked Bootleggers (JN)\+3
...and then they beat the Longhorns. That streak is stupid.

Barrel Aged Donkey (KS): WTF is up with that collie.
Dogs don't suck, but loving them "that way" does. +2

Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP):  Johnny Manziel...absolutely no class...he needs to see a good therapist to fix his shit
Manziel doesn't suck, but his attitude does, but it is also what makes him great. +2

Deez nuts.
(Commissioner's note: I should have known that I was just giving Kirby a venue to spill his hate of tOSU. His response has been copied unedited.)
Ohio state fans, you like nuts dangling on your chests. WTF. Too bad the women-folk  present nothing but gaping, cavernous, craggy orifices. - The Creekside Purple Sacks (KH) +4

Sex crimes are super stupid and sucky.
The Paperboys (KW): Sorry Vandy. +2
People sex crimes, that is.

I don't get it, but (BANJO SOLO)!

Accident Child (MN) +2

Sunday, September 15, 2013

P-F13: Week 3 NFL Results


Here is the breakdown for this week.
  • Weekly Winner(s) = 3 pts: AP (15!)
  • Double Digit Card (10+ picks correct) = 3 pts: AN, GN, KW, DW, KH, KZ, CCa, JH, CCo, DCo, A-C, CG, JB, JC, JN, AP, KP, MF, DD, DT, ANe, DR, DDi
  • Game of the Week = 3 pts to everyone who correctly picked the Bengals over the Steelers
  • Paid Entry Week = 1 pt every week: ANo, GN, DW, RK, A-C, JB, JC, AP, KP, DD, DT, ANe, DDi
  • Weekly bonus question  = 0 to 3 points, subjectively scored. "Who would you rather be, a fat quarterback or a ginger quarterback?" See blog post for scores.
Everyone is still in it.

P-F13: Week 3 NCAA Results

Damn it feels good in Tuscaloosa.

Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta

What a game. Real good football. It was actually sad that someone had to lose that.


How'd you do? Check it.

Here is the breakdown for this week.
  • Weekly Winner(s) = 3 pts: ANe
  • Double Digit Card (10+ picks correct) = 3 pts: GN, KH, CG, JN, AP, ANe, DDi
  • Game of the Week = BACKDOOR COVER!!
    3 pts to everyone who correctly picked the Aggies.
  • Paid Entry Week = 1 pt every week: ANo, GN, DW, RK, A-C, JB, JC, AP, KP, DD, DT, ANe, DDi
  • Weekly bonus question  = 0 to 3 points, subjectively scored. "Your Bama/A&M pick.... why?"
    • Inconsistent Losers (ANe): As much as I hate A&M and Johnny Football and all the ridiculous hype, I have to cheer against Alabama and all their fake championships. +2
    • Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR): 12th man. Not Manziel. Bama only needed 11. +2
    • Dirt Burglars (DT): My magic 8 ball said so. What did it say about the Longhorns? +1
    • Ferments-A-Lot (GN): Even purple-er. +1
    • Naked Bootleggers (JN): The 12th man and a younger QB help TAMU cover, but not win. But remember When you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil. Wise, wise words. All of it. +2
    • Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP): Johnny football is going to blow up again! He's a manimal. +1
    • The Creekside Purple Sacks (KH): WWJFFD. Turn signatures into bread. Lots of it. +2
    • The Paperboys (KW): A&M has two games under their belt, at home, in the heat and have 6 returning defensive players returning.  Alabama only has one game under their belt, where they played in a dome.  I think a combination of JFF, the returning Aggie defense (second half they will shine) and Alabama not used to playing in the heat will result in an A&M upset.  Still not sure why the Aggies are the dogs, but hey, we'll find out soon enough. Dude, you saw how I only left the tiny little box, right? Just messin'. +2
    • Gig'em! (AP): Gig'em! You can't gig the tide, only frogs. +1 
    • The Northmen (ANo): I like elephants and waves much or more than the next person, right? +2
    • Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C), Bevo XIV (DW): Saban. Truth +1
    • Chicainery (CCa): Alabama will be highly motivated for revenge after what happened last season. I thought that, but they played it like any other week, imo. +1
    • Pluckbear (CS): Revenge. Worked, whatever they did. +1
    • Beelzebubbles (CCo): You know that cute bumper sticker that says "My daughter and my money go to the University of Alabama" Well, IM BROKE!  POOR!  Out of state tuition SUCKS!  But all of her little friends play on the team so of course I'm gonna pick them-cute itty bitty Cyrus hes so precious! Not touching that. +2
    • 15 National Championships (CG): I just want to point out that Curtis didn't skip this question because he forgot or didn't have anything to add. Curtis skipped this question because he doesn't do *anything* to jinx his team. I can respect that. +3
    • Cactie (DCo): I hate the aggies!! Hook em. No comment here. +2
    • Double D (DD): ...last year. I'm Nick Saban... oh no you di'n't! Nicky Football was stressed. +2
    • 93Bronco (GF): First off..... Texas A&M will score on Bama's defense, but A&M's defense is so bad that Bama will score more.  And I think Hollywood will get his bell rung a few times after his showboating. Good call, but I think he prefers to be called "Johnathan." +2
    • Lost Cause (JH): Bama - Manziel is a heathen, but Saban is a Dark Lord! (Saban - Satan...coincidence?) No, no it is not a coincidence. +2
    • Pimp Possee (JB): Bama because they pay their players. See DJ Fluker. WHAT!? +2
    • The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC): A&M's defense is suspect to say the least. Alabama's defense hasn't been suspect in 5 years. The end. Somewhat true. +2
    • Barrel Aged Donkey (KS): ATM is overrated. Only good for withdrawals. Love this answer. +3
    • AccidentChild (MN): Do I really have to give a reason for picking against A&M? Nah, only if you want points. +1
    • One Man Wolfpack (MF): Because Bama lost last yr, no way it happens again. Odds would agree. +2
    • BlitzKrieg (RK): 41 - 27. A score prediction. +2 for the effort.
    • Mad Bomber (KZ): They're mad and out for revenge! With bombs! +2

LEADERBOARD: Inconsistent Losers made a big move with 12/15 correct picks. If anyone cares, I'm not last anymore.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

P-F13: Week 2 NFL Results

How about those Cowboys and Texans, huh? Both are on pace to be undefeated this year.  

One person correctly picked Tennessee over Pittsburgh (DT, Dirt Burglars). One person incorrectly picked the Bills over the Patriots (DT, Dirt Burglars). Ballsy week 1 picks. DT finished with 10 of 16.

How'd you do? Check it.

  • Weekly Winner(s) = 3 pts: GF, JB, DD, DR
  • Double Digit Card (10+ picks correct) = 3 pts: KW, KH, KZ, CCa, GF, JH, CCo, DCo, A-C, JB, JC, JN, KP, DD, DT, ANe, CS, DR
  • Game of the Week = 3 pts to everyone who correctly picked Philly and Houston: KW, CCa, A-C, JC, CS, DDi
  • Best Bets = 5 pts if all are correct: CCa, DD, GF, JH, JB, KP, KH, MN
  • Paid Entry Week = 1 pt every week: ANo, GN, DW, RK, A-C, KP, DD, DDi
  • More INTs Thrown= 3 pts: Look, you guys. It's ALWAYS Romo. It has never NOT been Romo. This week, it WASN'T FREAKING ROMO. Congrats to KW, JH, and MN who didn't pick Romo and accidentally got the answer correct (E. Manning, 3 INTs)
It is Pick'em Week 2, even though it is NFL Week 1. Makes sense, right?

Should this Suh hit have carried a suspension? Dude is a repeat offender.

P-F13: Week 2 NCAA Results



How'd you do? Check it.

It's only Week 2, but everyone loves rankings.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

P-F13: The Rules Are Stupid (NCAA Week 1 Bonus)

Or maybe just some rules are stupid. But I think we can all agree that there are a couple decent rules. Killing someone is pretty universally terrible. Unless of course he is your enemy. Or if he is on your property and has “that look.”

Am I right?

Troublemaker - Weezer

The Golden Rule is pretty righteous. Treat others like they treat you.

Nailed that.

Competition, or sport, is fundamentally defined by rules. Some rules are certainly better than others. Limiting the number of time outs is great. Not allowing much more than a clap after a score seems a little excessive. However the collection of rules outlines the game for the competitors and provides a path for a fair win, loss, or (in some unfortunate situations) draw.

Inside the competition, the game may have unwritten rules or gentlemen’s agreements in addition to the written rulebook. Outside the competition, the coaching staff may have rules for the team. The staff may have rules from management. Management may have rules from ownership. Ownership may have rules from the league.

But seriously, why follow any of them?

Fight the Power - Public Enemy

Most of us are rule breakers in our lives. According to our league poll, most of you P-F’ers thought it was fine to break rules (+1: ANo, A-C, CS, DR, MN, JB, KZ, RK, CCo). Especially rules like “no flasks in the stadium” (DW, +2) and “90 MPH is too fast for the freeway” (JN, +2). OJ (allegedly) didn’t follow the rules. George Zimmerman did(?n’t?) follow the rules (JC, +2). Maybe we have a moral obligation to break unjust rules (CCa, +2). Rosa Parks would agree with that. The government doesn’t always follow the rules (+2: CG, JH). ARE THEY FREAKING ABOVE THE LAW?! Right.

A response from Gary (GF, 93Bronco, +3) usually provides a tangent and often demands its own paragraph. Apparently there is something called Peter’s Law that states “if you can't change the rule (sic), ignore them.” When I looked it up, that rule followed one that said, “If you can’t win change the rules.” I also couldn’t find a lot of search results on Google for this Peter’s Law. The Peter Principle may apply though: “Employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.”

The SEC apparently has rules. I could look them up, but instead I’ll just copy paste what someone told me (DT, +3). “With the lowest academic entrance standards in the major conferences, the SEC tends to recruit juvenile facilities and prisons. If the SEC players can't even stay out of jail, why would they follow the rules of an institution that can't police or investigate its members? It’s just common sense.” He’s a sooner.

Key to knowingly breaking a rule is the risk/reward assessment (+3: GN, KH, KP). In my opinion, punishment must be something that the rule breaker would never accept. “Sir, there will be a thirty minute suspension for getting some cash to put rims on your Benz.” “WHERE DO I SIGN?!!”

Tattoos, bar fights, fake IDs, and weed (KS, +2) describe college things, but these are all things that would get Liberal Arts majors tossed out of school. It’s good to be a valuable piece of athlete meat. To help you pull off all your shenanigans, it’s nice to have an Uncle Nate too (MF, +2).

Said a particularly well groomed Aggie, “As an Aggie, I'm glad he only got a half game suspension. But as a football fan, I think this only teaches him that he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. I hope he grows up soon, but what happens here won't help him” (AP, +2).

C.R.E.A.M.T.R.A. - Wu-Tang Clan (Safety Words, Contra Remix)

Maybe the autograph rule was meant to be broken. Maybe it’s not even a big deal. In fact, let’s let players at least make money off their name. That makes sense, right?

When Joe Booster drops $10K off at 5 star commit Ji'mbo Bama’s Grandma’s house in exchange for his signature next year, then we should talk again about how it’s perfectly fine to let them accept money.

Perhaps we just go back to how it’s been. Some rules are just stupid and it’s worth ignoring the suggestion of compliance. I received a list of five NOT rules to follow (DD, +4):
5) Anything involving car dealerships and fake jobs in Oklahoma
4) Anything involving Kelvin Sampson and a cell phone
3) Anything involving coaches riding motorcycles with 20 year old female employees in Arkansas
2) Anything in the state of Florida requiring student athletes to take their own college examinations.
1) And anything, and I do mean anything, involving 20 year old quarterbacks from Texas A&M before they play Alabama.
Even Pickem-Football has vigorously enforced rules, and I’m glad you all are totally on board.
All rules that have been established in this most glorious of pick’em leagues are quite the antithesis of stupid. But other rules/laws that don't allow you to do awesome things like "accidental" public urination, capitol degradation and naked bobbing are totally stupid and seriously need to be reconsidered during our next legislative session. Surely there's a lawyer in this group that could help us create some sort of lobbying efforts or PAC. (KW, +5)
I most certainly cannot speak to any of those awesome things list above -- that is for sure.

Maybe we can just outlaw the stupid rules and call it a day.

“Creating a rule to ignore rules you think are stupid is still a rule” (ANe, +3). Yeah but the new rule won’t be a stupid rule. Burn!

Monday, September 2, 2013

P-F13: Week 1 NCAA Results

Crazy? Wierd? Wild? Nahh, just football... and it's back.

The Underdog - Spoon

FCS teams beat Kansas State and a ranked (but-does-preseason-number-twenty-five-really-mean-anything-question-mark) Oregon State. Each of the FBS teams paid for those beatings. To me, this wasn't the biggest news. The McNeese State Cowboys destroyed the South Florida Bulls 53-21. But that wasn't the biggest news either. South Florida paid like $400K.

South Florida sits at *that* table now!?

The league picked 57% against the spread this week. If we were in a casino, hopefully we at least enjoyed the game watching and scored some free drinks.

The easiest picks on the board for us were South Carolina -11.5, Utah -2.5, Oklahoma -23.5, and LSU -4.5. All favorites. In fact, 12 of 15 favorites on the card covered in Week 1. That is not the typical trend. Fear the underdog.

The toughest collective picks on the board turned out to be Rice +26.5, Clemson +1.5, and Texas -42.5. Two of the three dogs that covered (the other was the fourth toughest pick). And you guys didn't have faith in Texas -42.5? Yeah, me neither.

How'd you do? Check it.

"Remind me why we have these?" said some of you. I'm so glad you asked. Bonus points will give you a slight advantage in the post season games. To win this and the NFL contest though, you'll need to pick the most games right.

"That JB guy already has 14! How did he get them?" I also heard as a follow up. I imagine you guys are asking good questions for a Week 1 blog post.

Here is the breakdown for this week.
  • Weekly Winner(s) = 3 pts: KW, CG, JB
  • Double Digit Card (10+ picks correct) = 3 pts: ANo, KW, KZ, JH, DCo, CG, JB, JC, KP, MF, DD
  • Game of the Week = 3 pts to everyone who correctly picked LSU
  • Best Bets = 5 pts if all are correct: CCa, DD, GF, JH, JB, KP, KH, MN
  • Paid Entry Week = 1 pt every week: KW, RK, A-C, KP, DD, DDi
  • Weekly bonus question  = 0 to 5 points, subjectively scored. "It's OK to not follow the rules that you think are stupid, right?" See blog post for scores.
Maybe the scores are obvious after looking at the scoreboard, but here is another view to let you know just how much of a hole you dug yourself in Week 1.

A college football election map of the Top 25 from Deadspin.

Looks about right to me. Thoughts?

Monday, August 19, 2013

P-F13: Week 1 NCAA Card and Rules Refresher

The Week 1 NCAA card is now live. hashtag letsdothis.

The general due date for each week's card is before the kickoff the first game, which in this case means 8/29/13 5:00PM Central. We are doing Thursday games for Week 1, y'all.

Late picks totally happen, you guys, and I'll always take any pick that gets to me before the kickoff of a game. 

But let's get this out of the way early: All your picks are time-stamped by the Google form, so don't even try with the "my iPhone lost my picks" excuse. Whatever. Google. Says. Goes.

Also, I'm keeping the system I added last year where you can send partial cards or edits to your picks. If you fill out the form a second time, you only need to enter the picks you want to add/change and it will automatically be changed online. Note, the form won't stop you from making late picks or cheating, but I'll audit everything at the end of the week. Whatever. Google. Says. Goes.

The Links:

WEEK 1 PRINTABLE CARD LINK (for those that like to do your picks on paper first)

Quick Rules Refresher:

  • NCAA games are picked against the spread (NFL will be straight up).
  • The picks are made using a Google Doc form. This option is so awesome that you can even do it from your wireless pocket phone.
  • Remember to check for bonus questions. I give away bonus points for entertaining and/or correct answers, but these points DO NOT count toward your overall pickem score. To win the pickem contest, you have to have picked the most games right. Bonus points are for pride and for an advantage in the respective post-season game.
  • A pick for any game is technically due BEFORE the kickoff of that game. Bribes are accepted. No cheating.
  • If you have submitted your picks and want to change anything, you can:
    • Fill out the form again, but only pick the game(s) you want to change You don't have to fill out the entire card to just change a few picks.
    • Email me with your change (
    • Text me with your change (I'll email you my phone number)
  • If you forget your picks altogether, you will not get a zero for the week. Instead, you'll get the score of whoever was the lowest scoring picker for that week.
If any of you know someone who may want to play, send them the link to the blog post or the card link. Filling out the card is every person's official commitment. We'll talk entry fees ($25) in the next few weeks. Thanks to those that have already sent in their money.

Any other questions?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Official 2013 Pick'em-Football Annual Recruitment Post

I'm a football fan. I may not have PhD level ability to break down personnel, scheme, etc., and football is one of a few sports I've never played in an organized league, but I totally geek out on football. I consume football in live form on television and in person, in news form on the Internet, and I even found myself watching classic games on the Big Ten Network last month (great production, by the way). I'm just saying, I like to watch. Naturally, I started my own league.

It started when I was in college. The year was 1998, if memory serves. My girlfriend, now wife, suggested we start a league similar to one from the local news station to test our ability to pick game winners. I used my budding Excel skills to create a format to track our success. My dog played too, and he often won.

From that innocuous suggestion came what is now the ritual and tradition, the pomp and the circumstance, the simple excellence of Pick'em.

Fantasy sports provide a fantastic approach for fans wanting to connect to the game. However most leagues are too time consuming and can be easily dominated by someone who spends half of every work day "researching." I still partake in many forms of fantasy leagues, but my true love during the football season is picking games. The football schedule easily lends itself to weekly picks. Picking winners requires only a small time investment for the player, but it greatly improves the football weekend experience. Our game has also proven year after year that time investment does not correlate linearly with success.

Pick'em and football are tremendously complementary resources.

That's where Pick'em Dash Football comes in. After a modest start and over a decade of participation from friends, friends of friends, and friends of those friends, the best part of this league is now you. No longer are the other teams just benchmarks for me to judge my skills (recall my dog used to beat me). I truly enjoy our motley crew of individuals that gather every year, even more than some Thursday night MACtion, but maybe a little less than my favorite teams. And when I've got pick'em action, I can be pretty into MACtion. I really heart pick'em.

Some of you have been playing for many years. Thanks! It's good to have you back. If you are ready to head straight to the Registration Page, then I'll see you on the flip side.

If you're on the fence or would like a refresher, check out the details below.

The league consists of 4 games, 2 regular season and 2 post season. 

Regular season games:
  • 15 NCAA Games per week. Picked against the spread. Odds provided for each game.
  • 14-16 (all) NFL Football Games per week. Picked straight up (no spread).
On the game card for each week's NCAA and NFL games, I may include optional bonus questions (example from last year). While these won't increase your Pick'em score, they "points" are collected and used to give you an advantage in the post season games. Bonus points are also given to weekly winners, for paying your entry fee early, and for some other random stuff I make up along the way.

Post season games:
  • 35 (all) NCAA FBS Bowl Games. Picked confidence pool style, straight up (no spread).
  • 11 (all) NFL Playoff Games. Picked week-to-week against the spread.
Game cards (2012 example) are built using Google Docs and the links will be emailed to you every week.

The cost is $25 for the entire season, which is a bargain and I'll tell you why. We play for roughly five months, which comes out to something like $0.16 a day, give or take a penny. All of the money collected goes to the winners. The distribution of the pots varies, but is typically about 35% NCAA, 35% NFL, 15% NCAA Bowls, 15% NFL Playoffs. Payouts are given to first and second place players in the regular season games.

After you sign up, I'll email you about sending the entry fee. I'm not strict about getting them in before the first kickoff, but I strongly suggest paying early in the season. If anything, early payers will start accumulating bonus points every week.

I guarantee Pick'em has all the of the accoutrements for football season enjoyment or I'll rip the period off the keyboard I'm using to type this -- period

Pick'em Dash Football 2013 Registration Form