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P-F17: Week 8 NFL Bonus - Which Team is the Most Patriotic?

With Washington playing Philly on Monday Night Football last week, and after all the sit/stand/kneel/fist drama, last week's bonus question just came to me.

Who is the most patriotic team? For whom would our country's founders be fanatics today, with their superlative declarations written in cursive on parchment in the bleachers?

According to the dictionary, patriotic means expressing one's kindness in a way that appears superior to the subject.

Oh wait, or is that patronising. Whatever.

You guys -- like really answered the bonus question. All the answers were great because they ranged from just naming a team without explanation to some science and history. Everyone who answered gets points, and the main benefit of the bonus question is that we all win because we get to read the answers.

I'll start with what may have been the obvious choice (or was it?). The "Patriots". It's in the name, so they must be patriotic. However, two of you wrote "Patriots?".  I'm not sure if you are questioning me, yourself, or the team, but I love the question mark. 1 point for saying Patriots, 2 extra points for those question marks.

I also got the "Giants". No explanation. Lady Liberty is patriotic in a Frenchy way. 2 points.

"Uh is this a trick question? Obviously it's the Vikings the first citizens of our great country." I have no idea if this is fact. I could google it, but my guess is that there may not be a unified internet opinion on this kind of fact. 4 points though.

Three people said "Cowboys" without explanation. This is the worst of all the answers. 1 point and you are lucky I don't leave your names here.

Two people said the "Texans". And before you tell me that answer is as bad as the Cowboys, remember that the Texans are the National team of Texas, and Texans are fiercely patriotic. 2 points for these 2 fine citizens.

I got one "Blue Jays". If anything, that is funny, eh? At least 2 points, but no more for picking a baseball team.

"Patriotic -- having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support to one's country  -- gotta be the Redskins." And casinos. Here's 3 points to double down on the next open ended bonus question.

"It's not a contest," said one of you. "Everything is a contest, and stay open, says me. 2 points.

Two of you said the "Saints." One of you followed it with "America's team." God bless us. I did like the response of "don't let the black and gold fool ya" though. 2 solid points.

"S.E.A.L. Team 6" is a fine answer. How would you like to be S.E.A.L. Team 7 trying to follow in those footsteps though. 3 points.

The "Cardinals" are an okay choice, "because of Pat Tillman." But I'm not sure the team can take that credit. 2 points.

How about the "home team"?

How about "Team USA!"?

How about "Team America. Fk Yeah!"?! 3 points for the red, white, and blue.

You like Gold? Money? Capitalism? How about "49ers"? And they also had Kaepernick. That is patriotism, if you looked it up on the internet's opinion web, I think. 3 points.

Look this up. "Philadelphia Eagles (cause Philly where the Dec of Indy was signed and Eagles the symbol of AMERICA, we go head first into a storm instead of flying away) Little history, little science, LARGELY PATRIOTIC!" Indeed. 4 points.

How about "any one that Mike Pence is not attending." WHOA. Why are you trying to bring politics into our game, pickem guy? 3 points.

"Oilers, none of them are kneeling." Winner. 5 points. h/t Phlying Hellfish (AD)


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