P-F23: NFL Playoff Challenge

Do you know what the most disappointing part of the NFL Playoff Contest is for me every year? It is when I realize this is the last contest, and once again, I squandered my chance to use the word "penultimate" to describe the SECOND TO LAST contest. Penultimate is objectively a better word than ultimate. Whatever. We did it, you guys. We reached Pick'em Dash Football's ultimate challenge (I know but stick with me anyway. You are likely still going to want to participate). Post-season contests are spreadsheet contests!!1! You'll get 200 points on the house and 1 to 35 points based on the random bonus points you've been collecting.  Some key reminders: Pick all 6 games on the card. You must wager at least 15 points on each game. You DO NOT need to use all your points. Submit your picks for the entire weekend prior to the first kickoff on Saturday. The only requirement is that I have your pick before a kickoff, but it makes sharing the scoreboard easier. Forgetti

P-F23: Bowl Challenge Scoreboard

It was Scenario #3 y'all... scroll down to see how we finished! It hurts to type these words, but congrats to -------------- "Pure Random" (CN).   -G* Most recently posted scoreboard: And for those of you who like graphs: 1/1/24 3:37 PM Update: Below are your scenarios for the P-F23 Bowl Challenge Playoffs Pick or whatever we'll end up calling this. The top 3 finishers will pick the CFP Final, with the 1st place having a point advantage on 2nd place and then the same for 3rd place. Scenario 1: Alabama/Texas 1. Bevo XV (DW) 2. Beelzebubbles (CC) 3. 18 National Championships (CG) Scenario 2: Alabama/Washington 1. Bevo XV (DW) 2. Pure Random (CN) 3. Astros! (AP) Scenario 3: Michigan/Washington 1. Pure Random (CN) 2. Bevo XV (DW) 3. Astros! (AP) Scenario 4: Michigan/Texas 1. Bevo XV (DW) 2. Pure Random (CN) 3. Astros! (AP) 12/20/23 11:24 PM Update: Going into the last day of the bowl challenge card, Beelzebubbles (CC), Bevo XV (DW), and 18 National Championships (CG) are

P-F23: Card and Scoreboard Links for the Year

These will be updated throughout the year. Bookmark 'em. CARDS : NCAA Weekly Card: NFL Weekly Card: SCOREBOARDS : NCAA Scoreboard: NFL Scoreboard:

P-F23: Choosing Wisely - Finding Pathways You Actually Already Know About Because You Are Reading This

This is a football pick’em contest. I know that, and you probably know that, but what if it was way more? Go straight to the registration page if you are more about picking winners than almost certainly probably changing your friggin life. Here is Your Four-Part Plan to The Best Outcomes in Life When digging up the courage to write this inspirational recruitment piece, I did what any of us would do given such an overwhelming task: I asked a chatbot. However instead of a four-part solution to making the best choices, she took me through an adventure down a well cleared path in a dense and mysterious forest. Almost immediately after embarking -- like after the first few trees on the edge of this dense forest -- a fork appeared. And just as it is always written, one path was well-trodden, bathed in warm sunlight, and adorned with vibrant flowers. The other path was -- and remember folks, I’m only a step inside the woods, and like, maybe just through some brush -- the other path was shrou

P-F22: Playoff Challenge Scoreboard

NFL Playoff Week 4 - The Super Big Game Thing 2/12/23 Final Update Congrats to Huntwick Hosers (KW)! 2/12/23 Pregame Update Our 2 leaders picked opposite sides, so this 2 team game is now a 2 man race to end our seasons. If the Kansas City Chiefs win, Huntwick Hosers (KW) wins If the Philadelphia Eagles win, Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK) wins One of them will join the other winners. NCAA Bowl Challenge Winner : Left Hand Scissors (GN)  NFL Pick'em 1st Place : Astros! (AP);  2nd Place : Bexo XV (DW) NCAA Pick'em 1st Place : A Northmen (AN);  2nd Place : 18 National Championships (CG) NFL Playoff Week 3 - Conference Championships 1/2 9/23 End of Week Update 1/29/23 Initial Scoreboard Scenarios: 49ers/Bengals AP  49ers/Chiefs AP Eagles/Bengals CG (and RH, CC, GF close) Eagles/Chiefs RK (and KW close) NFL Playoff Week 2 - Divisional Playoffs 1/22/23 End of Week Update: Our leader failed to pick, and AP, RH, and CG took advantage. In BK We Trust (RH) is our new leader. 1/21/23 Update: De

P-F22: Bowl Challenge Scoreboard

Final Update - 1/2/23 Winner: Left Hand Scissors (GN) Point Potential Update - 12/31/22 end of day Current Leader: Left Hand Scissors (GN) Point Potential Leader: Left Hand Scissors (GN) Point Potential Update - 12/30/22 end of day NEW Current & Point Potential Leader: Left Hand Scissors (GN) Point Potential Update - 12/29/22 end of day Current Leader: Astros! (AP) Point Potential Leader: Bevo XV (DW) Point Potential Update - 12/28/22 end of day Current Leader: Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK) Point Potential Leader: Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK) Point Potential - DW, RK, AP, and others overtake BO for the first time Update - 12/27/22 end of day New leader! RK Point Potential Leader: BO Point Potential Update - 12/26/22 end of day Update - 12/24/22 end of day Update - 12/23/22 in progress Update - 12/22/22 end of day Update - 12/21/22 end of day Update - 12/20/22 end of day Update - 12/19/22 end of day No change in the leaders after 1 more game. Bevo XV (DW) and 18 National Championships (CG) h