P-F11: Week 8 NFL Results

updated 10/27/11 10:59 AM

OMG guys. I'm just starting to reset after yesterday's Independence Brewing anniversary party. And I'm pretty sure I came home and watched Tech beat Oklahoma. ESPN.com appears to confirm that memory. (That extra celebratory beer was probably not necessary.)

Streaker High Five
The pay-for-play league scorecard is below.

Pickem-Football.com 2011 Week 8 NFL Card (v1.0)-Scorecard

Other league stuff...

Perfection is Hard
I've did a quick search through the archives, and while I found some talk about perfection, I'm fairly certain that we've only had one person ever have a perfect card: Northmen (ANo). And she's done it twice. AND one was a perfect weekend (NCAA and NFL).

Mr Smokeypants got Flacco'ed out of a perfect NFL card this week. But then again, who hasn't been Flacco'ed once or twice in their life?

This year, Gig'em Baby (AP) still holds the top NFL score when he submitted a 15 of 16 NFL card in Week 2. Speaking of Gig'em Baby, he lost the top spot on the leaderboard to BlitzKrieg this week. Half the league is still in this race, though.

Most of us not only got Flacco'ed out of the MNF pick, but we also got Flacco'ed out of 3 bonus points.

Bonus Question: Ugh, another sorry ass MNF game. Pick against the spread (3 points, if correct)
Baltimore -8.5
Jacksonville +8.5
(score Bal 7, Jax 12)

Props to KW, DW, RK, CW. All who felt a little less Flacco'ey on Tuesday morning.

Look y'all, I'm not trying to say Tebow is a good QB, but he did lead his team to an improbably last minute victory. That's worth a kiss. Right?

Dude's got VY potential. Just saying.


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