P-F22: Bowl Challenge Scoreboard

Final Update - 1/2/23

Winner: Left Hand Scissors (GN)

Point Potential

Update - 12/31/22 end of day

Current Leader: Left Hand Scissors (GN)
Point Potential Leader: Left Hand Scissors (GN)

Point Potential

Update - 12/30/22 end of day

NEW Current & Point Potential Leader: Left Hand Scissors (GN)

Point Potential

Update - 12/29/22 end of day

Current Leader: Astros! (AP)
Point Potential Leader: Bevo XV (DW)

Point Potential

Update - 12/28/22 end of day

Current Leader: Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK)
Point Potential Leader: Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK)

Point Potential - DW, RK, AP, and others overtake BO for the first time

Update - 12/27/22 end of day

New leader! RK
Point Potential Leader: BO

Point Potential

Update - 12/26/22 end of day

Update - 12/24/22 end of day

Update - 12/23/22 in progress

Update - 12/22/22 end of day

Update - 12/21/22 end of day

Update - 12/20/22 end of day

Update - 12/19/22 end of day

No change in the leaders after 1 more game. Bevo XV (DW) and 18 National Championships (CG) have only missed one pick so far, which is notable. UTSA (20 pts) and Cincy (10 pts), respectively.

Update - 12/17/22 end of day

Updated scoreboard attached. Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK) is our early leader, with 18 National Championships (CG) being our virtual leader (winner if all remaining picks are correct).

Bowls yield to the professionals for a day, and we'll get this started again on Monday.

Initial Scoreboard - 12/17/22 4:02pm

Contest Annoucement - 12/10/22 2:34pm

All people need to evolve and push forward to stay competitive in today’s world. Continuous advancement can enable you to protect your most valuable asset: Your choices.

One medium used to make choices is Microsoft Excel. Whether you use it to track your expenses or to create a Tetris close, proficiency in Excel will make you more talented and keep you ahead of the pack. What does Excel have to do with Pickem Dash Fooball? Upper management provides you with one test per year to allow you all to climb to the top yourselves. Let’s take a deeper look at this annual training.

You’ve been using Google’s tools to practice your picks. We even practiced marking your best bets, the pick in which you were most confident. With the NCAA Bowl Contest, your confidence is key. Remember, all bowl picks (except the playoff games) are straight up -- you are picking winners.

Just trust your gut. Put 39 points on the Miami Redhawks in the Hometown Lenders Bahamas Bowl. Then, do that same thing 38 more times.

For the 2 playoff games, you'll be picking against the spread, and the points you'll assign are based on your NCAA Contest bonus points. Place at least 3 points on each game and reserve some or use it all. Any remaining points (and whatever you've won from the playoff games) will be available for the NCAA Championship game.

The card that finishes with the most points wins. This contest has no 2nd place winner.

When you pick confident enough, you will become like the ginsu knife in the utensil drawer of life. The more you exercise your confidence muscle and allow it to work for you, the more you’ll cut up this world with your talents. Confidently exercise that confidence muscle 39+3 times, and you may just get a slice of the Pick’em pie too.


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