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P-F11: Week 14 Cards

updated 11/30 /11 10:58 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 14 Form NCAA - Week 14 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 14 Form NFL - Week 14 Printable Card

Week 9 NFL Bonus: Vince Young is the Greatest of All Time

Week 9 NFL Bonus: Vince Young is the G.O.A.T. VY will be the Greatest "Next Vince Young" of All Time - Ferments-A-Lot Cat Power - The Greatest Vince Young is a polarizing sports star. His play is sometimes ugly and sometimes downright absurd, but occasionally his play is awe-inspiring. We could argue what the real VY is for years (we have), but there is no sane argument that VY wasn’t one of the greatest college football players of all time. VY’s win/loss record as a starter in college is 30-2. In the NFL, VY’s record as a starter is 31- 17 18. If Chris Johnson was the reason for all those wins, then why didn’t Kerry Collins win with the same team in the same year? VY just wins. I’m a fan, but I can’t explain it. All I know is that VY probably isn’t NFL Hall of Fame bound, so while once the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) in college football, he’s not destined for G.O.A.T. status in the pros. Being that VY inexplicably wins at everything, what is VY’s next G.O.A.T

P-F11: Week 13 Results

last updated 11/28/11 11:08 PM  NCAA Just one thing. A cash grab complication. ¡Gooooaaaaaallll de los Horns! Scoreboard... everlasting. Cash Run (Biggie + Tupac + White Stripes) 2011 Week 13 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard NFL 2011 Week 13 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

P-F11: Week 13 Cards

updated 11/23 /11 2:41 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 13 Form NCAA - Week 13 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 13 Form NFL - Week 13 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 12 Results

updated 11/22/11 10:00 AM NCAA 2011 Week 12 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard GameDay Sign Suggestion Bonus: I asked you to submit a clever GameDay-ish sign to celebrate ESPN's visit to the lovely U of H campus. Here's what you guys submitted. Northmen (ANo) : "Eat 'em up Corso!" +3 Ferments-A-Lot (GN) : 'Did ESPN Gameday come to your High School? I don't think so. RESPECT." Cougar High jokes don't get old, just saying. +4 BevoXIV (DW) : "Who knew SWC >> Big 12?" It's not. +4 Mr. Smokeypants (KH) : "Fowler likes the shocker" Classy, er I mean classic. +3 Mad Bomber (KZ) : "Chunk the deuce" I'm Paul Wall, Swishahouse baby, Houston Tex Live from the gridiron, I'm on the grind, collectin checks. +5 BlitzKrieg (RK) : "Keenum. Haven't seen him? Drink a Case of beer and watch him throw. This system QB is worthy of Heisman row." A rhyme? Are you

P-F11: Week 12 Cards

updated 11/17 /11 11:38 AM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 12 Form NCAA - Week 12 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 12 Form NFL - Week 12 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 11 Results

last updated 11/15/11 8:19 PM The Week That Is: Combo post this week. Below are your scorecard links to follow along as the action unfolds. NFL Sunday Afternoon Kickoffs Tim Tebow > Kansas City Chiefs. Tim threw 2 passes, but it's all about the W baby. Elongated throwing motion // Tim Tebow > Cam Newton? I'm not saying, I'm just saying the Panthers lost to the Titans today. Not good. // Vick lost again. You know you like that. // The Texans don't seem to need Mario Williams. If they re-sign that bum, one or two of you in this league will have to hear my drunken Mario rant at a bar this off-season. // Two of you guys were up on the Seahawk win over the Ravens. I'm going to need to see you in the commissioners office. // Dallas kicked ass. So what's the truth? Bills = pretenders or Cowboys = for real. // Atlanta beat themselves in OT. Who dat anyway. // Former Longhorn Colt lost again... because of former Longhorn Phil Dawson's missed FG. I can

NCAA Football Watching Guilde for 11/12/11

This is one of those weeks. I'll be setting up a small cooler, gathering a few snacks, and putting on a Team Umizoomi marathon in the kids room. Daddy is going to watch some football. When I get an uninterrupted football weekend at home, I put together a TV guide to make the most of my watching experience. So if you'd like to take a Nielson-ish look at where my 4 living room TVs an computer will be tuned to, check out my guide below. ncaa-on-tv--2011-11-11 Early Games: Main TV (sound on): #21 Texas @ Missouri I make no apologies here. The young Longhorn team plays a somewhat underrated 4-5 Missouri. The Tigers have a strong, balanced offensive attack, one of the best RB's in the league (from Texas), and a legit dual thread QB. Texas is most likely without their #1 RB and #1 WR. Oh who am I kidding, I'd be watching this game if it was Texas-Southwest Missouri Tech. One question though: IF the Horns win, at what point does only having losses to the #2 and #6 teams

P-F11: Week 11 Cards

updated 11/9 /11 10:46 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 11 Form NCAA - Week 11 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 11 Form NFL - Week 11 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 10 NFL Results

updated 11/8/11 8:50 AM 2011 Week 10 NFL Card (v1.0)-1 Week 10 NFL Bonus wagers: P-F11 Week 10 NFL Bonus (NFL Card Wagers) Leaderboard:

P-F11: Week 10 NCAA Results

updated 11/6/11 11:58 AM Yeah but what if the regular season didn't mean anything? What then? That's right. Opine if you'd like, but how awesome was it for the LSU/Bama and KSU/Okie State games to be going on simultaneously? Two great games to watch. Totally different styles of football. (That's why I want a playoff.) Whether you prefer a simmering tempo, perfect for canoodling your 80s lover or some street soldier trill love, I think there are a place for both in this world. UGK vs. Wham! - International Whisperer's Anthem The only clear advantage between the two games were the announcing booths. Give me Musburger and Sh!tstreet any day over Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson. (Did Mr. Miyagi ruin that name? Seriously, even my spell checker wants to change it.) Not sold on Herbie? Watch him keep his cool when an earthquake hits Oklahoma after the Okie State game (5 seconds into the video). I wonder if Kirk prefers Wham! or UGK. Did the

P-F11: Week 10 Cards

updated 11/3 /11 10:14 AM GOOD LUCK!! "worst day ever" NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 10 Form NCAA - Week 10 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 10 Form NFL - Week 10 Printable Card