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2009 National Championship - Not Yo Momma's BCS Game

I somehow never managed to write anything on the Bowl Challenge posts for the championship game. Of course on Thursday night I was preoccupied, but the fact is I hadn't wrote anything on the GMAC Bowl the day before either. Dave locked up the contest the night before the BCS Championship and quite frankly, I didn't know what to put for my thoughts on the game... still don't. It's known 'round these parts that I'm a Longhorn and things didn't go the way I wanted them to go on January 7th. The championship game was certainly no 2006 Rose Bowl nor was it even the Tebow/Bradford slug-fest (emphasis on slugs) from 2009. What we were given was a game where Saban looked mortal, McCoy's arm was deactivated, and neither offense did jack bleep for the majority of the game. To top it off, in my household, the ladies went down before the game to a violent sort of stomach virus. For a good part of the game I found myself looking for interesting places to set down m

2009 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Post (Post-New Years Games)

1/1/10 8:05 PM Update: I'm still playing catch up from my New Year's excursions. Here goes nothing... Don't forget to relive all 34 games by rereading the pre-Xmas games and pre-New Year's games . Click to enlarge. Last updated 1/7/10 11:09 PM. 1/1/10 8:10 PM Update: In an attempt to catch up, I'm condensing the posts for today's games. 1/1/10 11:23 PM Leader Board Update Game : Outback Bowl - Tampa, FL - Raymond James Stadium Score : Northwestern - 35, Auburn - 38 OT Current Points Leader : JHa, I Will Beat Bob and Gary - 210 (breaking KZ's 6 game streak... but only by 1) Current Statistical Leader : KS, DonkeyStyle Game : Konica Minota Gator Bowl - Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Score : (16) West Virginia - 21, Florida St. - 33 Current Points Leader : KZ, Suck it #15 - 218 (back on top after a 1 game break) Current Statistical Leader : KZ, Suck it #15 Game : Capital One Bowl - Orlando, FL - Florida Citrus Bowl Score : (13) Penn St. - 1

Week 18 NFL Bonus – New Year’s Resolution

Last NFL card of '09... last card of NFL Pick'em 09. Answer convention: Game Initials, Team Name – Resolution My comments Bonus Points (0-4 points available) KZ, Suck It #15 – to pick better next year. oh, and to lose a couple lbs. before our trip to the bvi's, i've been hitting the budweiser pretty hard this football season. I probably won't be the first to tell you, "it must be rough." +4 points KH, Mr. Smokey Pants – Go to more Longhorn games! If that means more post-gates and old school rap gazebo parties then I support that resolution. +4 points KW, Dallas D-Bags – Go pay the 'donation' for participation in this most excellent pick em league. Max points for the "most excellent" part. +4 points CC, Dallas Novacain – Go To regain my pick'em mojo before next season starts. Jinx +4 points DW, Bevo XIV – None for me, thanks. Bonus points? Or Resolutions? +2 points AN, The MotherL

BCS National Championship - Texas Longhorns vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

Goosebumps... if 'Bama fan has one of these, let me know and I'll post it.

P-F09: Week 18 NFL Results - FINAL WEEK

NFL Scorecard