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P-F11: 2011 NFL Playoff Challenge

post last updated 1/22/12 3:00 PM It's post season time. Be honest with me, you can't say the word "playoffs" in your head without saying "PLAYOFFS!" (Jim Mora style). Be honest. h/t J.R Ewing (a.k.a. Bevo XIV a.k.a. DW) in comments below. Speaking of J.R. Ewing, which reminds me of Dallas, which reminds me of wannabe Los Angeles, which reminds me of that West Coast "sound," DJ Quik did as much to mold West Coast hip-hop as Dr. Dre. Thought you should know. And, while not an old school DJ Quik song, this new school one has an NFL vibe. DJ Quik - Rise To Glory (Featuring Bizarre & E.S. Posthumus) Left click to enlarge, then right click, "View Image" Last updated 1/22/12 9:43 PM WEEK 1: Screw Houston or New Orleans, it is the year of the Tebow, until further notice. Week 1 Score Update : If I refer to you as KSc, SS, or GN, then you probably wish you had joined the quarter plus

P-F11: 2011 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Open Post, Pt 2

LEAGUE NOTES: 12/31/11 2:31 PM Update: This is a continuation of the previous post. I will no longer update the card on Part 1 of this Bowl Pick'em Challenge. However, if you want to relive the excitement, mouse click on this here highlighted text . 1/7/12 3:37 PM Update: IT'S OVAH!! Congrats to Large Donkey IPA (KSc). Let's go bowling!! ( treat at 0:57 ) The bowl card is a beast... click the picture to bring up a larger version. Left click to enlarge, then right click, "View Image" Last updated 1/10/12 9:37 AM Bowl Games 19-23 of 35 Meineke Bowl - Houston, TX - Reliant Stadium December 31, 2011 11:00 AM Texas A&M Aggies 33, Northwestern Wildcats 22 Sun Bowl - El Paso, TX - Sun Bowl December 31, 2011 1:00 PM Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 27, Utah Utes 30 Kraft Hunger Bowl - San Francisco, CA - Candlestick Park December 31, 2011 2:30 PM Illinois Fighting Illini 20, UCLA Bruins 14 Liberty Bowl - Memphis, TN - Liberty Bowl Memorial

All-Time Winners List (P-F11 Update)

This is the annual refresh of the all-time regular season contest winners. Chumlee's Banditos (KP) (rookie) broke the all-time picking percentage record. 13 National Championships (CG), a six year P-F veteran, finally got his first regular season win. click to englarge

P-F11: Week 18 - Final Results

post content last updated 1/1/12 6:47 PM UPDATE: CONGRATS TO OUR NFL WINNERS: #1 13 National Championships (CG) 176 #2 Naked Bootleggers (JN) 171 Let me lead with last week's bonus question. Against the spread bonus picks (Choose 1 for 2pts, 2 for 4pts, 3 for 8pts, 4 for 16pts. Any wrong answers yields 0pts) Games: Houston -6.5 / Indianapolis +6.5 N.Y. Giants +2.5 / N.Y. Jets -2.5 Philadelphia +1.5 / Dallas -1.5 Atlanta +6.5 / New Orleans -6.5 Winners: +4 points . Bevo XIV (DW) N.Y. Giants +2.5, Philadelphia +1.5 +8 points . 13 National Championships (CG) N.Y. Giants +2.5, Philadelphia +1.5, New Orleans -6.5 +16 points ! Chicainery (CCa) Indianapolis +6.5, N.Y. Giants +2.5, Philadelphia +1.5, New Orleans -6.5 2011 Week 18 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard Live-ish leaderboard below. Your Super Bowl picks (these points will be added to your final NFL Playoff Challenge total): Northmen (ANo) Green Bay Packers (2) Ferments-A-Lot (GN) Green