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P-F14: Week 6 NFL Bonus - Is It Time To Count Out Touchdown Tom?

The Patriots got spanked and yanked in P-F Week 5 at Kansas City. So when is it OK to count out Touchdown Tom?


"Yup. Curse of the Ugg Boots endorsement. That's what you get, douche." - The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC)
I wasn't aware of this curse. Marky Mark is screwed too I guess. But also, this answer is wrong. You never count out Touchdown Tom. +1

"Yes. I think he is Too Old Tom now." - Lost Cause (JH)
Speaking of shoes, you can be too old for Toms, but this answer is incorrect. Don't count him out. +1

"As Don Meredith would sing 'turn out the lights...the party's over...'" - Bevo XIV (DW)
Do not play that song. Do not count him out. +1

"That's Tommy. And if those freaking receivers would just catch the damn ball we wouldn't be having this conversation. Wait, what's that Giselle, you've got to shower and go. Oh okay, now she's gone. Yeah, he's done." - Brazos Street Big Sticks (KH)
Hot, but wrong. +1

"They (Belichick and Brady) have reached their potential. If he was smart he would count himself out and spend the next 5 years shopping for lingerie with his hot ass wife before Belichick cans his butt for a younger QB. One thing Belichick has proven, he will dismiss anyone without remorse...I doubt Brady will be any different." - Say My Name (RB)
He's Touchdown Tom and thus will never count himself out. +1

"Yes" - Drop it like it's Watt (KZ)
No. +1


"Who" - Gig'em (AP)
He's the New England Patriots' QB. He's really good, and something you may not know, he was drafted as a 6th round compensatory pick. +2

"We have to get ready for Cincinnati" - Beelzebubbles (CCo)
As long as in doing so y'all don't count him out. +2

"It is all relative. If you don't care that New England loses, then no, don't count him out. If you do care that New England loses then yes, count him out." - Dirt Burglars (DT)
You do you, but don't count him out. +2

"Give him a flippin offensive line and no. But if they keep jumbling up the line, he is finished." - 93bronco (GF)
But not out, right? +2

"Should have resigned some of his weapons and kept weapons way from the other weapon (Aaron Hernandez)" - Naked Bootleggers (JN)
Touchdown Tom is an uzi. +2

Maybe they should start Giesel? - AccidentChild (MN)
Giesel has never counted out Touchdown Tom. +2

"Was that ever really not a consideration?" - I Hate Donkeys (KS)
Well it wasn't never a consideration. +2


"Never" - Reckless (AK)
Correct! +4

"He's still hotter than all the other quarterbacks." - Team Wink (A-C)
Kinda correct. +3

"Brady is better than at least 80% of the starting QBs. Who is he throwing to? Where is the O-Line? The running game can't hold back the D-line from blitzing either. It's not the end of Brady as a great QB, but thank goodness it's the end of the Patriots and Belicheckism." - The Gurus (ANe)
100%, never count him out. +4

"One bad game isn't time for panic. And to quote Mrs. Brady her 'husband can't do all the fucking jobs' (pretty language from a pretty lady)." A Northmen (ANo)
...which translates to "never fucking count out Touchdown Tom." +5

"While Brady's play has declined somewhat, the bigger factors appear to be his woeful offensive line and a lack of quality targets." - chicainery (CCa)
Precisely Watson. Count out those dastardly villains, but never Touchdown Tom. +4

"Negative. The golden horseshoe still rests comfortably up his ass." - 15 National Championships (CG)
That's right! Wait, what? +4

'No he will quit when he sucks and that's not the case! He needs a new line!!" - cactie (DCo)
Tom may never count out Touchdown Tom +4

"Brady goes off today. 3 scores!" - Dean's Mediocre Picks (DDa)
Two, but I feel you not counting him out. +4

"Any leader when surrounded by underperforming and inexperienced slackers cannot meet corporate goals. Oh wait, that's me. Tom will be fine." - Swampdogs (DR)
Ha. +4

"No, he will get back to form. Maybe not 2009 form but he wont be EJ Manuel as well." - Pimp Possee (JB)
Just so we are clear, you still shouldn't count out Touchdown Tom. +4

"He's way too dreamy to be counted out. He just needs a little Ron Washington action to get his head right." - Turn Down for Whats (KW)
Or did Ron Washington get a little Touchdown Tom action? +4

"Being a Texan fan, I'd still give up a first rounder for him today, so I guess not yet." - HackerHorn (MF)
Future Bonus Question: What would you give up for a week AS Touchdown Tom? +4

"No having a rough year and slowly degrading but it't not like he is done. As much as I wish he was." - Peyton's Ponies (MM)
Your heart may hate, but put your money on Touchdown Tom. +4

No. They'll figure out their OL and get him some weapons eventually. This is exactly the type of kick in the ass they needed to prove that an investment in the O is needed. - BlitzKrieg (RK)
Touchdown Tom has been down, but never (counted) out. +4

While topical for this week's bonus question, this bit is done much better by the guy who invented the Touchdown Tom moniker.

Check out this and other Breaking Madden episodes, which are all a special kind of awesome.


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