P-F09: Week 4 NCAA Results

(Updated 9/28/09 10:10PM)


How about I lead with some league stats this week... Props to Dave and Amy/Carrie for scoring 10 each this week, but it was Justin's 9 that earned him the top spot in the standings this week. I should mention his last minute changes netted him +3, something that didn't work out as well for Kevin (-2).

Vandy finished with 268 passing yards, so Kirby wisely spared his liver during post game tailgating after watching his Commodores (everyone's favorite intramural team) fry Rice.

Week 4 bonus points went like this: Highest score (Dave, Amy/Carrie) = 3, Double Digits (Dave, Amy/Carrie) = 3, Vandy Passing > Kirby's ounces (GN, DW, KH, KS, KZ, GF, RH, JHa, A-C, BD, RK, JC) = 2.

Now on to my random NCAA weekend thoughts...

I'd like to start off with the University of Houston... and I will.

Remember this guy?

Thanks to his weirdness, he's on TV more than Leave It To Beaver reruns. Thanks to his fascination with social media, sideshow Bob..er Brandon Carter will be watching games from the stands now. After the game, dude tweeted this (and yes, there are some typos in there):
"This is not how I saw our season, I just cried like am idiot. I want us to be so good my last year and I feel like I'm letting everyone down."
Eh, cheer up buddy. All that crying will make your mascara run. And then there was this one from SR LB Marlon Williams...
"Wondering why I'm still in this meeting room when the head coach can't even be on time to his on meeting"
Uh oh.

Carter also wrote:
"I am not a captain anymore and will not be playing this week. Good luck red raiders ill still be cheering on my family from the stands!!:)"
Emoticons from guys with tattoos on their skull are so cute. Care to wager who is going to get more TV time in the crowd now, that freak or Tebow's parents? (not that Tech will be getting a lot of prime time this year).

For everyone that would like to relive the greatness of the UH final drive, Youtube once again proves that it is one of the greatest inventions of our lifetime.

Should Alabama be ranked #1? Eh, maybe. 4 AP voters thought so.

Tebow got knocked out. Expect bad things to happen to the state of Kentucky if he doesn't fully recover. I'm just saying.

Baylor QB, Robert Griffin III, was injured this weekend and will be out for the season. Besides the Big 12 losing one of its best and most exciting QBs, Tech and A&M fan have to be a little more excited. Baylor is now Baylor again.

DVR Alert! The University of Houston/Sand Pirate game will be replayed early Wednesday morning at 2:30AM on ESPN2. I've got that queued up already.



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