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Nastypiece Theater - Week 9

This "weekly" segment finds its roots again with this awesome hit.

Week 9 Notes

ESPN Gameday Will Be In Lubbock That got me thinking, I wonder what the record is for Gameday appearances for 1 team in a year. That's 3 for Texas now. My guess is the SEC is the only other conference that may have a team with 3 appearances in a year. Anyone know? (I think I pulled this text from Deadspin) Sick of Colt McCoy yet? Too bad. You are getting more this upcoming Saturday as UT visits Lubbock, Texas for what is likely the biggest game in the history of Tech football. And of course ESPN GameDay will be there. It’ll be the third UT game in 4 weeks for Chris, Lee and Hollywood Herbstreit. Is it even possible for McCoy to not win the Heisman after all this press? USA Today says forget it, he is the winner. Unless…It’s Colt McCoy’s world and likely his trophy, unless Texas falters this weekend to Graham Harrell’s Texas Tech team. ... Speaking of Colt McCoy His girlfriend has been showing up on television a lot recently (whenever they show the requisite shot of Colt's dad

Week 10 Card

it's nearing noon on wednesday, so I better get this puppy out. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WEEK 10 CARD

Week 9 Overall - Kelli Kup Standings

Chris' lead shrunk a little thanks to the collective jinxes. Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 9 NFL Standings

Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 9 NCAA Standings

Movers and shakers view. Sorted view... still a MJH coup on the top of the standings.

Week 9 NFL Results

Amy/Carrie pulls off a Pick'em sweep! Double 11's... how 'bout them apples? Congrats... I guess since I called you trash last week you guys used that as bulletin board material for this week. The Titans Are Still Undefeated Who will lose their zero first? The Titans? The Lions? The Bengals? I think I have next week's bonus question. (No one correctly picked New Orleans to score the most points, so bonus points shown are final)

Week 9: The Jinx

Sorry Chris, but you are kicking our collective asses and something had to be done. Your NCAA picks were just TOO good. In fact, I would swear that you are cheating somehow if I didn't paste your picks into the card myself. So what else was there to do but do a little voodoo. And it seems the jinx may have worked! Your pedestrian 6 of 15 in the Week 9 NCAA contest is just what us 2nd tier NCAA pickers needed to feel like we are still in the game. Let's hope for a couple more similar weeks. I mean, good luck dude (and I do mean good luck... no... seriously... good luck). Before I get to the various jinxes and the bonus points scored, it seems I need to explain the point system again. After announcing *my* favorite response to my wife Saturday night, I got yelled at for like 5 or 60 minutes about how its not fair that whoever sends the response that I like the best, even if it's an inside joke, always wins. So here is a clarification: the open ended bonus questions are judged

Week 9 NCAA Results

...and the Week is over... Texas is still #1 (for one more week at least), the aggies got a win (nice BB Kirby), Michigan has fallen so far that I forgot to put the Mich/Mich St game on the card, Les Miles.. er.. maybe should have gone to Michigan, we had a Sunday night NCAA game, and Amy/Carrie pulled off a win by the tiebreaker. Oh yeah... Chris Cain *is* mortal... the collective hex of the league has worked. (bonus points updated)

How About A Quick BCS Discussion

Does anybody *really* like this thing? I mean really. It gets the job done (most of the time), it includes everyone including the small guys (well, not exactly), it has guaranteed us a consensus national champion (oh wait, maybe not a consensus national champion), but it does let computers do a big part of the deciding (yeah!). And name a poll that is the most respected, least biased, and typically the most used to gauge the "ranking" of teams. The AP? Yeah, they aren't even part of this BCS crap anymore. But at least this mess is a hella good time to discuss! Eh, maybe not. Check out these mind mashing articles... and get out your calculators. The Nightmare BCS Scenario That No One Wants Is Starting to Take Shape Some BCS Doomsday Scenarios

Nastypiece Theater - Week 8

We are four or five weeks in to this segment, and I think the videos are leaning more on the silly side than the nasty side, but oh well. I'll make sure this segment doesn't forget where it came from....... but not this week. Check out this Iowa State player emerge from the smokey tunnel and run into the goal post. Aggies... you may have a chance this week.

Week 9 Card - The Leak

For all the Pick'em website trolls, here is your WEEK 9 CARD (before it gets emailed).

Week 8 Overall Standings - Kelli Kup

No prize here... only pride. This is why I have named the chase for overall pick'em points not after some of our greatest pick'em performances, but after the pride shown by Kelli when she stood up for right and wrong against the evil words of Kyle. Kelli Kup Standings - Movers and Shakers view: Sorted view:

Week 8 NFL Results

Movers and Shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 8 NCAA Standings

Movers and Shakers view. Sorted view. Whoa... it's an MJH top 4... there was a lot of talent in that class.

Week 8 NFL Results

What?! No one got the Cowboys pick right? But how about Rich's picks? RK correctly predicted Oakland would knock off the mighty Jets, which contributed toward his two point win over the field. Hey... and there is a new leader in the NFL contest *bow* (all weekly bonus points added)

Week 8 NCAA Results

Congrats to Justin for picking 11 correct, being the only person to pick in the double digits, and winning by 2. (all weekly bonus points added)

Week 8 NFL Bonus

It's baaaaaaack. Just like last week, if you want to score a bonus point for the NFL picks, just leave a comment to this post (make sure to include your name or team name somewhere so I know that you are you). The deadline for scoring is Tuesday at noon Central time. Again, this is totally an easy reward to those that troll through the website here.

Week 7 Overall Standings

No money here... only pride... Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Nastypiece Theater - Week 7

I couldn't really find a good clip from last week's games, so here is a little kid getting nailed by a kick. That's *always* funny. Kid Gets Nailed by Extra Point Kick | Viral |

Week 8 Card

Exclusive! The leak... Here's a link to the Week 8 card a day before it gets emailed.

Week 7 NFL Standings

Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 7 NFL Results

...through the Sunday night game... I guess God had a different plan for his Cowboys. Ew sacrilege! Sorry. I mean, go 'Cards?

Week 7 NCAA Standings

Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Colt McCoy... eh... who needs 'em

Sweet Lou...

Week 7 NCAA Results

uuuuuuummmmmmmmmm.... hook'em

Week 7 NFL Bonus

Wanna score a bonus point for the NFL picks this week? This is an easy reward to those that troll through the website here. Just leave a comment to this post (make sure to include your name or team name somewhere so I know that you are you). The deadline for scoring is Tuesday at noon Central time. Simple +1.

Week 6 Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts from some links I saved and notes I took after last weekend. This stuff was still sitting as a draft in my list of posts, so I figured I should clean it up and publish it. The Chase Does anybody find it a little amusing that Chase Daniel is keeping it classy by not ratting on the Cornhusker that spit in his face, but wasn't quite classy enough not to tattle on Nebraska by leaking the "story." Chase, you are looking a little hungry. Eat something. History Lesson (text from uwire) Vanderbilt is 5-0 for the first time in 65 years after beating Auburn for the first time in 53 years. Missouri won at Nebraska for the first time in 30 years, handing the Huskers their worst home loss in 53 years. (That 1955 season was filled with action, huh?) Illinois became the first visiting team in 17 years to score at least 45 points at Michigan Stadium. Bret Bielema, Wisconsin's third-year coach, lost at home for the first time. The Rams are Breakin' Re

Week 7 Card

Before we get to the card, I have a few administrative items to get out of the way. I don't know if you've noticed, but we've had 2 dropouts this year (and this time they had nothing to do with Kyle accusing them of being rap... um, er, never mind). So now we are a happy group of 18. I'm assuming since the remaining 18 of you are still around at Week 7, then you're in this for the long haul. So now it's time to talk about that entry fee. A few of you have already paid (thank you), but the majority have been putting off the task. Despite the current economic crisis, trust me, your $25 is safe in the Pick'em bank. You can pay in one of two ways: Paypal ( Email me and i'll send an invoice) or Check And without further ado... the Week 7 Card (click to download) . ------------------------------------------ Live each moment as if it were your last. Life becomes more enjoyable if you think you're about to die. ------------------------------------------

Week 6 Overall Standings

Wanna know how much ass you are or aren't kicking? Here's the debut of the bragging-rights-only Pick'em08 Overall Standings.

Nastypiece Theater - Week 6

This clip may have been more heartbreaking than bone breaking, but Sage's meltdown is my choice for this week's Nastypiece Theater. Enjoy *sigh*

Week 6 NFL Standings

Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 6 NFL Scorecard

Final update... we are all Novacain's beeeaaah.

Your Bailout Plan - Vote

Preface: It is time to vote on that bailout measure. Below are the full text answers given for our bonus questions. I couldn't find a poll widget that allowed me more than 10 voting options and it was hard to find one that allowed a lot of characters for each answer, sooooo... I had to use my commissioner's seat to do a little pre-screening of these things. 3 of the league's answers aren't in the poll, but are included below in text. If you *really* want to vote for one of the bailout plans not listed in the poll, you can "write in" a vote in the comment section of this post. Bonus Question: Since the Senate is revising the bailout bill, what would you like them to include that would benefit you directly instead of just Wall Street? (1 Pt for answering; 5 Pts max) Bailout Plans: (as submitted... in no particular order) A red hot poker up the rectums of Bernanke, Paulson, and the CEOs of Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan. A small slice of the pie for McCain if he p

Week 6 NCAA Standings

Movers and shakers view. Novacain domination view.

Week 6 NCAA Scorecard

Vander-friggin-bilt. Oh yeah, and maybe now is a good time to mention Chris not only won, but is picking 67% against the spread !

Jerry Jones takes a Shot

Since I'm not sure how many of you listen to sports radio 8 hrs a day, read the LA Times, or read John McClain's blog on the Chronicle, I'm going to share a little nugget I heard recently here on the blog. Regarding America's Team's new stadium, Jones said "The Cowboys have never been about checkered tablecloths and boots and hats. They've been about glitz and glitter. Leave that other stuff to the Houston Texans." Ouch Jerry... ouch. Jerry is a dbag... that kind of successful business genius dbag I wish I was that is... and I'm not really sure Jerry personifies the spirit of Dallas when you think about it, but I just happen to have something that sums the city of D a little better. Several months back my sister changed jobs in NYC. Instead of a congrats card, gift, etc I told her I'd think of something original. A haiku was the first random thing that popped into my head. It turns out though, writing a haiku is easy, but a decent haiku after h

Week 6 Card

League.... Week 6 Card . Week 6 Card .... League. Early bird (bonus point) deadline is Friday at noon. Speaking of bonus points, by popular demand, a few bonus questions have been added to this week's card.

Week 5 Thoughts

Memories *sniff* It was a pretty rough week for me... seeing Southern Cal and Dallas lose *sniff* But lets actually talk some SEC here (moratorium lifted). Florida? Jevon Snead says beat it. Vanderbilt undefeated? Yiiihaaaw! Sure Uga is cute, but Nick Saban locked him out in the backyard. Given so many LSU alums and supporters here, how do you feel about Saban's success? You guys have been quiet for a while. I know at lease one guy here (cou*curtis*gh) who has a big smile this week after 'bama manhandled the Bulldogs. November 8th: LSU v. Alabama On the subject, who is a bigger jackhole, Saban or RichRod? Other Random Thoughts Texas A&M is *so* bad that I'm starting to get nervous about losing to them again this Thanksgiving. What the heck is the tamu/baylor line going to be? Headline: The Beavers busted through the Trojans and Quizz ran all over the place. The best pass-catch TD combo of all-time in college? Jarrett Dillard and Chase Clement. Wow. Pammy of the Week I