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NCAA Football Watching Guilde for 11/12/11

This is one of those weeks. I'll be setting up a small cooler, gathering a few snacks, and putting on a Team Umizoomi marathon in the kids room. Daddy is going to watch some football.

When I get an uninterrupted football weekend at home, I put together a TV guide to make the most of my watching experience. So if you'd like to take a Nielson-ish look at where my 4 living room TVs an computer will be tuned to, check out my guide below.

Early Games:
Main TV (sound on): #21 Texas @ Missouri
I make no apologies here. The young Longhorn team plays a somewhat underrated 4-5 Missouri. The Tigers have a strong, balanced offensive attack, one of the best RB's in the league (from Texas), and a legit dual thread QB. Texas is most likely without their #1 RB and #1 WR. Oh who am I kidding, I'd be watching this game if it was Texas-Southwest Missouri Tech. One question though: IF the Horns win, at what point does only having losses to the #2 and #6 teams in the BCS seem pretty reasonable for a #10-#15 ranked team. Heck, even for a team in the Top 10. Does Virginia Tech lose to OU and Okie State. Absafuckinglutely. Not getting ahead of myself, but just saying.
The Rest:
(It's no coincidence that I can tune into 5 games at a time and there are no more than 5 games on the card in any time slot.) Can Tech channel some of that blow-u magic for okie-lite? Probably not, but it's worth a spot on the card. CBS checks in early with an SEC game of some significance. ESPN2 graces us with the usual craptastic Big Ten 11am game. Aaaaand there is the Nebraska/Penn St game. I think we can all agree that fk'ng corn cobs >>>>>>> touching children. Go corns.

Midday Games:
Main TV (sound on): Texas A&M @ #17 Kansas St.
It will be nice next year when I won't care about the aggies, but I've watched or listened to more of these games than a lot of aggies have. This season has been really fascinating for them. Because of homeostasis, I predict that A&M will not suck enough to blow this game, KSU will return to being a middle of the road team, and then KSU will beat Texas. This is how it has always been.
The Rest:
Washington/USC. Next. Does the average fan care about Auburn vs. Georgia? Do both of them being ranked matter? Some of you SEC honks (and Tim Brando) will probably argue how great this midday CBS game is, but I'll file this one in my "Aggie Band Performance" folder. (Hint: that's the one where fans will go on forever about how awesome something is despite the reality of it being no more interesting than its counterparts). I'm giving TCU-Boise a TV, but you know I'll only be checking to see if Boise is losing. Finally, the two games running on the computer (ESPN3) may be good. To me, they are as interesting as that SEC game on CBS. I hope one of those 3 are close, because they'll probably replace the aggie game when I get tired of watching purple.

Late Games
Main TV (sound on): #6 Oregon @ #3 Stanford
If this game is all field goals, then I'm going to fire up the ps3. When are those NCAA sanctions ever going to hit Oregon for cheating? I'm pulling for Luck, even though he's missing 2 of his top 4 targets.

The Rest:
What?! No LSU vs. Western Kentucky? Sorry tigers, this one didn't make the card and probably won't make the TVs. Apparently Fox is showing some UFC. I'm not big into the sport, but this is getting a TV. As for the rest of the football games, this is the portion of the night where I realize Chumlee's Banditos (KP) is going to pull another 12 of 15 picks. It's also usually the time where I'm pulling for 2 random teams so I can finish the week with 6 or 7. Do you guys know that KP knows nothing about college football? Inconceivable.


  1. Nice. It's true I don't know anything about college football....just make the picks based on a website that uses supercomputers to simulate each match up 100 times. I configure it with weather conditions, players who are active/inactive and other parameters and presto I pick the team that is predicted to cover the spread. Obviously its not 100% accurate but its not too shabby as you can tell....and no I won't be sharing the website with y'all. Have fun watching the games. Hope Penn state Burns down...bunch of heathens over there!


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