P-F11: Week 10 NCAA Results

updated 11/6/11 11:58 AM

Yeah but what if the regular season didn't mean anything? What then? That's right.

Opine if you'd like, but how awesome was it for the LSU/Bama and KSU/Okie State games to be going on simultaneously? Two great games to watch. Totally different styles of football. (That's why I want a playoff.)

Whether you prefer a simmering tempo, perfect for canoodling your 80s lover or some street soldier trill love, I think there are a place for both in this world.

UGK vs. Wham! - International Whisperer's Anthem

The only clear advantage between the two games were the announcing booths. Give me Musburger and Sh!tstreet any day over Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson. (Did Mr. Miyagi ruin that name? Seriously, even my spell checker wants to change it.)

Not sold on Herbie? Watch him keep his cool when an earthquake hits Oklahoma after the Okie State game (5 seconds into the video).

I wonder if Kirk prefers Wham! or UGK.

Did the curses work? (I guess it would help if I would post those.) Check it out below.
Pickem-Football.com 2011 Week 10 NCAA Card (v1.0)

Prop Bet Bonus:

P-F11 Week 10 NCAA Bonus (LSU-Bama Prop Bets)


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