P-F11: Week 5 NCAA Results

updated 10/3/11 10:37 PM

Let's keep the SEC party going. WHOOOOOOP!

Lost in the Sauce is Not the Way They Planned It:
Have you ever thought you had something? Not just anything though, something really special. With the stakes high, you double down on your excitement. Then, before the betting is closed you go ahead and mortgage a future excitement and put that all down too. That's a good feeling.

Until you lose. That must be what it felt like to be Aggie this weekend.

It reminds me of this Devin the Dude song.

Devin the Dude - Lil' Girl Gone (featuring Lil' Wayne & Bun B)
Little girl gone somewhere out done stranded
Can't nobody find her and they don't understand it
She was raised good can't blame her parents
Lost in the sauce is not the way they planned it
Devin's got this great track, he writes a fairly catchy hook, then he goes for the slam dunk by enlisting not one, but two of the best "featuring" rap artists in the game at the time.

Devin: Ok Weezy. This is a song about how kids' lives don't always turn out like you expect, depsite you doing all you can as a parent.
Lil' Wayne: Swag. Young Money. Cash Money. Eh em.
Ok I'm talking bout a
Good girl gone bad
Crooked world wrong pad
Right mom wrong dad
Devin: Whoa Young Stunna. Remember dude, "she was raised GOOD can't blame her parents."
Lil' Wayne:
I sing this song mad but not mad enough to shoot you
But it just eats me up like some bbq from Luther's
Devin: H-toooown! (but yo, I think Pappas bought out Luther's)
Lil' Wayne:
Trust me I know what I'm sayin'
You will end up on the track of an oncoming train
Stuck in the passenger seat
Trying to do the fast lane
Devin: Alright Mr Make-it-rain-on-them-hoes. Good work, I suppose. Bun here?

Bun B: RIP to the Pimp.
Well once upon a time there was a mom and a dad
Who on the outside had everything people wished they had
A beautiful daughter two story house two car garage
And a white picket fence wrapped around the front yard
Devin: That's trill, but we are on the 2nd verse and you are kind of starting all over with the story.
Bun B:
See daddy was a doctor
And mommy was a banker
Mommy's job got outsourced
So now mommy's drinker
Devin: Aww, c'mon maaiinn!
Bun B:
Daddy had a malpractice suit
Now he's a snorter
And all this shits takin place
right in front of their daughter
Devin: CUUUUT!! For the love of drank! "Can't. Blame. The. Parents."
Bun B:
Caught in the middle of two wrongs trying to do right
Looking for answers alone in the darkness of night
That shit ain't tight
Nevermind. This is 100 year song anyway.

Pickem-Football.com 2011 Week 5 NCAA Card (v1.0)-Scoreboard

No, how *YOU* doing?

Bonus Question:
We have 5 games on the card featuring matchups between undefeated teams. Correctly pick the winner (straight up) of all five games to win this week's bonus points.

Winners, and still undefeated: Kansas State, Clemson, Texas, Alabama, and Wisconsin.
Winners, and still good looking: Ferments-A-Lot (GN) and BlitzKrieg (RK) +6

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