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Nastypiece Theater - Week 5

When you merge bigger/stronger/faster athletes and the digital age, you get what I am going to make a recurring segment: Nastypiece Theater. This week, we have the Jet's Eric Smith (accidentally) going helmet-to-helmet on the back of Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin. Smith earned himself a 1 game suspension for the hit.

Week 5 NFL Standings

Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 5 NFL Scorecard

No double digit scores (everyone scored between 6 and 9!)... Chris edges out Amanda by tie breaker.

Week 5 NCAA Standings

Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 5 NCAA Scorecard

Well, I'd say this was a pretty good week for college football... but for *my* picks... ugh, this week wasn't so spectacular. Props to Rich who rocked a 12 of 15... dude missed as many picks as I got right *sigh*

Oregon St. 27, (1) USC 21

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww

Week 5 Card

For all my blog reading peeps... here's a leak of the card the night before it gets emailed. CLICK HERE FOR THE WEEK 5 CARD Early bird deadline is Friday at noon. -G*

My Week 4 Notes

I didn't do a lot of TV watching this weekend, so I did a lot of internet trolling for stories and ESPN watching. I kept some notes as I went along, so this is like a version of live blogging of my weekend football catch-up... or at least a recap. Vandy is ranked! #21! Kirby has got to be still drunk from the celebration. Where was my drunk call? I think BYU just scored again. Recruit? Whoooooops! Is it really possible to be as void of talent as tamu seems to be and be a school in the state of Texas?!? Apparently so. Eh... USC. Forget the Big East, Big 11, or ACC... could USC go undefeated and still be left out of the BCS championship game?? The Mountain West has walloped the PAC-10 so far. I don't know about you guys, but i sure am glad the mars polar cap mystery was solved *whew * Mmmm... dislocated kneecap. Dating tips from Coach Leach? Aaaarrrg! Greatness! Do the Titans need VY? How bad is the Titan's offense anyway? How

Week 4 NFL Standings

Movers and shakers view: Sorted standings view:

Week 4 NFL Scorecard

...and the Week 4 NFL winner is... the newlywed... nice picks from overseas Kyle!

Week 4 NCAA Standings

Movers and shakers view: Sorted standings view:

Week 4 NCAA Scorecard

Late night update from Austin. It was a 5-way tie for the win, with Kirby edging it out with the tiebreaker.

Week 4 Picks...

... as of entries received by 1AM Saturday morning, but at least you guys have something to play along at home with.

Week 4 Card

I'm not sure if everyone in the league has electricity, but here is the Week 4 Card... we'll see how this goes. CLICK HERE FOR THE WEEK 4 CARD Early bird deadline is Friday at noon. -G* ------------------------------------- I can sit and watch my cat play with a ball of string for hours. It takes so little to amuse his tiny brain! -------------------------------------

Week 3 NFL Standings

Below is the debut of the NFL Standings Chart. Stay tuned for the Week 4 Card... I'll get it out later today.

Week 3 NFL Scorecard

Novacain took the league by storm this week, sweeping both contests. He scored 11 of 15 in the NFL Pick'em and won by tiebreaker. Well done Cain. No-pickers and low-pickers received a FEMA-aided 7 points this week.

Week 3 NCAA Standings

Below are two graphs, one sorted by last weeks standings to show who the movers and shakers were and one resorted by score to show the current standings. Enjoy. Standing before the resorting: Week 3 Standings:

Week 3 NCAA Scorecard

Below is the NCAA scorecard for this week. Novacain was a man among boys this week scoring 12 of 14. Just as a reminder, the FEMA-aided scores were all 7 and above this week (i.e. no-pickers and low pickers all got at least 7).

Ike Carumba

I see a few of you have been to the website over the past few days. Sorry for the delays. I'm going to start rolling out the results and the Week 4 Card today ASAP. FEMA has ensured that the lowest score for Week 3 and the upcoming Week 4 will be no lower than 7, since many of you have had power problems.

Week 3 Card

Huge shout out to Kyle this weekend... no, not for scheduling a wedding on the Texas/Arkansas weekend... not for making all the beer for his reception... not for the unlucky timing of the wedding being during a potential hurricane evacuation... and of course, not for making me best man for the sole reason of making sure that I actually attend the event. Congrats to Kyle for out kicking his coverage and making sure to get that locked down. You da man... or something. Oh yeah dude, and don't let the big day be an excuse to forget to send your card. CLICK HERE FOR THE WEEK 3 CARD -G* ---------------------------------------------------- When I was back in college it was thrilling to see a woman's bra hanging from my doorknob. But now that I've been married for several years, it's kind of lost its luster. Now it just means the damn door isn't going to close properly. ----------------------------------------------------

NFL Pick'em: Week 2

Week 2 Thoughts... Wow... The Texans got reminded they are the Texans... VY got injured... Brady is out for the season... the Colts got smacked by the da Bears... they are definitely on a down slide. And what about the suck-itude of the Raiders? Nice franchise you have there Al Davis. Click below to see the final scorecard for the week.

NFL Pick'em: Week 2 Final (delay)

Crap! I left the pick'em spreadsheet (or the hard drive) at work. I'll update the scores and post the scorecard tomorrow (Tues) morning. Bleep. -G*

Week 2

HOORAY !!!! College week 2 is over. Outside of ECU smacking Weak(st) Virginia, this week was lame!!! Thank goodness for BEER!!!! I was beginning to think the ACC was worse than the Big Easy, but Weak Virginia proved that the Big Easy is still the worst BCS conference in the land.

How Do I Stack Up?

I'm glad you asked... here's a little chart I'll keep updated as we go along.

NCAA Pick'em: Week 2 (semi-live)

I'm sitting at home at the moment, so this week I'll do a little live blogging during games. 10:33AM: I'm still missing cards from 3 people... but I'm posting everything up anyway. What is up with the lack of good games today. Blah. Only about 30 more minutes of Kirk Shitstreet. 10:38AM: ESPN College Gameday has been teasing an Erin Andrews appearance... her appearance will improve the show tenfold. 10:54AM: TiVo saves marriages, raises better children, and has healing powers. I'm 16 minutes behind now, but I did catch Erin Andrews (who possesses 2 of the 3 powers listed above). 12:37PM: Ugh... how are all the games on TV right now involving the Big 10? Beer is helping me get through this relative football boredom. 12:45PM: In glass half full news... at halftime, Michigan is playing like crap, the Cheese are only leading Marshall by 3 (after going down by 14 to open the game), and Ohio State is losing to Ohio University... sweet. 2:11PM: Woohoo! The big eleven pul

Week 2 Card: RedDot-gate

Sooo... I was out of the office with my laptop today and got the word of the mysterious red dot on the NFL picks. I downloaded a copy, fixed the error, and then reposted the card. Unfortunately the crappy M. D. Anderson public wifi signal isn't strong enough for me to transfer a file. Meanwhile twos and twos of you guys were unsuccessfully trying to download the card from the website (cool! I didn't know anyone used that feature!). RedDot-gate quickly turned into Download-gate. Where are we now? We are good... I think. What was the problem in the first place? 1. I usually create the card drunk 2. There is a difference with the way that Excel 2007 (with which I create the cards) deals with conditional formatting vs. the old version of Excel. Because I was switching between the two during testing, I bleeped up the formatting. I've got both versions here at work and have tested the card to work in both. What happens to my Early Bird bonus point? T-minus 4.5 hrs and counting (

Week 1 Thoughts, League Results

Recap time... since Gary kicked it off, let's start with his (surprisingly good) observations from week 1. (Gary is in blue ) What have we learned this first week. USC is legit. Ok... not profound, but you are just getting warmed up... but, pretty good call... USC is on top of the polls now. This will not be South Carolina's breakout year Maybe Vandy will lick Smelley's Gamecocks tonight. I follow the SEC (in that SEC fan won't stop talking about his conference), but when is this elevated expectation of the *other* USC going to finally silence? ACC still sucks. Maybe worse than the Big Eas(y)t Good observation. Tennessee still will only play for one half of a game Oh man... not more SEC talk... well as long as that is all we are going to do. LSU is no Michigan What the sec?! Ok... True... LSU *is* no Michigan... Michigan has a reputation for academics too. Louisville vs Kentucky was not a Sunday primetime game. Wasn't even close to a Thursday game or even a DirectT

Week 2 Card

Hopefully everyone survived Week 1. You're probably feeling good if you are a 'Bama fan. You're probably also feeling good if you are an.......... Arkansas State fan. Hey, we even got an email from Gary this week! And I think I understood every word of it too! For Week 2, we welcome the NFL contest. Don't forget to hit the "NFL" tab on the spreadsheet and do those picks as well. The NFL games are picked straight up (no spread, 'aight Crystal?) CLICK HERE FOR THE WEEK 2 CARD -G* ------------------------------------------- Past experience tells me a hung-over John Hancock turned to his wife on the morning of July 5th and said, "I signed WHAT?!?" -------------------------------------------

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