Week 5 Thoughts


*sniff* It was a pretty rough week for me... seeing Southern Cal and Dallas lose *sniff*

But lets actually talk some SEC here (moratorium lifted). Florida? Jevon Snead says beat it. Vanderbilt undefeated? Yiiihaaaw! Sure Uga is cute, but Nick Saban locked him out in the backyard.

Given so many LSU alums and supporters here, how do you feel about Saban's success? You guys have been quiet for a while. I know at lease one guy here (cou*curtis*gh) who has a big smile this week after 'bama manhandled the Bulldogs.

November 8th: LSU v. Alabama

On the subject, who is a bigger jackhole, Saban or RichRod?

Other Random Thoughts

Texas A&M is *so* bad that I'm starting to get nervous about losing to them again this Thanksgiving. What the heck is the tamu/baylor line going to be?

Headline: The Beavers busted through the Trojans and Quizz ran all over the place.

The best pass-catch TD combo of all-time in college? Jarrett Dillard and Chase Clement. Wow.

Pammy of the Week

I had heard of Awful Announcing, but just recently headed over there to read the site... probably the funniest is the Pammy's, which are a list of funny/odd/incorrect things announcers have said while calling thier game.

So I'll end this post with my favorite from their list:

"This is an old-fashioned, country butt-kicking... and Georgia is supplying the butt." - Mike Patrick


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