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P-F11: Week 9 NFL Results

updated 11/2/11 10:13 PM When you are done Tebowing, you can check out the... 2011 Week 9 NFL Card (v1.0)

P-F11: Week 9 NCAA Results

updated 10/29/11 11:24 PM I guess those Chumlee jinxes haven't kicked in yet. 2011 Week 9 NCAA Card (v1.0)

P-F11: Week 9 Cards

updated 10/27 /11 1:55 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 9 Form NCAA - Week 9 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 9 Form NFL - Week 9 Printable Card

Weeks 6 & 7 NFL Bonus Question: Are You Ready for Some Football

The opinion seems nearly unanimous that the MNF intro is irrelevant. However, I’m surprised that given the high level of production most big sporting events get these days, introductions in general usually suck. Come to think of it, most television shows have uninspired intros as well. However, if you flip on the NFL Network, I think you could cut a segment out of just about anything NFL Films puts together and it would be the best intro to a game that the NFL has ever seen. That is my suggestion, but you guys had some other ones. Northmen (ANo) Are you ready for some football? Yes. +1 Suggestion for new MNF introduction song : I'm not a huge fan of the man (maybe one or two songs) but what about Toby Keith. He has the same tone as Hank. Otherwise I stick with my original pick of Big and Rich because they would KILL for country. Commissioner comments : Don’t qualify your love for Toby Keith. I bet he’d kill for plenty of stuff too, or maybe even for no reason. Folks, don'

P-F11: Week 8 NFL Results

updated 10/27/11 10:59 AM OMG guys. I'm just starting to reset after yesterday's Independence Brewing anniversary party. And I'm pretty sure I came home and watched Tech beat Oklahoma. appears to confirm that memory. (That extra celebratory beer was probably not necessary.) Streaker High Five The pay-for-play league scorecard is below. 2011 Week 8 NFL Card (v1.0)-Scorecard Other league stuff... Perfection is Hard I've did a quick search through the archives, and while I found some talk about perfection, I'm fairly certain that we've only had one person ever have a perfect card: Northmen (ANo). And she's done it twice. AND one was a perfect weekend (NCAA and NFL). Mr Smokeypants got Flacco'ed out of a perfect NFL card this week. But then again, who hasn't been Flacco'ed once or twice in their life? This year, Gig'em Baby (AP) still holds the top NFL scor

P-F11: Week 8 NCAA Results

updated 10/25/11 2:00 PM So, This Happened Go Independence Brewery!!! 7th ANniversary wooooooooooooo!!1! Enj0y!!1! view weak8 ScoRecarrd                                                                                                    And If You Thought I Missed This ...then you were only partially right. The day and evening were spent "sampling" (behind the taps, b/c that's how I roll there) the product at a wild Independence Brewery Anniversary party. Before the night was over, I discussed bathrooms with some of the band (and reminded them to not bring their drinks in there ), took a picture of my meat pie (what?), and went to a movie at Alamo Drafthouse. Some may choose to criticize my decision, but since I had no issues writing my beer order with those tiny golf pencils in a dark theater, I think I was OK for some more. Thanks to a rain delay, I got to do all that and still catch the completion of Tech ruining OU's season. I r

P-F11: Week 8 Cards

updated 10/19 /11 11:38 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 8 Form NCAA - Week 8 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 8 Form NFL - Week 8 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 7 NFL Results

updated 10/20/11 1:39 PM Are you ready for some football? Yes. I have started the bonus question post... I promise. But "Yes" was the correct answer. The Top. Take a look at the top of the standings (posted below). More than half of the teams are still in this thing. Watch out Gig'em Baby (AP), we be comin'. 2011 Week 7 NFL Card (v1.0)-Scorecard

P-F11: Week 7 NCAA Results

updated 10/20/11 1:32 PM What is going on? Don't ask me. I didn't watch a lick of college football this weekend (except for the completion of the dirt burglar sweep in Austin). I heard some stuff though.  I heard the aggies are pretty good. I suppose it is possible that Baylor isn't really that good. But for those of you that love to hate on the aggies, I counter with this: Boom! Roasted. Still not buying in? Apparently Tannehill and Swope are fishing buddies too. AAAAAhahahahahahahaaha. Remember how funny those fishing buddy jokes are? Ha Ha Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAa! Yeah, I don't get it. I was just laughing because you were. I noticed some stuff and then Googled it later. Really Gamecocks? 14-12? How do you not cover against Texas A&M Mississippi State?!? I missed the pick. Others lost a collective $30 Million Dollars because you took an intentional safety at the end of the game. I've got my eye on you. Chumlee's Banditos (KP) posted a pedes

P-F11: Week 7 Cards

updated 10/12 /11 10:47 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 7 Form NCAA - Week 7 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 7 Form NFL - Week 7 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 6 NFL Results

updated 10/11/11 10:16 PM R.I.P. Al Davis The Elvis of NFL owners.  A superstar in his youth, and punchline at his death. @GaryDrossel 2011 Week 6 NFL Card (v1.0)-Scoreboard

P-F11: Week 6 NCAA Results

updated 10/9/11 12:09 PM What an indescribable Saturday. I think ou just scored again. Das Racst - hahahaha jk? 2011 Week 6 NCAA Card (v1.0)-Scoreboard Vandy was the correct bonus question answer. Congrats to those who disrespected Mr. Smokeypants (KH) with that pick. Aw damnit, it looks like ou just scored again.

NCAA Football TV Watching Guide 10/08/11

If ou embarrasses Texas this weekend, then my schedule will look something like this: Otherwise, this: ncaa-on-tv--2011-10-08

P-F11: Week 6 Cards

updated 10/06 /11 9:09 PM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 6 Form NCAA - Week 6 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 6 Form NFL - Week 6 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 5 NFL Results

updated 10/04/11 11:12 PM Missed Sunday? Let me recap. Texans get Foster, lose Johnson, break Big Ben in win. Devin Hester triple somersaults his way to the NFL record for punt returns. Daaaa Bears. Dwayne Bowe and the Chiefs got Gus Johnson'ed. The Bills got their first loss. Colt McCoy threw 61 passes, but to who? The Browns suck worse than the Titans. Romo pulled one of the greatest Romos of all time. Sam Bradford's shoulder 2.0 gets tested with seven sacks, and Redskins get Rams'ed. The Dream Team loses to the '9ers. Saints pick up another W in their tour of the AFC South. In the battle of the birds, Falcons > Seahawks. Giants get an ego boost in comeback win over winless Arizona. Tom Brady is great at any hair length. Packers... are awesome. San Diego didn't get to see their team beat the crappy Dolphins because of blackout rules. Sanchise Romos the Jets from a win. Hank Williams Jr. accidentally country'd his way out of mainstream media, and someon

P-F11: Week 5 NCAA Results

updated 10/3/11 10:37 PM Let's keep the SEC party going. WHOOOOOOP! Lost in the Sauce is Not the Way They Planned It: Have you ever thought you had something? Not just anything though, something really special. With the stakes high, you double down on your excitement. Then, before the betting is closed you go ahead and mortgage a future excitement and put that all down too. That's a good feeling. Until you lose. That must be what it felt like to be Aggie this weekend. It reminds me of this Devin the Dude song. Devin the Dude - Lil' Girl Gone (featuring Lil' Wayne & Bun B) Little girl gone somewhere out done stranded Can't nobody find her and they don't understand it She was raised good can't blame her parents Lost in the sauce is not the way they planned it Devin's got this great track, he writes a fairly catchy hook, then he goes for the slam dunk by enlisting not one, but two of the best "featuring" rap ar

NCAA Football TV Watching Guide 10/01/11

See you guys after the UCLA/Stanford game!!1! ncaa-on-tv--2011-10-01