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P-F09: Week 17 Results

blog post updated 12/29/09 4:13 PM

NFL Scoreboard

Week 17 NFL Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 17:
Kirby probably feels like Jim Caldwell right now. He's locked up #1. He can start thinking about the playoffs now. He can rest his inner Peyton Manning.

Weekly Winner(s): JN (12) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): JN (12) +3 points
Bonus Question: "Best present ever?" LINK TO POST
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field

Week 17 NFL Bonus – Best Present Ever

I kept this question kind of ambiguous. Below is your interpretation and answers.

Answer convention:
Game Initials, Team Name – Present
My comments
Bonus Points (0-4 points available)

CJ, Beelzebubbles
No doubt about it...1975 a Dallas Cowboy bike with a banana Seat that had the Cowboys star covering it. The Handlebars had blue and silver metallic streamers coming from them, and attached to the handlebars a Dallas Cowboy back pack with a Too Tall Jones Jersey inside and a Drew Pearson t-shirt. My mom said she had tried to find me a Roger Staubach jersey but wasn't able to...Funny that may have been 1975, but if I got the very same gifts today I would be just as excited!!!!
The greatest gift my parents gave me in 1975 was the gift of life. Your present is pretty awesome though too.
+4 points

JN, Naked Bootleggers
24 month beer of the month club membership. Oklahoma has some weird beer distribution laws so my selection is limited and because of this my wife last year got me a 24 month membership to beer of the month were I get 12 micro-brews selected from the finest breweries in the US every month.
You've got a good one there… don't let her go.
+4 points

JHa, I Will Beat Bob and Gary
Vince Young's touchdown run against USC.
I remember that present. VY got me that Xmas '05 too.
+4 points

KW, Dallas D-Bags
A Texas A&M Winning Football season with a win against Baylor, Tech and UT and a win in a bowl game. It doesn't matter the actual record, but these criteria will need to be met.
And that is what it feels like to be an aggie, folks.
+3 points

JHo, Demons
Atari video game system.
Are we talking 2600? I played the sh!t outta that thing.
+4 points

AN, The MotherLoad
Has to be my Cabbage Patch Kid that my Uncle Art got me when the craze was at its all time high. Got screwed from my dad's mom who got every other grandchild a CPK but not my brother and I, saying that she thought we had one. Oh yeah right, hardly anyone in the US could get them but my brother and I had one before Christmas.... LIAR . Okay so not over it (found out this year my mom still isn't over it either). Very close second my USA Olympic Curious George doll. Total surprise and it looks just adorable in my son's room. Who doesn't love Curious George! He's a monkey for the love of God, just adorable!
I had a CPK doll… I'll admit it. I also had a Pound Puppy. What?
+4 points

BD, Bob's Bobcats
Many years ago...... A pair of socks and a women and both of them were too big for me !!!
As long as you remembered to put a "sock" on it.
+4 points

KS, DonkeyStyle
I think that guy with camera and reverse peep hole in the hotel already gave us that.
Kevin scores on yet another EA reset.
+4 points

JC, Justin's Team
Ticket to my first nfl football game. Ok, so it was the cowboys (my parents are big fans), but it was a playoff game, which was sweet.
Was any one here alive when the Cowboys *won* their last playoff game? ;)
+4 points

CC, Novacain
My parents and sister coming to Germany so I don't have to spend Christmas alone in a hotel room :) what I'd really like: a Saints Super Bowl victory!
Trip to Germany: $1368… Saints Super Bowl victory: Priceless
+4 points

DW, Bevo XIV
Yellow Huffy bike (approximate age 10). I mean, besides Jesus 2009 years ago.
It's cool because Jesus was born in the summer anyway.
+4 points

A-C, Amy/Carrie's Team
Skateboard when I was like 10. It had fluorescent pink and yellow lightening bolts... so awesome.
Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Coasssssst.
+4 points

KZ, Suck It #15
A brand new Jeep Wrangler that I got for passing geometry when I was failing! take that dad :).
…but Kimsey isn't spoiled folks.
+4 points

CG, 12 Nat'l Championships
Twin boys - we found out on the 23rd. Holla!
Holy crap. Congrats… and, um, holy crap.
+4 points

KH, Mr. Smokey Pants
Apple 2GS… BAM!
The 2GS was a mean machine, yo.
+4 points

GF, Six Six in Shoes
52z8lz <a href="">gxjefuonsoce</a>, [url=]nlcfmphvtwlv[/url], [link=]orpveinujdmu[/link],
WTF Gary?! All I know is that I'm not clicking those links.
+2 points

RK, BlitzKrieg
Originally, I thought Millen getting fired would be the best gift ever. Unfortunately, I now have to watch the bastard every Saturday afternoon and Thursday night during football season.
It's amazing the respect that guy gets in the business, despite how much it seems like people hate him.
+4 points

GN, Ferments-A-Lot
This year, I want the same as my present in 2005, which was my favorite gift ever. I promise not to open it until late night on Jan 7th (instead of Jan 4th like before)

+4 points

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2009 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Post (Pre-Xmas Games)

This is it boys and girls. I'll be updating this post throughout the bowl season with the results as they unfold. The bowl card is a beast... click the picture to bring up a larger version.

(card removed and moved to newer bowl post)

12/19 3:36PM Update: I worked furiously through the #2 Texas vs. #10 North Carolina bball game to get the bowl card put together. Congrats to those of you who filled out the beast and got in on the contest. Your chances of winning are 1 in 15 instead of 1 in 20, due to some missing cards. Of course, Dave predicted the perfect card, so your chances may not be that great if your name isn't Dave.

12/19 3:56PM Update: Not only is this game kind of a boring kickoff to the bowl season, ESPN's production is a little crappy. Maybe they are just getting warmed up. The bowl tradition was quite strong... you could pretty much sit where ever you wanted at the stadium.

12/19 7:30 PM Leader Board Update
Game: New Mexico Bowl - Albuquerque, NM - University Stadium
Score: Fresno St - 28, Wyoming - 35 2OT
Current Points Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles - 11
Current Statistical Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles
Game Thoughts: If I could erase my 3:56PM update I would. Actually, I *can* erase stuff, but what's the point? We were treated to a great 4th quarter and a double overtime finish that ended with half of the 11 people at the game storming the field. I had Fresno as my 2nd most confident game. Great. Thanks Wyoming.
Beverage Thoughts: Dales Pale Ale gets the job done folks. Three or so of those and 1. You don't care that Wyoming screwed up your Bowl Challenge championship hopes, or 2. You'll take a nap.

12/19 7:31PM Update: Dave's perfect card dreams have died.

12/19 7:43PM Update: To help me recover from the Wyoming game that went from boring to super exciting to disappointing for everyone but Crystal, I've got 4 games on in the living room. UCF/Rutgers, Cowboys/Saints, Rockets/Oklahoma City, and the NCAA Women's Volleyball national championship game (#2 Texas vs #1 Penn St.). To take it up a notch, I've got some fake action on Central Florida ($200 on UCF, moneyline +120) and Dallas (Cowboys +7.5).

12/19 9:38PM Update: Texas blows the women's volleyball national championship after being up 2 sets to 0. I don't think I've ever watched women's volleyball before... I'm sorry I broke that streak.

12/19 9:53PM Update: What the heck is going on with the turf at the Beef Bowl? It's all silvery green, but not in a good way.

Nope, it's not snowing in Florida, their fake turf just sucks

12/19 10:47 PM Leader Board Update
Game: Beef 'O Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl - St. Petersburg, FL - Tropicana Field
Score: UCF - 24, Rutgers - 45
Current Points Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles - 41
Current Statistical Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles
Game Thoughts: *Yawn* So it was clear that my moneyline virtual bet on UCF wasn't going to come through, so I watched the Longhorn volleyball game on the main TV in the living room. That didn't work out for me. Then I bumped the Rockets game to the main TV. They won, but seriously, it was OKC. Next up was the Dallas/NO game. Overall, it was a little dissappointing to see New Orleans get their first loss. How-evah, my virtual bet of Dallas +7.5 came through (making the night of virtual bets a wash). Finally, it was back to the Rutgers game to see them finish UCF off. Crystal is looking like a Bowl Pick'em genius right now.
Beverage Thoughts: Mount Gay Extra Old Rum and Coke... get up on that folks. I'm up on and in that right now.

12/20 11:05 PM Leader Board Update
Game: R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl - New Orleans, LA - Superdome
Score: Southern Miss -32, Middle Tennessee - 42
Current Points Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles - 41
Current Statistical Leader: KH, Mr. Smokey Pants
Game Thoughts: I'm going to be honest, I watched the Survivor finale instead of the game. From what I could see watching the game without sound, both teams played fairly well. Upon looking at the box score, it looks like the MTU QB was the difference in the game. Dasher (great name) ran for 201 and passed for 162 yds. The 201 was enough to break Vince Young's bowl rushing record for a QB of 200 yds. The only other thing I noticed was that Southern Miss must not have had a kicker. They went for 2 after every TD. I wish I knew that before I gave them my pick. Pathetic.
Beverage Thoughts: I have two beers to discuss tonight. The first was Allagash Four Ale. This beer gets its name from being brewed with four malts, four hops, four sugars (date sugar, light candi, dark candi, and light golden molasses), and four Belgian yeast strains (one during primary, secondary, and tertiary fermentations... then a final when bottled for bottle conditioning, a natural process of carbonating the beer). Every once in a while I come across a beer that is as enjoyable as a bottle of wine, and Four Ale was that beer tonight. It was even better as it warmed. After the Four Ale, I decided to stay with the American brewed Belgian interpretations and opened a Victory Wild Devil. This beer is essentially Victory's Hop Devil IPA that is subjected to a wild yeast fermentation with Brettanomyces. The result is a sour flavor that works great with the citrusy hops. I love Wild Devil and Victory Brewing Company beers, but the Four Ale completely outshined it tonight. I won't be opening these on the same day again.

12/22 10:48 PM Leader Board Update
Game: MAACO Las Vegas Bowl - Las Vegas, NV - Sam Boyd Stadium
Score: (18) Oregon St. -20, (14) BYU - 44
Current Points Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles - 44
Current Statistical Leader: KS, DonkeyStyle
Game Thoughts: I spent the first half of the night at my parents' house where, get this, they only have ONE television in the living room! We wisely chose to watch the #2 Longhorns take out #9 Mich St. in basketball. It's a good thing football games are long. I traveled home after the UT win, but the BYU game wasn't close, so it was relegated to "no sound" while I watched Rachael Ray/Mario Batali vs Giada de Laurentiis/Bobby Flay in a special 1.5 hr cranberry Iron Chef battle. In case you are wondering, Rach and Mario won in a landslide. Game still on. BYU still kickin' @ss. That puts me at oh and four, which reminds me...
Beverage Thoughts: After red wine and champagne at the elder Norris household, I poured a Brooklyn Brewery Monster Ale into a snifter at my home. This 12 oz. barley wine weighs in at 10.1% ABV. I felt like it was rather middle of the road, especially for a beer named "Monster." However, as the beer warmed the big fruit flavors and strong alcohol bite really came out. This would be a pretty good beer if it wasn't named Monster.

12/23 9:38AM Update: I would be remiss if I didn't mention the impact of the wind in the Las Vegas Bowl last night. It was about as strong as I've ever seen it in a bowl game. To counter, obviously the Beavers thought it a good idea to pass a lot. Nice one...

12/23 11:28 PM Leader Board Update
Game: San Diego Co. Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl - San Diego, CA - Qualcomm Stadium
Score: (23) Utah - 37, Cal - 27
Current Points Leader: JN, Naked Bootleggers - 60
Current Statistical Leader: KS, DonkeyStyle
Game Thoughts: This was another "no sounder" for me. I cooked for part of it and watched HBO's Into the Storm for the rest. I can tell you Cal went up by 2 TDs early (me=happy), then laid a turd for pretty much the rest of the game (me=not happy). Some might say Utah woke up, but I say Cal played like crap. Leader = 60 pts. Me.... zero.
Beverage Thoughts: No beer tonight. I shared a great and probably really expensive bottle of Pine Ridge at my parents. Then, back in middle-class-dom, I opened a bottle of Hook & Ladder The Tillerman, 2007. It's an about average Tuesday wine that passes for something you could open when it's not Tuesday and be satisfied with... definitely a recommendation.

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P-F09: Week 17 Card

NFL Week 17 Card:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

NCAA branding

Yet another unsolicited blog from the maverick J.R. Ewing. I look at the NCAA and see a serious marketing/branding issue. I think they recently hired a PR guy...they should have just hired me, all solutions to their problems will be revealed.

But first, a message from our sponsor. If you're looking for the NFL Card, look no more:

Week 16 NFL Card

Ask Sirron sometime why it's Week 16, when the NFL has only had 15 weeks, he loves that one.

But back to the task at hand. The NCAA is missing the boat on a lot of things, not having a playoff is probably one, but there are two much more obvious ways I shall outline.

1) Bowl Game names

So it occurs to me as I watch the New Mexico Bowl and the St. Petersburg Bowl. Who is naming these things? I understand how sponsorships drive the bowl revenue, and that in tight times, cities are stepping up as primary sponsors (as the primary beneficiary of the tourism revenue). But they can still do better. Below, I outline "broken" bowl names, and what they should be according to J.R.

New Mexico Bowl - Sponsored by the state I assume. I'll be honest, there isn't that much positive association with New Mexico in terms of marketability. How to fix? I look no further than the ads on the field "Land on Enchantment". Why not the "Enchantment Bowl"? Or "Land of Enchantment Bowl". Kill two birds with one stone, analysts give you the slogan every time they analyze, and when people make the connection, they think "New Mexico, Land of Enchantment". Not "my goodness, that bowl couldn't even come up with something interesting about their state"

St. Petersburg Bowl - Sponsored by the city I assume. Same as above. I don't know that much about St. Pete, but perhaps a "Florida Gulf Coast Bowl" or "Gulf Beach Bowl" of "Prawn Bowl" would give the audience a bit more than just "St. Pete". I vacation annually in Florida on the Gulf Side, their missing an opportunity here.

Without expanding so much, same thing for the following bowls (with better names):

New Orleans Bowl - Bourbon Bowl, Jazz Bowl, Louis Armstrong Bowl. When you see those things, you automatically think of N'awlins, but instead we get the generic.

Las Vegas Bowl - Casino Bowl, Desert Oasis Bowl, Gambler Bowl. A bit more tricky here, with the NCAA wanting to distance itself from gambling, but hey, they put the bowl here!

Hawaii Bowl - Aloha Bowl. Period. Hawaii = Aloha State, it used to be that, name it that!

Texas Bowl - Oil Bowl, Energy Bowl, Derrick Dandy, Bluebonnet Bowl, Lone Star Bowl. I like Derrick Dandy, if you're willing to ditch the need for "Bowl" in the name of the game.

Chick-Fil-a Bowl - This one just has to be the Peach Bowl. At least put the name back b/w Chick-Fila and Bowl. Come on...Atlanta = Peaches!

International Bowl - Maple Leaf Bowl, Canada Bowl, etc. International might as well be Mexico, Japan, or London.

And finally, the worst of the lot "BCS Championship Game". First of all, BCS has an extremely negative connotation. There is no real "Bowl" tie in, it's not the BCS Bowl, or BCS Champ Bowl. It's the BCS Championship game. This is extremely similar to the "AFC-NFC Championship Game" of 1967 and 1968, if all the football watching public hated the AFC and NFC and had a negative image of it. The genius of naming the Super Bowl has reached so far, the ads can't even reference it (but rather have to say "big game sale").

Several solutions.

Coaches Bowl - It is the Coaches Poll that votes for it.
Collegiate Bowl - Smack a bit of academia
Title Bowl - The winner does get at least one title.
Trophy Bowl - The winner does get the hardware.

or name it after a great coach:

Bryant Bowl
Bowden Bowl
Stagg Bowl

Hails out to the following bowls, for keeping the name representative of the area:
Music City, Independence, Holiday, Sun, Gator, Rose, Sugar, Cotton, Liberty, Alamo, Fiesta, Orange. Some of them kept by rule (i.e. BCS Bowls can't take a title sponsor). But Alamo and Holiday, I know what those bowls are and where they are.

The tough "in-between" are the sponsor bowls. Pizza joints, Brakes establishments, nut producers, sporting goods outlets, credit cards, and banks all have their hands in some of them. Most don't have too many regional ties, but I would submit the following:
Little Caesars = Motor City Bowl
Meineke Car Care = Carolina Pine Bowl
Emerald = Fog Bowl
Eagle Bank = Capital Bowl (or Presidents Bowl)
Champs Sports = Tangerine Bowl
Humanitarian = Potato Bowl
Armed Forces = Cowtown Bowl
Insight = Copper Bowl
Outback = Hall of Fame Bowl
Capital One = Grapefruit Bowl
Papajohns = Iron Bowl
GMAC = Mardi Gras Bowl

2) That was just my first suggestion, the next is in the conference names. Just saying "Big" isn't enough. Give me a regional area and you've got something. First of all the good:

Atlantic Coast Conference
Southeast Conference
Pacific 10 Conference
Mountain West Conference
Western Athletic Conference
Sun Belt Conference
Midwest Athletic Conference

I can pretty much tell you where those are, without even knowing if they are powerful or not. But the following have issues:

Big Ten
Big Twelve
Big East

The Big 10 has 11 and is going for 12. The Big 12 is perhaps the most thoughtless name after being given an opportunity to name themselves ever. I propose the following for each:

Big Ten: Great Lakes Conference, Midwest Conference.
Big Twelve: Great Plains Conference, Breadbasket Conference, Middle America Conference, Southwest Conference
Big East: Eastern Conference, Eastern Athletic Association, Great Eastern Conference.

Alas, we will carry on with very generic conference names and crappy bowl names. Especially the ones named for cities or states, throw your slogan in there, nobody cares about the states of New Mexico, Texas, or Hawaii, but it should be Enchantment, Lone Star, and Aloha.

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P-F09: Week 16 Card

NFL Week 16 Card:

P-F09: Week 15 NFL Results

blog post updated 12/16/09 8:27 AM

NFL Scorecard

Week 15 NFL Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 15:
Maybe it takes a week for the jinxes to start working. Kirby had submitted his picks before all of the jinxes were in. Until then, he still is smoking the field. Amy/Carrie has taken a hold of the #2 spot.

Weekly Winner(s): A-C, DB, GF (13) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): AN, KW, KH, CC, KZ (12), A-C, DB, GF (13) +3 points
Bonus Question: "Kirby is leading by 6 points over the nearest competitor. It's time for the annual bonus question jinx. How will Kirby blow his lead or how will you make an amazing comeback?" LINK TO POST
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field

P-F09: Week 15 Results - The Kirby Jinx

Kirby is a good dude. In fact, he deserves to win this competition as much as any of us here. He's also got a rich tradition of domination in the early years of Pick'em… and then a long period of blowing. Kinda like Notre Dame, except he doesn't have his own TV contract.

All we ask is a couple of bad weeks. That ain't too much to ask. Below are the jinxes, the bonus points you earned, and my subjective reason for assigning that point value.

Answer convention:
Game Initials, Team Name – Jinx
My comments
Bonus Points (0-5 points available)

JN, Naked Bootleggers –Kirby in his attempt to be cocky will not submit a card scoring the minimum 6 points, believing that his nearest competitor cannot possibly pick 12+ winners and steal the league from him.
Kirby *can* be a cocky mthrfkr sometimes… oh wait, that's me.
+3 points

KW, Dallas D-Bags
Kirby will make the classic mistake of calling Terry Bradshaw to aid in his football picks. But what Kirby doesn't know is that Terry Bradshaw is only out to get him, and provides false information, because that what he do.
That Bradshaw is tricky. That moron bit is just a front.
+3 points

BD, Bobs Bobcats
I'm sorry I have to plead ignorance. Who is Kirby? If he is one of the teams....then I will just have to pick all of the teams correctly for the rest of the year. Fat Chance!! :-)) :-))
Maybe it's just me, but I love the "Who is Kirby?" answer. Kirby: "Do you know who the fk I am!?!"
+4 points

CJ, Beelzebubbles
I don't want to think about Kirby "blowing" anything! So, for the sake of not ruining my mojo for any of the other contests-I will just (for once) keep my big mouth shut.
A lot of times I word questions in anticipation of what Crystal or Amy/Carrie may say in response. This one slipped through the crack ;)
+2 points

JHo, Demons
He picked the Lions to beat the Ravens and the lead starts to fade from that point I pick all winners this week and the comeback never stops!!!
Everyone can dream.
+2 points

CC, Novacain
Kirby will forget to submit his picks due to exhaustion from the baby keeping him up at night. It's the only way.
Strangely enough, the baby has fueled his new pick'em power.
+2 points

A-C, Amy/Carrie's Team
He'll forget to hit send one week and blow it.
Hits kinda close to home, eh.
+2 points

DW, Bevo XIV
He'll Has Kirby ever won any pick/fantasy competition in any sport? He represents Houston and our classic failures (Phi Slamma Jamma, Frank Reich, Joe Montana both Coogs and Oilers FYI, Brad Lidge, Sage Rosenfels incidents all rolled into one)
Ahh, some real fantasy smack. Me likes.
+4 points

AN, The MotherLoad
I'm going to go into the Commish's computer and erase everyone else's score and claim victory : -)
Haha! Wait, uh-oh.
+3 points

RK, The BlitzKrieg
As soon as he stops copying Cris Collinsworth's picks and flips to say, Warren Sapp, things will even out.
Is Warren Sapp still alive?
+3 points

JC, Justin's Team
Kirby will blow the lead just like colt blew the Heisman...with all the nation's attention on him at the last moment to some soccer soccer player (except this time not from Cameroon)
That is a lot of blowing and soccer in one answer.
+3 points

KZ, Suck It #15
He will not blow his lead, and he will use the winning money to buy his wonderful little sister great Christmas presents! Forget his new son Will, he won't know the difference. :)
I feel the same about gifts for babies. What is the friggin' point?
+4 points

GN, Ferments-A-Lot
I have gone to great lengths this week to jinx Kirby and ensure my victory. I am/have/will be: 1. Guaranteeing his victory, 2. Washed his lucky jersey, 3. Sitting in his lucky chair, and most importantly, 4. I have chosen him to be on the cover of the new Madden. Good Luck!! (not that you'll need it, because there is NO WAY you could possibly lose this lead... I'm not sure anyone has blown this big of a lead in the entire history of Pick'em, so don't worry. Good luck!!)
That is a classic jinx, folks.
+4 points

KH, Mr. Smokey Pants –Jinx-breaker Haiku
You are my bitches.
Knock you up and leave you
barefoot in the kitchen.
Your grade school English teachers would be so proud right now. Good luck, yo!
+5 points

Monday, December 14, 2009

P-F09: From the Archives - OMG, Week 9 Bonus Results (Halloween)

It is Halloween and you are on the doorstep of the football offices of the NCAA. Choose any trick or treat that you would like for the league or any of its member institutions.
Answer convention:
Game Initials, Team Name - Trick or Treat
My comments
Bonus Points (0-5 points available)

JHa, I Will Beat Bob and Gary - Depending on your perspective, it could be considered a trick or a treat, but I would drop Greg Davis off at the door step...head first.

I would consider that a treat.

KW, Dallas D-Bags - Do the ol' flaming bag trick but instead put smores ingredients in the bag. After they step on the bag and discover the contents I bring out a small crying child and explain to the step-or that my nephew was trying to do something nice for the NCAA, and the only way to make it better is to go to a playoff system.
I approve!

KS, DonkeyStyle - Donkeys, all donkeys to everyone, all the time...
At least you pick and theme and stick with it.

JN, Naked Bootleggers - Reinstate Dez Bryant and punish USC for it's illegal shenanigans.
There is no trick to knowing the rules and not lying, but it would be a treat if the NCAA ever dropped the hammer on USC.

JHo, Demons - Candy bars.
Traditional... I can get with that.

CJ, Beelzebubbles - AS a treat I would like them to put a BEEP in my BEEP, so that the BEEP can really really enjoy a little BEEP. Don't get me wrong, I like a little BEEP in my BEEP but the BEEP doesn't really BEEP it that BEEP.
If you want a little ting in your tang tang, then try Big or Rich's door.

CC, Novacain - Here's a neat trick that would be a treat for all fans of college football: there should be one weekend a year set aside for the Conference Challenge (note: flashier name needed). SEC teams would be matched up against say Big 12 or Big 10 teams by order of finish the previous year. This would create some compelling early season games and reduce the number of creampuffs that a team can schedule. It would also give us a better read on relative conference strengths for the pollsters.
I'd like to see what the SEC commissioner and member schools would think of that plan.

DW, Bevo XIV - Trick for teams on Texas remaining schedule: we've been running the opposite offense of what we know will work, we've just decided that we'd rather be boring and predictable than call plays that will actually exploit your weaknesses. When you face us now, you will feel the Greg Davis wrath!
Nebraska felt it... now watch out 'Bama!!

JC, Justin's Team - For Matt Barkley, a package of Goobers
*pew pew pew* [holster]

A-C, Amy/Carrie's Team - I'd like for the league and its member institutions to treat me to a ride home. How'd I end up on their doorstep?
haha! wait...

RK, BlitzKrieg - I would tell John Swofford and Jim Isch that their fat little girlfriends are going to be seriously inconvenienced when the only undefeated teams going into the bowl season will be Texas and a couple of non-BCS schools. As non-BCS teams, I suppose they need to make their points more compelling than their fat little girlfriends.
In October/November, this was pretty damned funny.

GN, Ferments-A-Lot - I want to treat the NCAA with the ability open their eyes and the strength to drop the hammer hard on schools that foster cheating.
Not as funny as Rich's, damnit.

KH, Mr. Smokey Pants - I would go dressed as Jim Mora with a bullhorn.
You know why KW's answer beat yours? Because his scored more points.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

P-F09: Week 15 Card

NFL Week 15 Card:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

P-F09: Week 14 Results

blog post updated 12/8/09 10:54 AM

NCAA Scorecard

Congrats to our NCAA Pick'em Contest Winners!
#1. Bevo XIV - 115
#2. Justin's Team - 112

Week 14 NCAA Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 14:
Midway through Saturday, the after 'Bama covered to be exact, Dave became the 2009 Pick'em Dash Football NCAA Contest winner. Justin notched a 7, which was enough to hold off Kirby, who would have needed an 11 to claim some "Dr. Peppers."

Congrats to the both of you... I mean, I wish I won, but if there were two guys this year that I would rather win than myself, you would at least be in the top 19.

The breakdown of winnings are as follows:

BevoXIV - 125 Dr. Peppers
Justin's Team - 50 Dr. Peppers

Well done guys, and a hand clap to the rest of the field for a good year.

Bowls start December 19th, so I'll be furiously working this weekend to craft a Bowl Pick'em Card. Since that thing is typically a beast, I may revert back to the Excel format for the card and then paste it into a Google form for us to follow the results. This way you guys won't have to sit down and do the whole thing at once. Deal?

Weekly Winner(s): CC, RK (2nd straight week) (10) +3 points
NCAA dubs (10+): CC, RK (10)
Bonus Question: "The BCS Championship Matchup will be..." Unless you are a "double zero-gate" person or a fan of mid majors, you have recognized that 'Bama and the Horns will meet up in Pasadena. Correct entries were received from: GN, KH, KS, GF, CG (avoided the jinx), JN (+3).
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field

NOTE: I think I may still owe some bonus points from some questions. I'll audit the bonus points and update you guys if I make any changes. Remember, the bonus points will give you an advantage in the Bowl Pick'em Contest.

NFL Scorecard

Week 14 NFL Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 14:
The NFL contest is far from over folks, although Kirby may be wishing it over. Jon made a big move toward the top with 10 of 15 picks this week, vaulting him from 4th to 2nd, but still 6 points behind the leader. That is a stout lead Kirby, who also picked 10 of 15 this week... expect the jinx this week.

Weekly Winner(s): KW (13) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): 13 people last week, one dude this week. KW (13) +3 points
Bonus Question: "Vince v. Manning" VY finally lost, but to a fairly respectable undefeated Indy team: KW, DW, KW, KZ, GF, JHa, CG, BD, JN, DB. +1 point
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field

Monday, December 7, 2009

He Almost Predicted the Right Score

In his defense, I think they were showing "Brian's Song" on the Jumbotron.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

P-F09: Week 13 Wrap-up Email

I hope everyone had a great/relaxing/fulfilling/delicious Thanksgiving...... or at least that Kyle has recovered from his self induced Turkey-coma, aggie loss, Beaver's Ice House food baby, and massive hangover from our night at Petrol Station and some dive bar (where his fantasically bearded pot-head friend tried to convince me that he understood competition and the effects of steroids in sports better than myself... and I believe in music too, but seriously, this guy knew nothing of competitive sports... and like, seriously seriously, no one can bullsh!t on either side of a topic for hours drunk like I can... but I'm available late evenings for anyone who would like to try...... oh crap, where was I?)

Ah yes, turkeys, aggies, and whatnot. Earlier in the week I posted a love letter written by an aggie on (a great fan site btw, just not my cup of tea... I use it more for fodder for emails and blog posts). I have since gone back and added my comments to the letter. Thank you aggies for being so lovable.

While on the subject of taunting, I added a dig at the sooners. TTU's drubbing of that broken team made me a little happier inside... Schadenfreude. (apologies to Jon, who is a good Dallas native and sooner, if there is such a thing).

Catching up on some open ended bonus question results, I posted the responses to the Week 12 NFL ( there anything different about Titans/Texans) and NCAA (Name Your Drink) questions and retro-added the points. The Name Your Drink post turned out great. I could have cleaned that up and put it up on Thanks for great responses!

Week 14 will mark the end of the NCAA Pick'em Contest. It will be an interesting week for Dave (107) and Justin (105). In order to create a full card, there will be Thursday NCAA games. Be on the lookout for the card tonight. In the past we've had a gentleman's agreement here that for the final week that those in contention for a money spot (#1 or #2) cannot resubmit their cards. Keep this in mind if your name is Dave, Justin, Kirby (101), or Kevin (100).

Five weeks still remain in the NFL Pick'em Contest. That gives plenty of time for the field to catch up to Kirby, who surprisingly is able to spend a lot more time researching picks since the end of October. Are you really changing diapers? One more really good week and you can expect the jinx bonus question.

My records show that everyone has paid their $25 entry but KW, GF, JHo, and DB. Please let me know if my records are incorrect.

I think that covers it... peace.


The worst part about that post-Thanksgiving dinner
nap isn't waking up in some border town with no shoes,
money or identification, but sensing things might have
been different if only *you* had won the wishbone pull.

P-F09: Week 13 Turkey Weekend Results

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NCAA Scorecard

Week 13 NCAA Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 13:
Kirby's run may have fizzled in the NCAA contest, but Dave and Justin are both live for the #1 and #2 spots at 107 and 105 points respectively. An outstanding week by Kirby or Kevin could steal the #2 spot. For the record, #1 and #2 are money positions.


Weekly Winner(s): RK (10) +3 points
NCAA dubs (10+): RK (10)
Bonus Question: "Your team has an OC position opening. Do you take Charlie Weis or Mark Mangino? You'll be scored on your reasoning, not the choice." Post & Points upcoming
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field

NFL Scorecard

Week 13 NFL Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 13:
VY is a freaking winner. Brett Favre... I can't deny - winner. New Orleans... maybe not historically, but this year - winner. Kirby? Kirby freaking missed the deadline on two picks and is still winning by 5. Winner.

Weekly Winner(s): DW (14 - nawice) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): No one scored in the single digits. Easy week? KW, GF, RH, JHa, CJ, BD, RK, JHo, DB (12), GN, KZ, JN (13), DW (14), +3 points
Bonus Question: "Picks... Vegas style: New England @ New Orleans -3, o/u 56.5" It would be a pain in the arse to copy all your picks here, but interestingly enough, most of you had either the under (total was 55) or the Saints (Saints covered big time). Here are a list of the points that were added: AN (2), GN (2), KW (4), DW (2), KH (4), CC (2), KS (2), RH (2), JHa (2), CJ (4), CG (2), BD (4), JN (2), RK (2), JC (2), JHo (2)
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field