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P-F12: NFL Playoff Contest, Week 2 Update

Could the road to the Super Bowl go through Houston? Of course it couldn't. Double D (DD) had a great week and is our new leader.

P-F12: NCAA Bowl Pick'em Challenge WINNER

Congrats to Chumlee Banditos (KP) on contest win. Congrats to CG and "15 MF National Championships." Goodnight college football.

P-F12: NFL Playoff Contest, Week 1 Update

BlitzKrieg (RK) takes the lead the simple way. Betting everything and getting every pick correct. The results are posted below with a look ahead to Week 2. I'll send the card after a couple days when the lines settle.

P-F12: Crawford’s Bowl Pick’em Challenge Post, Part One

95% of the time, I am right. In this by-degree world, you may be right most of the time too. I can only speak for myself.  I point this out not to be smug, but as an introduction to my coverage of the Pickem-Football 2012 College Bowl Challenge. Kids, my name is Crawford and I'll be taking you to the National Championship games and announcing which one of you confidently picked your way into $112.50, a total that sounds low – just saying. You may know my work as a   beer   blogger . I am not your typical self-loathing blogger. I like to tell it like it is, share my life experiences, and hopefully help you put better stuff in your mouth. Speaking of what to put in your mouth today is New Year's Eve, which also reminds me of that movie 'New Year's Eve.' Rotten Tomatoes described the movie as "shallow, sappy, and dull" with a "star-studded cast [with] no discernible purpose." Last time I checked, this is precisely describes ACTUAL New Year'