He Almost Predicted the Right Score

In his defense, I think they were showing "Brian's Song" on the Jumbotron.


  1. To be honest why there is Tebow backlash. Networks to include CBS, ESPN and ABC put so much praise on this guy, it's too many eggs in a basket. Similarly, Fox wonders why nobody watches a Philly/Tampa World Series when they showed their games about 2 times during the regular season, while the Mets, Red Sox, Yankees, and Cubs played about a zillion games. If anybody besides an NFC East team makes the Super Bowl, people are going to wonder why nobody watches. It's because you feed us ad nauseum guys like Tebow, A-Rod, Jeter, Romo, and McNabb, then lament when McElroy, Longoria, Rollins, Roethlisberger, and Warner make the BCS/World Series/Super Bowl. It's because fans haven't seen them on National TV the whole season.

    That, and for me, it was the Tebow promise that was allegedly etched in stone. Well, put an asterisk by it, no matter how hard he played, he still lost by 19 pts (only because they stopped a 2 pt conversion).

  2. "Old School" Dave, (and I am trying to get that nickname to stick... I think it fits better, and let's be honest, "Longhorn" just sells yourself short... you are much more than that... and to complete Phase 2 of my nicknaming, I will need a list of email addresses of all your friends and coworkers.... thank you)

    I agree for the most part with 80% of that comment. But here is the 20% deal. Tebow is, in fact, a d-bag. If he wasn't a great (yes Kimsey I said it), great college QB....... he'd still be a first class d-bag.

    I'm not saying this just to be a hater. He's a d-bag. How about the McCoy/Bradford 2008 Heisman weekend stories. Dude seriously, if you can't be friends with two of the most annoyingly likable guys on the planet, something is not right.

    -Just Sayin'

  3. I agree, there's something off with him. Not getting along with Colt and Sam should be a red flag. And the bawl-fest after the game, there are times to be a man and step up and offer congrats w/o having to do it between whimpers.

    Maybe the polar opposite is Leinart, who can't even really remember who won the game during the postgame interview.


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