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P-F19: No Regrets! (Week 15 NCAA Bonus)

What did you regret with the passing of the regular season? I’m here to care for you as we move on to the after-season, and I will provide you comfort for each of your regrets. Huntwick Hosers (KW): “I regret that I picked so poorly.” – But hopefully your picks were as rich in spirits as mine were. The Texans don’t need a GM (CK): “I regret believing the Horns’ hype. Again.” Accidentchild (MN): “I regret picking Texas too much.” – Texas covered against Oklahoma, and every real fan knows covering against your rival is all that matters. Cornholio's Bunghole (BO): “Duh... I regret that I didn't win one week!!” Cockypantherfan (SZ): “I regret not winning.” – Some will tell you that winning isn’t everything. A millennial may tell you that we are all winners. It means most to me that you wanted to win. 17 National Championships (CG)” “No regrets bro!!!” – Yeah! I Look Good On Top (BF): “No regrets....ever.” – YEAH! Commodore Nation (KH): “No regerts!” – YYE oohh, oh no.