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P-F09: Week 18 NFL Card

NFL Week 18 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 17 Results

blog post updated 12/29/09 4:13 PM NFL Scoreboard Week 17 NFL Wrap-up Point summaries for Week 17: Kirby probably feels like Jim Caldwell right now. He's locked up #1. He can start thinking about the playoffs now. He can rest his inner Peyton Manning. Weekly Winner(s): JN (12) +3 points NFL dubs (12+): JN (12) +3 points Bonus Question: "Best present ever?" LINK TO POST Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field

Week 17 NFL Bonus – Best Present Ever

I kept this question kind of ambiguous. Below is your interpretation and answers. Answer convention: Game Initials, Team Name – Present My comments Bonus Points (0-4 points available) CJ, Beelzebubbles – No doubt about it...1975 a Dallas Cowboy bike with a banana Seat that had the Cowboys star covering it. The Handlebars had blue and silver metallic streamers coming from them, and attached to the handlebars a Dallas Cowboy back pack with a Too Tall Jones Jersey inside and a Drew Pearson t-shirt. My mom said she had tried to find me a Roger Staubach jersey but wasn't able to...Funny that may have been 1975, but if I got the very same gifts today I would be just as excited!!!! The greatest gift my parents gave me in 1975 was the gift of life. Your present is pretty awesome though too. +4 points JN, Naked Bootleggers – 24 month beer of the month club membership. Oklahoma has some weird beer distribution laws so my selection is limited and because of this my wi

2009 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Post (Pre-Xmas Games)

This is it boys and girls. I'll be updating this post throughout the bowl season with the results as they unfold. The bowl card is a beast... click the picture to bring up a larger version. (card removed and moved to newer bowl post ) 12/19 3:36PM Update: I worked furiously through the #2 Texas vs. #10 North Carolina bball game to get the bowl card put together. Congrats to those of you who filled out the beast and got in on the contest. Your chances of winning are 1 in 15 instead of 1 in 20, due to some missing cards. Of course, Dave predicted the perfect card, so your chances may not be that great if your name isn't Dave. 12/19 3:56PM Update: Not only is this game kind of a boring kickoff to the bowl season, ESPN's production is a little crappy. Maybe they are just getting warmed up. The bowl tradition was quite strong... you could pretty much sit where ever you wanted at the stadium. 12/19 7:30 PM Leader Board Update Game : New Mexico Bowl - Albuquerque, NM - Universit

P-F09: Week 17 Card

NFL Week 17 Card: Official Form Printable Card

NCAA branding

Yet another unsolicited blog from the maverick J.R. Ewing. I look at the NCAA and see a serious marketing/branding issue. I think they recently hired a PR guy...they should have just hired me, all solutions to their problems will be revealed. But first, a message from our sponsor. If you're looking for the NFL Card, look no more: Week 16 NFL Card Ask Sirron sometime why it's Week 16, when the NFL has only had 15 weeks, he loves that one. But back to the task at hand. The NCAA is missing the boat on a lot of things, not having a playoff is probably one, but there are two much more obvious ways I shall outline. 1) Bowl Game names So it occurs to me as I watch the New Mexico Bowl and the St. Petersburg Bowl. Who is naming these things? I understand how sponsorships drive the bowl revenue, and that in tight times, cities are stepping up as primary sponsors (as the primary beneficiary of the tourism revenue). But they can still do better. Below, I outline "broken"

P-F09: Week 16 NFL Results

NFL Scorecard

P-F09: Week 16 Card

NFL Week 16 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 15 NFL Results

blog post updated 12/16/09 8:27 AM NFL Scorecard Week 15 NFL Wrap-up Point summaries for Week 15: Maybe it takes a week for the jinxes to start working. Kirby had submitted his picks before all of the jinxes were in. Until then, he still is smoking the field. Amy/Carrie has taken a hold of the #2 spot. Weekly Winner(s): A-C, DB, GF (13) +3 points NFL dubs (12+): AN, KW, KH, CC, KZ (12), A-C, DB, GF (13) +3 points Bonus Question: "Kirby is leading by 6 points over the nearest competitor. It's time for the annual bonus question jinx. How will Kirby blow his lead or how will you make an amazing comeback?" LINK TO POST Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field

P-F09: Week 15 Results - The Kirby Jinx

Kirby is a good dude. In fact, he deserves to win this competition as much as any of us here. He's also got a rich tradition of domination in the early years of Pick'em… and then a long period of blowing. Kinda like Notre Dame, except he doesn't have his own TV contract. All we ask is a couple of bad weeks. That ain't too much to ask. Below are the jinxes, the bonus points you earned, and my subjective reason for assigning that point value. Answer convention: Game Initials, Team Name – Jinx My comments Bonus Points (0-5 points available) JN, Naked Bootleggers –Kirby in his attempt to be cocky will not submit a card scoring the minimum 6 points, believing that his nearest competitor cannot possibly pick 12+ winners and steal the league from him. Kirby *can* be a cocky mthrfkr sometimes… oh wait, that's me. +3 points KW, Dallas D-Bags – Kirby will make the classic mistake of calling Terry Bradshaw to aid in his football picks. But what Kirby doesn't

P-F09: From the Archives - OMG, Week 9 Bonus Results (Halloween)

It is Halloween and you are on the doorstep of the football offices of the NCAA. Choose any trick or treat that you would like for the league or any of its member institutions. Answer convention: Game Initials, Team Name - Trick or Treat My comments Bonus Points (0-5 points available) JHa, I Will Beat Bob and Gary - Depending on your perspective, it could be considered a trick or a treat, but I would drop Greg Davis off at the door step...head first. I would consider that a treat. +3 KW, Dallas D-Bags - Do the ol' flaming bag trick but instead put smores ingredients in the bag. After they step on the bag and discover the contents I bring out a small crying child and explain to the step-or that my nephew was trying to do something nice for the NCAA, and the only way to make it better is to go to a playoff system. I approve! +5 KS, DonkeyStyle - Donkeys, all donkeys to everyone, all the time... At least you pick and theme and stick with it. +3 JN, Naked Bootleggers - Reinstate

P-F09: Week 15 Card

NFL Week 15 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 14 Results

blog post updated 12/8/09 10:54 AM NCAA Scorecard Congrats to our NCAA Pick'em Contest Winners! #1. Bevo XIV - 115 #2. Justin's Team - 112 Week 14 NCAA Wrap-up Point summaries for Week 14: Midway through Saturday, the after 'Bama covered to be exact, Dave became the 2009 Pick'em Dash Football NCAA Contest winner. Justin notched a 7, which was enough to hold off Kirby, who would have needed an 11 to claim some "Dr. Peppers." Congrats to the both of you... I mean, I wish I won, but if there were two guys this year that I would rather win than myself, you would at least be in the top 19. The breakdown of winnings are as follows: BevoXIV - 125 Dr. Peppers Justin's Team - 50 Dr. Peppers Well done guys, and a hand clap to the rest of the field for a good year. Bowls start December 19th, so I'll be furiously working this weekend to craft a Bowl Pick'em Card. Since that thing is typically a beast, I may revert back to the Excel format for the card and then

He Almost Predicted the Right Score

In his defense, I think they were showing "Brian's Song" on the Jumbotron.

P-F09: Week 14 Cards

NCAA Week 14 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 14 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 13 Wrap-up Email

I hope everyone had a great/relaxing/fulfilling/delicious Thanksgiving...... or at least that Kyle has recovered from his self induced Turkey-coma, aggie loss, Beaver's Ice House food baby, and massive hangover from our night at Petrol Station and some dive bar (where his fantasically bearded pot-head friend tried to convince me that he understood competition and the effects of steroids in sports better than myself... and I believe in music too, but seriously, this guy knew nothing of competitive sports... and like, seriously seriously, no one can bullsh!t on either side of a topic for hours drunk like I can... but I'm available late evenings for anyone who would like to try...... oh crap, where was I?) Ah yes, turkeys, aggies, and whatnot. Earlier in the week I posted a love letter written by an aggie on (a great fan site btw, just not my cup of tea... I use it more for fodder for emails and blog posts). I have since gone back and added my comments to the letter

P-F09: Week 13 Turkey Weekend Results

blog post updated 12/1/09 10:10 AM NCAA Scorecard Week 13 NCAA Wrap-up Point summaries for Week 13: Kirby's run may have fizzled in the NCAA contest, but Dave and Justin are both live for the #1 and #2 spots at 107 and 105 points respectively. An outstanding week by Kirby or Kevin could steal the #2 spot. For the record, #1 and #2 are money positions. NEXT WEEK IS THE LAST WEEK OF NCAA PICKS! :( Weekly Winner(s): RK (10) +3 points NCAA dubs (10+): RK (10) Bonus Question: "Your team has an OC position opening. Do you take Charlie Weis or Mark Mangino? You'll be scored on your reasoning, not the choice." Post & Points upcoming Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field NFL Scorecard Week 13 NFL Wrap-up Point summaries for Week 13: VY is a freaking winner. Brett Favre... I can't deny - winner. New Orleans... maybe not historically, but this year - winner. Kirby? Kirby freaking missed the deadline on two pic