Wednesday, October 4, 2017

P-F17: Week 6 NCAA Bonus - Let's Bounce Back Y'all

I had an idea, and it was good. I was reaching to save myself from XM’s pop station. I was really reaching to save myself from that song about the body and the back-roads.

I dislike country music for a variety of reasons. I don’t enjoy the forced accents or songs about dirt and mundane details of life. Hearing dudes in fake deep accented voices saying the word “baby”.... yughhk.

I’m not saying there isn't any good country music. I'm not a millennial. I still buy music from time to time, and I have a little country. But what I’m not going to do is actively put in the work to try to discover good country. I can't stomach suffering through the dumb stuff.

Is the genre still relevant? Well that’s something googlable. Turns out, the late 90’s and early 00’s were peak country, y'all. I don't really remember that. During that time period, the genre owned more of the Billboard charts than either Hip-Hop or Pop. But today? Pop is king. Metal is dead. Hip-hop is as strong as ever. And country -- it is actually still there. But seriously, is it any good? (reference: most Pop)

That’s the freaking question! That will be the bonus question for this week!

Then some domestic terrorist did the unimaginable. At the end of a three-day country music festival at a sold-out show, the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history occurs.

How do I reconcile my general disinterest (and kind of distaste) for a whole style when its fans were affected so deeply?

I texted Second to Nutt (KH) and Baby Bevo XV (DW).

GN: "Is a pickem bonus question related to country music sucking too soon now? Thought of it before Vegas."

KH: "Oof, yeah, I'm never 'too soon' guy, but that's probably too soon"

DW: "Agree. Just don’t see a path to victory here."

They aren't wrong, but you all, that shit is what music, art, sport, etc. are all about. These things don’t sustain life. These things enhance life. Avoiding this stuff is losing. It’s letting the proverbial terrorists win.

Feel free to abstain. OR -- let’s bounce back.

Give me a good country song to listen, I’ll collect all submission, put them all in a playlist, and when I’m listening, I’ll be thinking a lot more about this group and football and a lot less about tragedy and gun control.

I generally think country music sucks. Help beat me at the music game. Leave your answers in the Week 6 NCAA Card bonus question or below in the comments section. You'll get credit for either.


P-F17 Week 6 Card and Scoreboard Link

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Official 2017 Pickem-Football Annual Recruitment Post

Ready to sign up? Use the "too long, didn't read" link at the end of this sentence to go straight to the registration form.


"If you can’t get something out of your head, maybe it is supposed to be there." - you
We pick games as a matter of virtue, and I can't imagine a life where we don't all do it every week of football season with each other.

Many ads, friends, coworkers, and unsolicited emails focus on one special dimension of football participation: the fantasy one. And a common tendency is to emphasize the team building part of our love of football. But as miraculous as managing a team of special athletes can be, by itself it will become terribly incomplete -- a perennial football relationship needs more than fantasy alone (if it even needs the ownership of athletes at all).
"Loyalty, trust, compassion, empathy, unselfishness, cooperation, companionship, helpfulness…" <<< words never used to describe what we are doing here
But in this left-swipe world of commitments, maybe a little review of Pick'em Dash Football is in order. Below is at least enough for us to begin a relationship that's safe enough to make legal with the sign up form.


Pickem Dash Football consists of 4 games, all of which you are signing up for when you fill out the registration form:
  1. NCAA Pick'em
    • 15 games to pick per week
    • Picks are against the spread
    • The odds for each game are provided for you
    • Contest represents approx 33% of the pot; 1st and 2nd place winners are named
  2. NFL Pick'em
    • 14-16 (all) NFL games per week
    • Picks are straight up (that means no spread and you are picking winners)
    • Contest represents approx 33% of the pot; 1st and 2nd place winners are named
  3. NCAA FBS Bowl Games
    • All the bowls (41? I've lost count)
    • Picks are confidence pool style (most points on game you are most confident and 1 point on game you are least confident)
    • Picks are straight up (no spread)
    • Contest represents approx 50% of 33% of the pot (uh you do the math); 1st place winner only
  4. NFL Playoff Games
    • All the playoff games (11)
    • Picks week-to-week against the spread; points are cumulative
    • Contest represents approx 50% of 33% of the pot; 1st place winner only
I send the pick'em cards to you via a link to a Google Form. It’s easy and you can even pick from your phone.

On the game card for each week's NCAA and NFL games, I may include optional bonus questions (like the annual Thanksgiving side dish bonus). While these won't increase your score for the regular-season games, the "points" are collected and used to give you an tiny advantage in the post-season games. Bonus points are also given to weekly winners, for paying your entry fee early, and for some other random stuff I make up along the way. You can win any of the contests without them, but why would you rob me of the fun of reading your answers. It is the only bread I get from Pick'em Dash Football.


As we close in on two decades of focusing on our pick'em game craft here at P-F headquarters, we've grown and made acquaintances, friends, office-mates, and family. Maybe you've made family too. In an ideal scenario, I understand that is what is supposed to happen.
"Football season is worth waiting for even if it takes a whole off-season. Then in return a lifetime of football will be waiting for you." - Inspirational quote generator, making heart shape with hands
All this is the solid background of truths that bring us together each year for the most challenging and intimate of games: Pick'em. Devotion is a fundamental part of football fandom, and freedom of choice is one of the top 4 things we all love about the lives we live. Pick'em is therefore the real soul of watching football.


 I guarantee Pick'em Dash Football will provide a richer, multi-dimensional experience, much more complete than the two-dimensional picture on your high def TV, or you probably will skip out on the entry fee anyway.
"I miss Pick'em season. Not in some cheesy 'Let's hold hands and be together forever kind of way.' I simply have nightmares of it not being Pick'em season, plain and simple. I miss making Pick'em cards. I miss reading open ended bonus question answers. I miss you Pick'em."- Pretty much everyone