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P-F09: Week 5 Cards Are Ready

NFL Week 5 Card: Official Form Printable Card NCAA Week 5 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 4 NFL Results

(Updated 9/29/09 3:43PM) NFL WEEK 4 SCOREBOARD Wanna hear some stats? Here we go.... Props to, like, the entire league sans myself and Rich for scoring double digit NFL Pick'em scores this week. That means Dave and Amy/Carrie notched double doubles. Cain scored 12, so it's time for a collective moan, since he's on top again. Week 4 NFL bonus points went like this: Highest score (Kyle, Jess with 13 of 16) = 3, 12 or higher (AN, KW, KH, CC, GF, JHa, A-C, JN, JHo) = 3, Romo INTs (0) (Only Amy/Carrie) = 3. Now on to my random NFL weekend thoughts... I thought the idea of alternate uniforms was a sell more merch. Eh? Brett Favre pulled out some late game heroics. I'm not saying that it wasn't an awesome play, but I've gone on record with the two following wishes for Favre: 1. He succeeds big time and wins a Super Bowl. Brett Favre is the greatest story of the year and cements himself as the greatest QB of all time... no question. 2. This year is a fantastic failure f

P-F09: Week 4 NCAA Results

(Updated 9/28/09 10:10PM) NCAA WEEK 4 SCOREBOARD How about I lead with some league stats this week... Props to Dave and Amy/Carrie for scoring 10 each this week, but it was Justin's 9 that earned him the top spot in the standings this week. I should mention his last minute changes netted him +3, something that didn't work out as well for Kevin (-2). Vandy finished with 268 passing yards, so Kirby wisely spared his liver during post game tailgating after watching his Commodores (everyone's favorite intramural team) fry Rice. Week 4 bonus points went like this: Highest score (Dave, Amy/Carrie) = 3, Double Digits (Dave, Amy/Carrie) = 3, Vandy Passing > Kirby's ounces (GN, DW, KH, KS, KZ, GF, RH, JHa, A-C, BD, RK, JC) = 2. Now on to my random NCAA weekend thoughts... I'd like to start off with the University of Houston... and I will. Remember this guy? Thanks to his weirdness, he's on TV more than Leave It To Beaver reruns. Thanks to his fascination with social m

Get Yo Entry Fee On

[old school beat] You can’t play for free 'Round here there’s a fee Pay 25 to me I’m sure you’ll agree This game’s hot you see Worth your first baby every penny Go Pick'em, Get Money, Go Pick'em, Get Money Go Pick'em, Get Money, Go Pick'em, Get Money Go Pick'em, Get Money, Go Pick'em, Get Money Best Ways to Pay Your $25 Entry Fee: PayPal – I always keep our league’s pot over in my PayPal account, so paying directly to it is the easiest for me. If you are interested in this option, let me know and I’ll send you a request. They make you pay extra for credit card payments, so if somehow you’ve made it to 2009 and have never set up an account linked to your bank... Check – This is the next easiest option for me. It’s pretty easy for me to transfer your money into the PayPal account from my bank. Cash – If you give me cash, I’m most likely going to blow it on beer or beef jerky. However, it still counts and I’ll take it if this is the best option for you. Ser

P-F09: Week 4 Cards Are Ready

NFL Week 4 Card: Official Form Printable Card NCAA Week 4 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 3 NCAA Results

(Updated 9/21/09 1:32PM) WEEK 3 NCAA SCOREBOARD I understand that my views don't necessarily represent the views of the league, but this is my post. You can have your own ! :) (seriously, just let me know) Texas made things right again... USC lost... Florida St. remembered what it was like to win and reminded BYU that they were BYU (making that ou loss sting a little more). What a Saturday! As a football fan, I was disappointed in the VT/Nebraska game and (to a much lesser extent) the Florida/Tennessee game. Kiffin can spin it all he wants, there ain't no such thing as a moral victory... especially in Div-1A BCS Conference play. I haven't heard a sand pirate play the "at least the game was under the spread" card yet, but if I do, it will be quickly followed by a "Child Please!" Damnit... I've got a scratch in my throat. If I were speaking this post instead of typing it, you guys would be really annoyed with me throat clearing already. I'm no VT o

P-F09: Week 3 NFL Results

(Updated 9/21/09 11:08AM) WEEK 3 NFL SCOREBOARD I understand that my views don't necessarily represent the views of the league, but this is my post. You can have your own ! :) (seriously, just let me know) Texans beat the Tits... the Cowboys lost in what was a pretty exciting game (as long as you aren't a Cowboys fan)... Red Raider fan went back to the desert... what a Sunday! Jets win! Mark Sanchez is going to Disney World!!!!!!! Wait, no... seriously?! ...from the Sports Pickle : "This is an amazing feeling," said Sanchez. "And it all happened so fast. It seemed like just weeks ago we were at camp, and now we're celebrating our Super Bowl win. I don't even know what to do next. I guess take a few weeks off and then start getting ready for next season." Jets officials say they are working with New York City and New Jersey officials to help schedule a parade for the team later this week. T.O.'s Schadenfreude ... well kinda. I know, it's just

39 - 33. It Still Hurts

I don't think you have to be a Texas fan to appreciate the damage Tech did to the college football scene last year. I'm not sure I'm ready to let it go or laugh it off yet, but this article from the Barking Carnival sure helped a little. I was going to tweet this, but I figured there was less of a chance that you would read it, therefore missing out on its hilarity. I've copied a small portion here, but follow the link below to read the whole thing. It gets much funnier. Playing Texas Tech is basically like playing basketball with your girlfriend. At first it’s all casual: you’re each holding a drink, you cover her by squeezing a tit when she tries a jump shot, giggling when she bounces the ball off of her ankles out of bounds. It’s clear that you’re better than her and the power balance is respected. You don’t call her for traveling or double dribbles because of chivalry. Good fun until she fucks it up. She scores somehow on a bullshit fadeaway while you’re pretending

P-F09: Week 3 Cards Are Ready

NFL Week 3 Card: Official Form Printable Card NCAA Week 3 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 2 Weekend Wrap-up

Week 2 is in the books. Here is a summary of Week 2 action here at the website. NCAA Contest : Crystal (Beelzebubbles) won week 2 with the only double digit score (10). Her performance vaulted her from 7th to 1st place. I semi-live blogged Saturday. In addition, I retro-posted some recap stuff at the end. I think my normal routine will be to open up and official post for the scores and general bs that goes along with each contest. If you haven't noticed, I added the contest leaderboards in the left column of the blog. They update as the scores come in. My plan is to resort them every Tuesday night. NFL Contest : Did you guys know Sunday was Grandparents' Day? I didn't until Disney channel told me early in the morning. Luckily, a visit to the in-laws to see the Grandparents got in the way of some of my early day football watching. I heard that Mike Lombardi likened the Texans to a marshmallow covered with Charmin and dipped in drawn butter. On Sunday and Monday I put toget

P-F09: Week 2 NFL Results

(updated 9/15 6:45 AM) No live opening week comments... Texans suck. Great. LINK TO SCORECARD OTHER ITEMS FROM AROUND THE INTERNETS: Did any Comcastians check out their new NFL channel this weekend? I tuned in for the late games. Why the bleep isn't NFL Red Zone not offered in HD?! The channel kinda works though, especially if you aren't interested in a particular game. They just switch back and forth between whatever is interesting, and they even will use downtime to catch you up on the game they are presenting (i.e. they toss you into the coverage with the team on the 10 yard line, but then they go back and show you the big play(s) that got them there). I was able to catch this play with the Red Zone coverage (great play and "entertaining" announcing): Brian Urlacker is done for the season (wrist). Since I don't care about the Bears, it doesn't bother me much. One thing that I do know, MUCH less work is going to get done at the United Way. That dude was a b

P-F09: Week 2 NCAA - Semi-Live Bloggin' It

(updated 9/14 11:07 PM) LINK TO SCORECARD 7:05AM: Baby alarm... awesome. 7:15AM: Any attempts to get any more sleep are futile with kids chatting. 8:15AM: Amanda heads off to some we-help-you-cook-your-food-and-you-bring-it-home-and-freeze-it pyramid scheme party thing. Now it is just me, this one , this one , and football. 8:52AM: Wrapped up getting the living room set up. Madison used a squirt bottle to "clean" one of my TVs. Now the controls don't work. Sweet. 8:58AM: Ollie drops a deuce... really?!? 2 minutes before Gameday starts? TiVo is my friend. 9:01AM: Ollie beats me out of the room (since I have to do some post wiping cleanup), grabs the remote, and changes the channel. So much keeping my spot paused on ESPN. The Scene 9:02AM: Gameday starts slightly late. I'm greeted with the same crappy, barely retooled Collage Gameday intro. WTF is up with that thing?! I don't want any tings in my tang tang, thank you very much. If all Disney Sports can get is irrele

Week 1 NCAA Bonus: What will your winning strategy be this year?

Wikipedia points out that a strategy is winning if the player following it must necessarily win, no matter what his opponent plays. Yes, I copied that correctly. I know... whatever. Nerds. The Pick'em football season is long. To win you guys will need some sort of strategy. The following are your submissions for how you will make it out on top. Dan (Fighting Farmers) is going to keep it simple by "picking the winners" (+1). Justin will be utilizing "alcohol" (+1). Bob (Los Tigeres) says, "I've learned over the years it's not really a pick, but a guess. So, I am going to guess better than everybody's picks" (+1). As a winning strategy, I do not endorse that... and neither does Gary (Six Six in Shoes). He proposes to "Try to figure out what Bob will pick, and do the opposite" (+1). Jess (I will beat Bob and Gary) seems to have a clear mission this year: "Doesn't take much to beat Bob and Gary, but I will continue to use th

Championship Predictions

On the first card for each of the contests, I asked you to make your Championship predictions. Usually I file these away until the end of the season, but now that we have ourselves a blog, I'm going to make the predictions a post. If you hit on either one, it will be worth 15 bonus points toward that contest's associated post season contest (Bowl or Playoff). FORMAT: Team Name, NFL Champ, NCAA Champ RH Los Tigeres, Miami Dolphins, LSU Tigers JC Justin's Team, Pittsburgh Steelers, Texas Longhorns KH Mr. Smokey Pants, New England Patriots, Oklahoma St. Cowboys DB Fightin Farmers, Dallas Cowboys, Florida Gators Jha I Will Beat Bob and Gary, New England Patriots, Texas Longhorns BD Bobs Bobcats, New England Patriots, Oklahoma Sooners CJ Beelzebubbles, Dallas Cowboys, Florida Gators KS DonkeyStyle, New England Patriots, Florida Gators

New Rules

Its never too late to add new rules! Today's new rules deal with bonus points. In addition to any bonus questions included on the weekly cards, I will be giving the following points weekly: 3 pts to all people scoring the highest amount of points 3 pts to anyone scoring 10 or more in the NCAA picks or 12 or more in the NFL picks Remember, bonus points do not count toward your overall score. They will give you an advantage in the post season contests.

P-F09: Week 2 NCAA Card

Ex wrestler Jim Ross (Norman, OK resident and huge OU football fanatic) was doing his weekly OU report on 1560AM in H-town today. He likened the feeling after the loss to BYU to swimming in a lake naked and getting out only to have your Mother-in-law standing there. Awesome. The Week 2 NCAA Card is ready. Only Saturday games, and I should be home all day... maybe I'll semi-live blog the day. CLICK HERE FOR THE WEEK 2 NCAA CARD CLICK HERE FOR THE WEEK 2 PRINTABLE NCAA CARD -G* ----------------------------------------------- My dog killed yet another squirrel today. It's really depressing when your pet's goals in life are far more ambitious than your own. -----------------------------------------------

P-F09: Week 2 NFL Card

It's nice to be a 'Bama fan again... not so good to be a Sooner fan. I'd talk aggie football, but I don't think anyone can remember when they were any good. Kyle, how old were you in the late 80s/early 90s? I've attempted to make some improvements to the Google Doc experience. Behind the scenes, the new cards are like a googolplex times better than the thing I threw together for Week 1. On the front end, hopefully you guys will find the cards familiar. Since there is a Thursday night NFL game, I'm sending the NFL card out separate. The other motivation for this is that you won't have to make all your NCAA and NFL picks at once. I've also put together (or created some web code that auto-populates from the Google form) something that looks a little like our old cards. For those of you who like to work with a hard copy, you'll be able to print this out and do your picks offline before filling out the online form. My fingers are crossed that I pulled all

P-F09: Week 1 Card

The first week is in the books. Ohio St. and LSU won, but looked vulnerable. Oklahoma... well, *tear*. In our pick'em league, Kirby, Bob, and Justin jumped to an early lead... with 8. No double digit pick points this week. Also, all of you that played last year should be a little excited that 2008's pick'em king started the NCAA week with 4 correct picks. Chris posted a Sooner-like performance. Can either bounce back and win a championship? Like always, I've procrastinated some of the infrastructure requirements for the league, but expect some updates through the week and possibly an answer to the view-after-submission issue for the cards this week. Oh yes, and the NFL gets going on Thursday. The Week 2 cards should go out tomorrow evening. Life is good again. click to enlarge updated: 9/7/09 10:54PM PS- I learned a new (favorite) word this weekend: Schadenfreude (I think you can figure why this German word makes me a little happier)