P-F23: NFL Playoff Challenge

Do you know what the most disappointing part of the NFL Playoff Contest is for me every year?

It is when I realize this is the last contest, and once again, I squandered my chance to use the word "penultimate" to describe the SECOND TO LAST contest. Penultimate is objectively a better word than ultimate. Whatever.

We did it, you guys. We reached Pick'em Dash Football's ultimate challenge (I know but stick with me anyway. You are likely still going to want to participate).

Post-season contests are spreadsheet contests!!1! You'll get 200 points on the house and 1 to 35 points based on the random bonus points you've been collecting. 

Some key reminders:
  • Pick all 6 games on the card.
  • You must wager at least 15 points on each game.
  • You DO NOT need to use all your points.
  • Submit your picks for the entire weekend prior to the first kickoff on Saturday. The only requirement is that I have your pick before a kickoff, but it makes sharing the scoreboard easier.
  • Forgetting to pick only costs you 15 points per game.
  • Every correct pick pays back what you wagered, and points carry over each week.
As we head into these final games, may the best strategist emerge victorious. Good luck and enjoy the playoff excitement and stuff!


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