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P-F18: One Is The Loneliest Number of Cards (Week 15 NFL Bonus)

And then there was at least one, otherwise this would be awkward. Let’s see which of your prime answers have the power to be The One of the “what would you rather have one of’s.” The Money: DR, BO, ANe, SZ, ANo all want versions of a large bank account  (+2) . Something Creative (KS) is going to make it happen in his new one day work week  (+3) . The Power: CC, BF, DW all want just one significant other  (+2) . Although Beelzebubbles’ (CC) “baby daddy” answer rises above  (+4) . Big Papa (AM) prefers just one headache, which must be related to power -- or both his heads are hurting and I'm sorry about that   (+3) The Rest: Katy Tigers (RH) just wants one bill to pay. I’m assuming you like all-inclusive vacations too  (+3) . Accidentchild (MN) wants one child, and hopefully, the other 3 don’t read P-F blog posts  (+3) . Huntwick Homies (KW) would rather have just one round of chicken pox, and you’ll have to explain, because I didn’t think you could get more than one 

P-F18: Second Biennial Commish A.M.A. (Week 11 NCAA Bonus)

Commish: It is an a sk me anything again! But hopefully something you haven't already asked. Let’s press the triangle button. Guru (ANe): What's your inspiration? Commish: Two years ago someone asked what motivates me, and I answered "impressing someone with something they weren’t expecting." But this question feels different. * You all* are the inspiration.  You bring feeling to my life.  You're the inspiration.  Want to have you near me. I want to have you hear me saaayinnng.  "No one needs you more than I -- need -- yooouuu." Katy Tigers (RH): Was the First Biennial Pickem Dash Football successful and/or enlightening? Commish: Inspiring, stimulating, introspective, and all of the above. Read all about it here . Must be the Salsa (CK): What are you wearing?  Commish: Summer clothes in the winter. If you mean under those, I'm a fan of MeUndies. Something Creative (KS): What is your favorite beer?  Commish: I've tasted a lot of great be

P-F18: Week 2 NFL Bonus - #MNFtwo'd

Monday the NFL gave us two prime-time football games, but what if the NFL genie granted us two of something else? Most of you want MONEY . It’s been said in song that money can’t buy happiness, but it has been shown by science that money *can* buy happiness. Money can buy hot tracks, but it can’t buy sense. To I Look Good On Top (BF) , Beelzebubbles (CC) , 17 National Championships (CG) , Something Creative (KS) , and Shake and Baker (JN) : Remember to practice good picking. Use your extra money on experiences, not things. (3 points) Instead of two million or billions of dollars, I respect Dirt Burglars (DT) wish of TWO PAYCHECKS . That’s a responsible choice. He didn’t mention, but let’s assume someone with that class would also work two jobs for those two paychecks. (4 points) Also with a mature response was Cornholio’s Bunghole (BO) ( editor's note: I see the irony there now ), who wanted TWO 401K’s . Stay healthy, my friend. (5 points) Others felt a little more Charlie

The Official 2018 Pickem-Football Annual Recruitment Post

Ready to sign up? Use the "too long, didn't read" link at the end of this sentence to go  straight to the registration form . Do you wish you were a better decision maker? Have you ever been really sure about something? Have you ever known the outcome of something, but didn’t have anywhere to record it and show off to friends? Have you ever found yourself watching Sports Center and thinking, “seems like that was a good game”? Maybe you didn’t even watch Sports Center because you had errands to run or something. ?!? Choices are our true freedom. They are the way we navigate through life and rationalize the madness and uncertainty of the World. Choices are the grease, the foundation, and the mostly unwritten rules of the Universe. Fortunately, it is easy to record your good decisions on the Internet! “Oof,” you are probably saying to yourself. Well I say withdraw that oof. I say you should choose right now between two outstanding choices: Go straight to the r