The List

We are up to (9-03-08 edit) 20 peeps... here's the list of people who have emailed me or sent a card.

1. Greg: Ferments-A-Lot
2. Kevin: Incessant Perfection
3. Chris: Novacain
4. Crystal: Beelzebubbles
5. Gary: Six Six in Shoes
6. Longhorn Dave: Bevo XIV
7. Kyle: Addison Allstars
8. Kirby: Second to Nut
9. Bob: Evan Almighty
10. Amanda: The Motherload
11. Rich Krieg: Fire Millen
12. Mark: Sparky's Team
13. Curtis: 12 National Championships
14. Amy/Carrie: The Deuce
15. John: True Blue
16. Jorge: Nuno's team
17. Kimsey: TBA
18. Jess: Master of My Domain
19: Jimmy: G-Men
20. Justin Chen

College football kicks off tonight... we kick this beeaaahh off on Saturday at 11AM. Don't forget that the card is due before kickoff and the early bird deadline (1 bonus point) is Friday at noon (central).

I'll bet whoever first
said "The future is now!"
feels like a total idiot today.


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