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P-F23: Bowl Challenge Scoreboard

It was Scenario #3 y'all... scroll down to see how we finished! It hurts to type these words, but congrats to -------------- "Pure Random" (CN).   -G* Most recently posted scoreboard: And for those of you who like graphs: 1/1/24 3:37 PM Update: Below are your scenarios for the P-F23 Bowl Challenge Playoffs Pick or whatever we'll end up calling this. The top 3 finishers will pick the CFP Final, with the 1st place having a point advantage on 2nd place and then the same for 3rd place. Scenario 1: Alabama/Texas 1. Bevo XV (DW) 2. Beelzebubbles (CC) 3. 18 National Championships (CG) Scenario 2: Alabama/Washington 1. Bevo XV (DW) 2. Pure Random (CN) 3. Astros! (AP) Scenario 3: Michigan/Washington 1. Pure Random (CN) 2. Bevo XV (DW) 3. Astros! (AP) Scenario 4: Michigan/Texas 1. Bevo XV (DW) 2. Pure Random (CN) 3. Astros! (AP) 12/20/23 11:24 PM Update: Going into the last day of the bowl challenge card, Beelzebubbles (CC), Bevo XV (DW), and 18 National Championships (CG) are