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P-F22: Playoff Challenge Scoreboard

NFL Playoff Week 4 - The Super Big Game Thing 2/12/23 Final Update Congrats to Huntwick Hosers (KW)! 2/12/23 Pregame Update Our 2 leaders picked opposite sides, so this 2 team game is now a 2 man race to end our seasons. If the Kansas City Chiefs win, Huntwick Hosers (KW) wins If the Philadelphia Eagles win, Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK) wins One of them will join the other winners. NCAA Bowl Challenge Winner : Left Hand Scissors (GN)  NFL Pick'em 1st Place : Astros! (AP);  2nd Place : Bexo XV (DW) NCAA Pick'em 1st Place : A Northmen (AN);  2nd Place : 18 National Championships (CG) NFL Playoff Week 3 - Conference Championships 1/2 9/23 End of Week Update 1/29/23 Initial Scoreboard Scenarios: 49ers/Bengals AP  49ers/Chiefs AP Eagles/Bengals CG (and RH, CC, GF close) Eagles/Chiefs RK (and KW close) NFL Playoff Week 2 - Divisional Playoffs 1/22/23 End of Week Update: Our leader failed to pick, and AP, RH, and CG took advantage. In BK We Trust (RH) is our new leader. 1/21/23 Update: De