P-F09: Week 14 Results

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NCAA Scorecard

Congrats to our NCAA Pick'em Contest Winners!
#1. Bevo XIV - 115
#2. Justin's Team - 112

Week 14 NCAA Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 14:
Midway through Saturday, the after 'Bama covered to be exact, Dave became the 2009 Pick'em Dash Football NCAA Contest winner. Justin notched a 7, which was enough to hold off Kirby, who would have needed an 11 to claim some "Dr. Peppers."

Congrats to the both of you... I mean, I wish I won, but if there were two guys this year that I would rather win than myself, you would at least be in the top 19.

The breakdown of winnings are as follows:

BevoXIV - 125 Dr. Peppers
Justin's Team - 50 Dr. Peppers

Well done guys, and a hand clap to the rest of the field for a good year.

Bowls start December 19th, so I'll be furiously working this weekend to craft a Bowl Pick'em Card. Since that thing is typically a beast, I may revert back to the Excel format for the card and then paste it into a Google form for us to follow the results. This way you guys won't have to sit down and do the whole thing at once. Deal?

Weekly Winner(s): CC, RK (2nd straight week) (10) +3 points
NCAA dubs (10+): CC, RK (10)
Bonus Question: "The BCS Championship Matchup will be..." Unless you are a "double zero-gate" person or a fan of mid majors, you have recognized that 'Bama and the Horns will meet up in Pasadena. Correct entries were received from: GN, KH, KS, GF, CG (avoided the jinx), JN (+3).
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field

NOTE: I think I may still owe some bonus points from some questions. I'll audit the bonus points and update you guys if I make any changes. Remember, the bonus points will give you an advantage in the Bowl Pick'em Contest.

NFL Scorecard

Week 14 NFL Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 14:
The NFL contest is far from over folks, although Kirby may be wishing it over. Jon made a big move toward the top with 10 of 15 picks this week, vaulting him from 4th to 2nd, but still 6 points behind the leader. That is a stout lead Kirby, who also picked 10 of 15 this week... expect the jinx this week.

Weekly Winner(s): KW (13) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): 13 people last week, one dude this week. KW (13) +3 points
Bonus Question: "Vince v. Manning" VY finally lost, but to a fairly respectable undefeated Indy team: KW, DW, KW, KZ, GF, JHa, CG, BD, JN, DB. +1 point
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field


  1. By my unofficial count, KH and KS can't catch me due to the win tonight and/or common picks.

    I extend my lead to 3 over JC with the Beavs (I love Beavers) with six games in disagreement. So he'll need to go 5-1 to nip my a$$.

    Disagreements are (DW vs. JC)
    ECU vs. UH
    USC vs. AZ
    Bama vs. Fla
    FAU vs. FIU
    Clem vs. GT
    HI vs. Wisc

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhyCL-ELRxg


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