Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week 1 NCAA Results

Below are the Week 1 NCAA results. Jimmy brought his "A" game in Week 1 and finished alone in first with 12... the Norris family... not so good.

I'll bang out an official results email/blog post in the next day or so.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pickem08: Week 1 Card Reminder

In case you haven't taken notice to the 486.37 emails I've sent over the past few weeks, the Pickem'08 league kickoff is this Saturday. I think I had a record number of early bird cards this week... props to Amanda, Kyle, Dave, Kevin, Gary, Jess, Crystal, Amy/Carrie, Curtis, Mark, and Rich. You all will start the year with 1 bonus point.

I have heard from a few of you that you are doing some last minute recruiting, so I've attached the card to this email for anyone who needs to pass it on. You guys can also find links to it at the website or just this direct link (for future reference, the best way to download the card is to choose "Save" on your browser instead of "Open"). We are up to 18 peeps, but that is a little down from last year.

You guys have until the first kickoff to send in your cards. I'm headed off to Austin and will be sipping adult beverages and watching football all day Saturday, so I probably won't be cranking out a compiled list of everyone's picks until Sunday.

Until then... stay dry... good times... and good pickin'...


I woke up this morning and decided that today
would be the day I search for my birth mother.
When I made it downstairs, there she was,
making my breakfast as usual. And smiley-face
pancakes, no less. When it rains, it pours!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The List

We are up to (9-03-08 edit) 20 peeps... here's the list of people who have emailed me or sent a card.

1. Greg: Ferments-A-Lot
2. Kevin: Incessant Perfection
3. Chris: Novacain
4. Crystal: Beelzebubbles
5. Gary: Six Six in Shoes
6. Longhorn Dave: Bevo XIV
7. Kyle: Addison Allstars
8. Kirby: Second to Nut
9. Bob: Evan Almighty
10. Amanda: The Motherload
11. Rich Krieg: Fire Millen
12. Mark: Sparky's Team
13. Curtis: 12 National Championships
14. Amy/Carrie: The Deuce
15. John: True Blue
16. Jorge: Nuno's team
17. Kimsey: TBA
18. Jess: Master of My Domain
19: Jimmy: G-Men
20. Justin Chen

College football kicks off tonight... we kick this beeaaahh off on Saturday at 11AM. Don't forget that the card is due before kickoff and the early bird deadline (1 bonus point) is Friday at noon (central).

I'll bet whoever first
said "The future is now!"
feels like a total idiot today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Fulmer Cup

Looks like Alabama has their championship already (from EDSBS)

(sorry Curtis... don't shoot the messenger!)

The Fulmer Cup competition for 2008 ends tonight at midnight, and barring any West Virginia triple murders, Missouri drug busts, or the FBI unearthing a sleeper cell at Michigan, (Buckeye fan: “I knew it!”) this cat is skinned, and its coat is crimson and white. Um, actually, so is the cat, now that we’ve gotten the hide off and everything. What the hell are we supposed to do with this thing? It is pissed.

Congratulations are due to your winner, with a total of 28 points. Some people would say congratulations to someone who just won such a prestigious award. For such an occasion as this, we won’t just crack out the standard Asti Spumante—no, only the Andre Cold Duck Pink will do, and only if we have buckets and buckets of it.

Pop the cork, take a bow, and let the celebrations begin: a champion arriveth. Congratulations to Alabama on their 72nd national title, which Nick Saban appropriately does not have time to accept in person. Roll, Tide, Roll.

Jimmy Johns must be noted for his outstanding work in making this happen, selling cocaine an incomprehensible number of times to undercover cops in Tuscaloosa, but he wasn’t alone. Jeremy Elder, while not particularly good at robbery, was certainly enthusiastic enough to rack up points for two counts of first-degree robbery.

Johns and Elder alone would have won the Copa del Malfeasance, but teammate A.J. Walker kicked in by walking around drunk on the strip. But we’ve done that, you say! Of course you have, and if you are currently on the roster of the Crimson Tide, we invite you to submit your points to be tallied with the rest.

(Note: SAS Wiki includes Rashad Johnson’s dismissed charges for disorderly conduct on their total. This is an error, but the point total is not: 20 for Johns, a conservative seven for Elder, and one for poor A.J.’s solo Jagermeister Tango down the strip.)

This leaves the Ellis T. Jones Award for Outstanding individual Achievement In A Single Crime, which this year must also be awarded to Johns, who racked up twenty points for having the persistence to sell cocaine to undercover officers not once, but FIVE times. That kind of stick-to-it-iveness gets you championships. And lengthy jail sentences.

Our petitions for an award ceremony rebuffed, we had to rely on hidden camera footage take of Nick Saban at home to get any reaction from the most powerful coach in sport. From appearances, the Fulmer Cup is just one more piece of motivation to put on your wall.

Thus concludes the Fulmer Cup 2008. Amen, alleluia, and hosannas all around. Special thanks to Brian, who remains hung like Reggie F’n Nelson, for the scoreboards, to Dave, who never neglected to let us know of the smallest parking violation, and SAS Wiki, whose Fulmer Cup Accounting Station was an immense resource for someone as mathematically challenged as the editors of this site. You’re all coming to extra-crispy hell with us.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week 1 Card

First of all, welcome back (to the veterans) and welcome in (to the the rooks).

Attached is the card for the first week. If something doesn't look or act right, let me know. I just started dusting off last year's stuff.

The rules listed in a previous post for all that would like a refresher. But, if you have any specific questions, just shoot me an email.

Pick'em card notes:
- NCAA games are picked against the spread (NFL will be straight up).
- When you click a check box near a team, if you pick the one with the negative value off to the right, you are picking that team to cover that number.
- If any of you don't have Microsoft Excel and the card doesn't work for you, let me know.
- On the card, the team listed first is the away team.
- Remember to check the top of the card each week for bonus questions. I give away bonus points for answers, but these points DO NOT count toward your overall pickem score. To win the pickem contest, you have to have picked the most games right. Simple.
- After you've made your picks, don't forget to select 3 "Best Bets." The check box for this is off to the right in the "BB" column. If you get all 3 Best Bets, then you'll get 3 bonus points. This is harder than it sounds.
- All picks are due before the kickoff of the first game. However, if you forget, still send me the card dude. I'll give you credit for any game kicking off after I receive your picks.

So speaking of bonus points, I'm giving away early bird bonus points this year again. All cards sent back before noon (central) on the day before the first game on the card (usually this would be noon friday) will get a bonus point. For this week, Friday at noon (CT) will be the early bird deadline.

We'll talk entry fees in the next few weeks. For now, we are still way short on commitments (I've only heard from 12 so far). If you haven't told me you are playing yet, just fill out the Week 1 card and send it to me... I get you added from there.

The league isn't locked. You guys can forward this link along to others if they want in.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BCS Championship Prediction

The great Kige Ramsey makes his BCS Championship prediction... and even gives a shout out to Houston's 1560AM.

Monday, August 18, 2008

10 days till kickoff... fears... rumors... scandals

Team commitments are still trickling in... remember, I just need a team name and preferred email address (for the weekly cards to be sent) from you.

Since I've gotten several comments about access to the website, let me alleviate some potential fears for you guys in one email. Apparently a lot of you work for communist corporate piles of dung that block access to pages. If you ask me, I say you should change jobs to something a little more spend-the-whole-day-playing-fantasy-sports friendly... I did. But until you do, don't sweat it.

Weekly cards will continue to be sent out like they always have... by email.

Weekly results, etc... by email.

Most of the stuff I post up (including this email here) will be posted online and sent to whatever email address you give me.

Hopefully everyone is a little less nervous about pick'em school starting now and everyone is a littlle more excited about how Crystal is going to out pick you by choosing the team that has the best looking pants.


In days gone by, a man's word was his bond.
Today, fortunately, we have glue.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

League Rules

  1. I'm not claiming that this is a list of all the rules, but it is everything I can think of at the moment.
  2. Trust me, this game is much simpler to play than it is to write about.
  3. I run all this as laid back as possible, so don’t worry too much about the details

> NCAA Pick'em
  • 15 Games (when available) will be on each week's card.
  • On most occasions, Thursday and Friday college football games will not appear on the card.
  • Rivalries and games on national television (and my Comcastic local TV) are given some priority in my choice of games.
  • When possible, I will work league member's alma maters into the pick'em card. Be sure to mention it to me.
  • A point spread will be set for each game and will not change after I send the weekly card.
  • Teams will pick each game against the spread.
  • Bonus opportunity (these do not count toward the overall score for the contest)
  1. In addition to the picks, each owner should choose 3 of their picks to make a "Best Bet." If all 3 "Best Bet" picks are correct, the owner will get 3 bonus points for the week.
  2. The weekly winner will receive 3 bonus points.
  3. Sending your card in before the stated "Early Bird Deadline" (usually noon on the day before the first kickoff on the cards) will be worth 1 bonus point.
  4. The last game on the card (tiebreaker game) will be worth 1 bonus point if picked correctly.
  5. The weekly cards will often include other random, but appropriate bonus opportunities.
  6. A perfect Pick'em card (picking every game correctly w/ a min of 14 games/card) is worth 5 bonus points... this almost never happens.
  • A Note About Tiebreakers
  1. In the case of a tie, the last game on the card (tiebreaker game) will determine the winner.
  2. The person that chose a score closest to the actual score of the game will win the tiebreaker.
  3. You must have picked the tiebreaker game correctly to be eligible for the tiebreaker (i.e. the first tiebreaker is the pick itself).
  4. The final tiebreaker will be whoever sent their card in first.
  • The team with the most Pick'em points (bonus points excluded) after the end of the regular season will win 25% of the total pot. 2nd place will receive 10% of the total pot.
> NFL Pick'em
  • Exactly like the NCAA Pick'em, except NFL picks are straight up (no point spread).
  • Every single NFL game on the schedule will make the NFL card.
  • This means that sometimes there will be games that are not on Sunday. Remember to get your picks (or at least that one) in on time.
  • The team with the most Pick'em points (bonus points excluded) after the end of the regular season will win 25% of the total pot. 2nd place will receive 10% of the total pot.

  • Bonus points collected during the season will not count towards the team's overall Pick'em score.
  • Instead, bonus points will be tallied to be used in the leagues the postseason contests: NCAA Bowl Pick'em and NFL Playoff Challenge.
> NCAA Bowl Pick'em
  • Teams will get 405 points plus their acquired bonus points for the NCAA Pick'em regular season. (I may change the points given, but it will be the same for everyone)
  • The NCAA Bowl picks will work like a confidence pool with the highest score given to whichever pick you are most confident and the lowest score being whichever pick you are least.
  • The picks for the Bowl Pick'em will be straight up.
  • A card with the entire bowl schedule will be sent after the regular season.
  • The card must be returned before the kickoff of the first bowl game.
  • The team with the most points after the BCS National Championship game will win 15% of the total pot.
> NFL Playoff Pick'em
  • Teams will get 100 points plus their acquired bonus points for the NFL Pick'em regular season. (I may change the points given, but it will be the same for everyone)
  • The NFL Playoff Pick'em will be "Vegas-style," and teams can wager against the spread for each playoff game.
  • There will be minimum bets for each game. There is no maximum bet for any game.
  • The picks for the NFL Playoff Pick'em will be against the spread.
  • A "wager" card (pretty much the same as the regular Pick'em card but with your score on it) will be emailed each week during the playoffs.
  • The team with the most points after the Super Bowl will win will win 15% of the total pot.
  • Cards will typically be sent out on Tuesday afternoon/evening and are due by Friday.
  • Changes to this schedule might occur if there are games being played on Thursdays or during holidays.
  • Late card exceptions will be made at my discretion, but the general rule is that if the picks are up on the website for everyone to see, then no cards will be accepted. If someone alerts me of a possible delay, I will hold off on posting the picks until Saturday's first kickoff.
  • Anyone who does not send in their card for a certain week will receive the lowest weekly score of a "picker."Trust me, this is never a very good score, but at least it won't eliminate you from winning if you have a busy week.

  • Payouts will be determined after I get a final list of all people that will be participating this year.
  • Entry fee to play in all 4 contests will be $25.
  • Before anyone complains, we typically have about 18 weeks of regular season football. 18 weeks comes out to about $1.39 per week to play, and that is not even counting the bowl and playoff weeks.

Monday, August 11, 2008

17 Days Till Kickoff

Football is King
Can you hear the buzz in the air. Yup, that's baseball season moving to the kiddie seat in the back to make room for football.

Memories: Spread, No Spread, It Don't Matter
Anyone remember how Crystal won without knowing she was picking against the spread?

You Convinced Me, I'm In
If you are going to play, you gotta click this LINK and leave me your team name and preferred email. Don't delay! Act now! Or else I will keep emailing you to bug you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Got the Pick'em Itch?

You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your Nose, But Can You Pick'Em?
Excitement for the upcoming season is building and my productivity is entering operation shutdown mode. Rusty on the details? I've got a few paragraphs about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes.

The Meat: NCAA & NFL Pick'em Contests:
The game goes something like this. I send a spreadsheet weekly with 15 selected college games and all the NFL games for the week (usually 14-16). College games are chosen against the spread, which I will list for each pick. NFL games are straight up (no spread). I'll keep tally of the scores for each contest (1 point per correct pick) and whoever has the most points at the end of the season for each respective contest will win that contest.

Simple enough? But wait, there is more.

Weekly winners will also receive "bonus points." Additional bonus point opportunities will be thrown in throughout the season as well (sending in the card early, answering trivia, etc).

But I Hate it When the Season is Over and I Wish We Could Play Forever
Once the regular seasons are over, we'll keep this thing going with post season contests. NCAA Pick'em bonus points will be used for a Bowl Pick'em contest. NFL Pick'em bonus points will be used for the NFL Playoff Pick'em contest.

$25 Isn't Really a Lot of Money

The entry fee is $25, but don't freak out. You don't have to pay me right away if you don't want. I just need the money by the end of the year to send to the winners. The football season is long guys. However, there ain't no free trial period though. If you start playing, plan on paying me sometime (this was a problem once). For those that think that $25 seems like it's a lot, we'll be playing for twenty-something weeks... you can do the math… it's quite the bargain.

The Commissioner Must Be Skimming Off the Top
Nah man. ALL the collected money goes to winners.

Assuming that we have a group around the size of last year's... here is how the payouts will work.
- NCAA Pick'em: 1st Place 25% pot, 2nd Place 10% Pot
- NFL Pick'em: 1st Place 25% pot, 2nd Place 10% Pot
- NCAA Bowl Pick'em: 1st Place 15% pot
- NFL Playoff Pick'em : 1st Place 15% pot

As Long As There Aren't Any Rule Changes
For those are Pick'em regulars now, if you've got suggestions about how to make things better, let me know. I'm not afraid to make changes if they make sense.

I'll create a "General Rules" post that you guys can refer to as a refresher.

The Best Part About This Game is That it is Straight Up Gangsta
For those who played last year, I sincerely hope you consider playing again. I'm not just blowing smoke, the last few years have included a great group of people. But I don't want to get too mushy, so that's all I'm going to say about that.

If you know anyone else that may want to join, send them a link to this page or drop them my email address (

I'm In, How Do I Sign Up?
Just hit the comment link below and leave your preferred contact email along with whatever else you feel like sharing with the league.