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P-F14: Week 10 Cards & Scoreboard links

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 10 Form NCAA - Week 10 Scores NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 10 Form NFL - Week 10 Scores NO MEANS NO!

P-F14: Week 9 NFL Bonus - YOUR Mid-Season Update

Relax guys. New Orleans is going to be eaux kay, OK. And what is up with New Orleans fans having such high expectations anyway? Speaking of the Bears, have they ever not been who we didn't already know they were? I gave you guys a chance to steer the mid-season update, but most of you wanted me to talk about the Seahawks and Cowboys. Let me get this out of the way. Both of these teams are fine y’all. This isn't college football. Every. Game. Doesn't. Matter. The Cowboys are awesome though. I hope you all agree. Clearly they are WAY different from field to front office than they have ever been. Mark my words. The Cowboys will win a championship. The Cowboys will win a championship as soon as Jerry Jones tricks the NFL into having no more than one round in the playoffs. (Do you see what I did there? The Cowboys, for an almost an entire generation, have had a hard time winning playoff games.) What else. What else. Cold fusion is hot again. No it’s not, it’s dea

P-F14: Week 9 Cards & Scoreboard links

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 9 Form NCAA - Week 9 Scores NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 9 Form NFL - Week 9 Scores

P-F14: Week 8 Cards & Scoreboard links

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 8 Form NCAA - Week 8 Scores NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 8 Form NFL - Week 8 Scores

P-F14: Week 7 NCAA Bonus - What is more annoying than the Boomer Sooner song?

Life is full of annoyances. Single riders in the HOV lane. The little pieces of dry skin next to your fingernails. People whistling. Life is full of wonderful things too, such as college football. Marching bands (excluding the marching part) are one of the many reasons why the college football experience is better than its professional counterpart. Many universities have iconic fight songs that can get the crowd excited with only the first few notes of the song. But not all these fight songs are created equal. Some are boring and repetitive, especially the ones played ad naueum after every play past scrimmage, every penalty, or every time Stoops makes the toad face. The University of Oklahoma put as much creativity into their fight song as God put into building Stoops' chin. Here is how you create such an annoying song. Step 1: Steal Yale's song, Boola Boola. Is their anything more appropriate for a school that identifies with illegally stealing things? Maybe if they

P-F14: Week 6 NFL Bonus - Is It Time To Count Out Touchdown Tom?

The Patriots got spanked and yanked in P-F Week 5 at Kansas City. So when is it OK to count out Touchdown Tom? YES. IT'S TIME TO COUNT OUT TOUCHDOWN TOM. "Yup. Curse of the Ugg Boots endorsement. That's what you get, douche." - The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC) I wasn't aware of this curse. Marky Mark is screwed too I guess. But also, this answer is wrong. You never count out Touchdown Tom. +1 "Yes. I think he is Too Old Tom now." - Lost Cause (JH) Speaking of shoes, you can be too old for Toms, but this answer is incorrect. Don't count him out. +1 "As Don Meredith would sing 'turn out the lights...the party's over...'" - Bevo XIV (DW) Do not play that song. Do not count him out. +1 "That's Tommy. And if those freaking receivers would just catch the damn ball we wouldn't be having this conversation. Wait, what's that Giselle, you've got to shower and go. Oh okay, now she's gone. Yeah, he's d

P-F14: Week 7 Cards & Scoreboard links

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 7 Form NCAA - Week 7 Scores NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 7 Form NFL - Week 7 Scores

P-F14: Week 6 Cards & Scoreboard links

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 6 Form NCAA - Week 6 Scores NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 6 Form NFL - Week 6 Scores