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Week 17 NFL Bonus – Best Present Ever

I kept this question kind of ambiguous. Below is your interpretation and answers.

Answer convention:
Game Initials, Team Name – Present
My comments
Bonus Points (0-4 points available)

CJ, Beelzebubbles
No doubt about it...1975 a Dallas Cowboy bike with a banana Seat that had the Cowboys star covering it. The Handlebars had blue and silver metallic streamers coming from them, and attached to the handlebars a Dallas Cowboy back pack with a Too Tall Jones Jersey inside and a Drew Pearson t-shirt. My mom said she had tried to find me a Roger Staubach jersey but wasn't able to...Funny that may have been 1975, but if I got the very same gifts today I would be just as excited!!!!
The greatest gift my parents gave me in 1975 was the gift of life. Your present is pretty awesome though too.
+4 points

JN, Naked Bootleggers
24 month beer of the month club membership. Oklahoma has some weird beer distribution laws so my selection is limited and because of this my wife last year got me a 24 month membership to beer of the month were I get 12 micro-brews selected from the finest breweries in the US every month.
You've got a good one there… don't let her go.
+4 points

JHa, I Will Beat Bob and Gary
Vince Young's touchdown run against USC.
I remember that present. VY got me that Xmas '05 too.
+4 points

KW, Dallas D-Bags
A Texas A&M Winning Football season with a win against Baylor, Tech and UT and a win in a bowl game. It doesn't matter the actual record, but these criteria will need to be met.
And that is what it feels like to be an aggie, folks.
+3 points

JHo, Demons
Atari video game system.
Are we talking 2600? I played the sh!t outta that thing.
+4 points

AN, The MotherLoad
Has to be my Cabbage Patch Kid that my Uncle Art got me when the craze was at its all time high. Got screwed from my dad's mom who got every other grandchild a CPK but not my brother and I, saying that she thought we had one. Oh yeah right, hardly anyone in the US could get them but my brother and I had one before Christmas.... LIAR . Okay so not over it (found out this year my mom still isn't over it either). Very close second my USA Olympic Curious George doll. Total surprise and it looks just adorable in my son's room. Who doesn't love Curious George! He's a monkey for the love of God, just adorable!
I had a CPK doll… I'll admit it. I also had a Pound Puppy. What?
+4 points

BD, Bob's Bobcats
Many years ago...... A pair of socks and a women and both of them were too big for me !!!
As long as you remembered to put a "sock" on it.
+4 points

KS, DonkeyStyle
I think that guy with camera and reverse peep hole in the hotel already gave us that.
Kevin scores on yet another EA reset.
+4 points

JC, Justin's Team
Ticket to my first nfl football game. Ok, so it was the cowboys (my parents are big fans), but it was a playoff game, which was sweet.
Was any one here alive when the Cowboys *won* their last playoff game? ;)
+4 points

CC, Novacain
My parents and sister coming to Germany so I don't have to spend Christmas alone in a hotel room :) what I'd really like: a Saints Super Bowl victory!
Trip to Germany: $1368… Saints Super Bowl victory: Priceless
+4 points

DW, Bevo XIV
Yellow Huffy bike (approximate age 10). I mean, besides Jesus 2009 years ago.
It's cool because Jesus was born in the summer anyway.
+4 points

A-C, Amy/Carrie's Team
Skateboard when I was like 10. It had fluorescent pink and yellow lightening bolts... so awesome.
Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Coasssssst.
+4 points

KZ, Suck It #15
A brand new Jeep Wrangler that I got for passing geometry when I was failing! take that dad :).
…but Kimsey isn't spoiled folks.
+4 points

CG, 12 Nat'l Championships
Twin boys - we found out on the 23rd. Holla!
Holy crap. Congrats… and, um, holy crap.
+4 points

KH, Mr. Smokey Pants
Apple 2GS… BAM!
The 2GS was a mean machine, yo.
+4 points

GF, Six Six in Shoes
52z8lz <a href="">gxjefuonsoce</a>, [url=]nlcfmphvtwlv[/url], [link=]orpveinujdmu[/link],
WTF Gary?! All I know is that I'm not clicking those links.
+2 points

RK, BlitzKrieg
Originally, I thought Millen getting fired would be the best gift ever. Unfortunately, I now have to watch the bastard every Saturday afternoon and Thursday night during football season.
It's amazing the respect that guy gets in the business, despite how much it seems like people hate him.
+4 points

GN, Ferments-A-Lot
This year, I want the same as my present in 2005, which was my favorite gift ever. I promise not to open it until late night on Jan 7th (instead of Jan 4th like before)

+4 points


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