Week 6 Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts from some links I saved and notes I took after last weekend. This stuff was still sitting as a draft in my list of posts, so I figured I should clean it up and publish it.

The Chase
Does anybody find it a little amusing that Chase Daniel is keeping it classy by not ratting on the Cornhusker that spit in his face, but wasn't quite classy enough not to tattle on Nebraska by leaking the "story." Chase, you are looking a little hungry. Eat something.

History Lesson
(text from uwire)
Vanderbilt is 5-0 for the first time in 65 years after beating Auburn for the first time in 53 years. Missouri won at Nebraska for the first time in 30 years, handing the Huskers their worst home loss in 53 years. (That 1955 season was filled with action, huh?) Illinois became the first visiting team in 17 years to score at least 45 points at Michigan Stadium. Bret Bielema, Wisconsin's third-year coach, lost at home for the first time.

The Rams are Breakin' Records
After the 14-31 loss to the Bills, the Rams became the first team of the season to reach a 100-point loss margin. At their current rate of 37 points allowed per game, they will give up 588 points this season, 55 more than the Baltimore Colts did in 1981!

Funny Gameday sign:

Pammy of the Week
"And Iglesias takes it in for the score to make it 35-7." - Rece Davis
"And that makes the score before the Texas game 0-0." - Lou Holtz


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