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P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 4 - Paperboys delivering, no they're not

Time to get stupid scared. (hit play for the full effect) [Picture The Paperboys (KW) walking in slow with a bit of a strut. Maybe like a bit of a pimp walk. Picture his parents horrified as they realize the lyrics are foul, shocking, and straight up scary as sh!t. Picture KW eating a cockroach and not throwing it up] He's a Texan fan. Just kidding. He's a Texas fan. Just kidding. He's from Texas and a cowboy. Just kidding. A farmer. He's got mad flow. Just kidding. His gas is sweet. He rides the train to save energy. Just kidding he's the engineer. Just kidding. He is an Engineer. And he makes beer . And drinks a lot too, but that's because he makes so much. It's scary. But seriously. Yonkers is a scary song. It's so scary that the music alone can make other songs scary too. Are your picks are scary good or scary bad? (the most recent scores are now being tracked in a newer post)

P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 3 - Great picks are no accident, child

(Hit play for the full effect of the introduction) You may know him as AccidentChild (MN), but he didn't even leave a team name in his registration this year. There's nothing wrong with him. Let the bodies hit the floor. He likes The Real Housewives, but obvs only ironically. There's nothing wrong with him. Let the bodies hit the floor. He spent a good portion of his life looking almost exactly like what many people think Jesus looked like. There's nothing wrong with him. Let the bodies hit the floor. He's like family to me, because he's actually -- like -- family. There's nothing wrong with him. Let the bodies hit the floor. Great picks are something all of us need. Great picks are something that money can’t buy, and something you can't fully enjoy football season without But most of us learn to cope. Great picks are the stuff that dreams are made of. It’s that quality of the picks that makes the future look brighter and football worth watch

P-F13 Week 18 NFL Card

NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 18 Form NFL - Week 18 Printable Card

P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 2 - Lost Cause

Ladies and gentlemen!! We'll cover two games on this post. But first, I’d like to kick off our Pick’em Dash Football player spotlight. (Hit play on the jam below for the full effect.) Our first spotlight He won’t hold back his passion for the Cowboys and Longhorns. You may remember Lost Cause (JH) as the guy who recently blew the 2013 NCAA Pick’em contest. At press time, the Bowl Challenge lead is his to lose. He is quite literally a Lost Cause. Don’t. Make. Him. Cloooose!!! One more door. Lost Cause (JH) is picking perfect right now. Our first game today is the Beeeeeeeeef Oooooo’ Brady’s Bowl. Has anyone been to this place? It may just be like a Chilis, but I have to give them props for having Beef in their name. That does something inside for me. This year’s edition has the C-USA champion. What’s that? Oh, OK. Today is C-USA RUNNER UP – huh? Today we have C-USA EAST runner-up, hailing from the state of East Carolina vs a team from the state Ohio, although I

P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 1 - The Kickoff

At this time of year we think about the greatest gift that mankind ever received --- College Football. Bowl season was born out of someone's idea to extend the joy of college football season by one more game to bring even more joy to the already joyful joyousness. For over a decade, this has been celebrated by the act of picking each game straight up and ranking each based on confidence. Today, bowl season has been commercialized to the point that we start talking about it in August and we only get games that make a select few the richest. Today we still pick in remembrance of the true gift: approximately one half of one third of the P-F pot. After all, as a person once said, “It is more blessed to pick than abstain. Seriously.” Click on the picks below to make it bigger. Depending on your browser, you may also need to right click and "view image" to be able to zoom. (the most recent scores are now being tracked in a newer post )

P-F13 Week 17 NFL Card

NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 17 Form NFL - Week 17 Printable Card

P-F13 Week 16 NFL Card

One is the loneliest number of cards. NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 16 Form NFL - Week 16 Printable Card

P-F13 Week 15 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 15 Form NCAA - Week 15 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 15 Form NFL - Week 15 Printable Card