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P-F17 Week 14 Card and Scoreboard Link

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P-F17 Week 13 Card and Scoreboard Link

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P-F17 Week 12 Card and Scoreboard Link

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Country Music Sucks: Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

The format was supposed to be that *you guys* would suggest some country song and *I* would suggest the hip-hop song. But I guess we can do this back asswords. Let's see what happens. Title: C.R.E.A.M. Artist: Wu-Tang Clan Year: 1993 Quick take: Classic hip-hop sampling here. Wu-Tang always blended understated beats and deceptively deep stories. But as catchy as it sounds, was "CREAM" an acronym before Wu-Tang made it up? Make Country Hip-Hop Count: Cars  - Minivan reference! "Rollin' in [Mazda] MPV's... Ch-chick-POW!" Baby - This song has no time for girls. It's about growing up and surviving on the streets. Dirt  - Uuuuhhh, Ol' Dirty Bastard y'all (not featured here, but still). RIP Dirt Dog. Small Town - Shaolin land, er Staten Island. This is the smallest of NYC's 5 boroughs, so that is as small town as it gets. Guitar - In a place where they pull out gats for fun, there's just the sound of stray shots Good o

P-F17 Week 11 Card and Scoreboard Link

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Country Music Sucks: Chris LeDoux - This Cowboy's Hat

This is the first line of Chris LeDoux's wiki page: "Chris LeDoux was a Rodeo Cowboy who sang and recorded songs in his spare time and sold his albums from the back of his truck."   That is serious country street cred. I'm interested. Title: This Cowboy's Hat Artist: Chris LeDoux Year: 1991 Quick take: This is a simple song about not touching a man's hat. Everyone knows not to touch a man's woman, a man's car, or a man's hat. This song is simply a reminder not to disrespect a fella. Make Country Count: Cars  - Nope, but one old boy said, "Hey Tex, where'd you park your horse?" Baby - Nope. This song is strictly about his costume hat. One reference to a husky fella though, if you are into the bear thing. Dirt  - Nope, but props for several rodeo + weather references: Riding black tornadoes, roping a Blue Norther', and bulldoging the Mississippi River. I had to look up most of the rodeo terms. Small Town - This took pla

Country Music Sucks: Florida Georgia Line - Cruise

In Week 6, I proclaimed that country music sucks. You told me some songs I needed to add to my playlist. "Uh is this a joke?!? Fk country music." -As Donkey As I Want To Be (KS)   Nope. Not a joke. Zero points. Let’s do this. Title: Cruise Artist: Florida Georgia Line Year: 2012 Quick take: Starting with “Baby you a song,” and assuming FGL really love making songs, they must love this girl like they made her themselves.  This is a song literally about cruising in your car and not much else. The Internet tells me that by April 2013, Cruise had become the best-selling song by a country duo in digital history. I don’t need to look to see if this record held. This song is a dumb country pop song. A dumb song that stands with countless other dumb pop songs. Make Country Count: Cars  - 1 truck, 3 Chevy's, KC fog lights Baby - 10 baby's, 2 girl's. Really surprised there weren't more. Dirt  - Has a "back road" in the chorus. Also references

P-F17 Week 10 Card and Scoreboard Link

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