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P-F11: Week 5 Cards

updated 9/29/11 10:30 AM NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 5 Form NCAA - Week 5 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 5 Form NFL - Week 5 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 4 NFL Results

updated 9/27/11 9:13 PM Week 4 - More of the Same: Anya Marina - All the Same to Me This is the 1st time in 30 years the Lions have been favored (-3.5) at Vikings... and those fkrs won by 3 and didn't cover! But we play straight up here on the NFL side of P-F11, so moving on. The NFL was just more of the same this week. You know, the Bills and Lions are undefeated. The Raiders beat the Jets. Romo durped his team to an all field goal win. And Michael Vick got targeted a lot. And this too. At least some of that stuff was more of the same. Scorecard: Shout out to Pimp Posse (JB) for the weekly win with 13 of 16 correct picks. This was enough to vault him 9 places in the standings to the top spot. Check out the rest below. 2011 Week 4 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard Bonus: Washington @ Dallas -6.5 (Pick against the spread), WASH 16, DAL 18 +2 Ano, GN, KW, KH, KZ, RK, CG, KSc, GF, DCo, A-C, DD, CG, JB, JN, ANe, MF, SE, SS, CW, D2, AP, KP Wa

P-F11: Week 4 NCAA Results

updated 9/27/11 4:37 PM Good Luck!: Good Gary! Kentucky Wildmen (GF) posted a P-F11 weekly record of 13 correct picks. 87% ATS (13% short of perfect)! Despite 13 other people scoring double digits, that score was enough to push him up 13 spots in the P-F11 standings. Good luck next week! My picks were pretty lucky too. Lucky like this soccer attack. Colours : Grouplove - Colours (Captain Cuts Remix) I added some colors to the weekly scorecard totals. Don't be afraid. red = no picks purple = lucky dog(s) green = week winner(s) It's the colors you have. No need to be sad. It really ain't that bad. Scoreboard: Chumlee's Banditos (KP) holds scoreboard after another double digit week (11). 67% ATS is insane, and only 4 weeks into this thing, he already has a 5 point lead over the next competitors. As a league, we managed 60% ATS, so we could have collectively won a tiny bit of money in Vegas... just enough to cover the juice. Until this mess

NCAA Football TV Watching Guide 09/24/11

Another glorious day on the couch. Below is my itinerary. ncaa-on-tv--2011-09-24

P-F11: Week 4 Cards

(updated 9/21/11 11:03 AM) NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 4 Form NCAA - Week 4 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 4 Form NFL - Week 4 Printable Card

P-F11: Week 3 NFL Results

I hear the Brown's plane got stuck in the mud in Cleveland. Yeah, uhh, my picks yesterday got stuck in the mud. Here is yo scorecard link: WEEK 3 NFL SCORECARD WEEK 3 LEADERBOARD:

P-F11: Week 3 NCAA Results

updated 9/20/11 9:46 PM Kick (Your) Ass Weekend: Saturday was a pretty solid day of action, but you guys have to be honest, the clash in the evening was the best part of the day. No, not the ou/fsu game: Mayweather vs. Merchant. You Don't Know Sh!t About Picking: Robyn - Cobrastyle And by "you," I mean whoever that Ferments-A-Lot guy is. The average league score for Week 3 was 7.4 (about 50% ATS), but a few of you are still making a statement that you are smarter than Vegas. Newcomer Chumlee's Banditos (KP) is averaging nearly 10/15 for the first three weeks, and the perennial frontrunner lady team (also frequent team name changer) Topo Chicas (A-C) is only 1 pick behind. Shout out to 1 Man Wolfpack (MF) and Above Average Joe (JG) who got dubs this week. Check out the results below. 2011 Week 3 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard WEEK 3 LEADERBOARD: BONUS: New Lucky Dog Rule: The vo

NCAA Football TV Watching Guide 09/16/11

I love being a season ticket holder. Revisiting campus. Eating at my old college favorites. Tailgating. The college football atmosphere is tremendous. However this indulgence comes at the expense of my other favorite football season activity: Doing nothing but watch football from morning to midnight all -- freaking -- weekend . (I bet you thought I was going to say "update our Pick'em-Football league"). This weekend is my first football weekend of the season spent at home. For the last few years, when I get a "home" weekend on the schedule, I've been putting together a TV listing guide so I always know what games are on, where to find them, and when to put them on. I'm just saying, I don't have four TVs in my living room to keep up with news and cooking shows, y'all. So while you guys may not have your cable split as many times, get the same kind of Comcastic service, or even live in the same city, you may still find the guide useful as a way t

P-F11: Week 3 Cards

(updated 9/15/11 9:44 AM) NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 3 Form NCAA - Week 3 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 3 Form NFL - Week 3 Printable Card

P-F11: The MNF Abomination

Thanks a lot guys. This week's bonus question was going to be a good one for me... because it only has one right answer! More games on TV is always better. However, many of you took the paragraph answer format I left to be pretty damned thoughtful and/or funny with your answers. You guys are in mid-season form in Week 2! Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Two Against One (feat. Jack White) As a result, instead of handing out 1 point to those of you that got it wrong (KW, RK, CCa, CCo, Lo, A-C, DD, CG, JB, MN, JN, MF, SE, CW, MM, D2, JG, KP) and 2 points to those that got it right (ANo, GN, DW, KH, KZ, KSc, GF, JH, DCo, ANe, SS, KSh GD, AP) I would be remiss if I didn't share some of this stuff (and deal out a few extra points on top of what is stated above). I should have known after Week 1, where Mr. Smokeypants (KH) said the bonus question answers were collectively some of the best the league has ever seen. For example, last wee

P-F11: Week 2 NFL Results

(updated 9/13/11 10:26 AM) 2011 Week 2 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard WEEK 2 NFL LEADERBOARD:

P-F11: Week 2 NCAA Results, WTF are Bonus Points?

(updated 9/13/11 10:38 AM) This is the sh!ttier version of this post. An unfortunate powering down of the laptop ate the awesome version. This is not that awesome post. This isn't even much of a tribute. If there was one thing we learned from Week 2 of P-F11, it was -- by the way the *only* great thing about losing a whole update is I can say it was really awesome and no one can dispute my claim -- the laptop powers down real fast. There is almost no stopping it. My college football Saturday consisted of driving (Bastrop is sad, y'all), cooking, sweating, drinking, eating, sweating, finally seeing a win on the home field of the good guys, and typing in scores here while watching College Gameday Final. Whatever was on that show... that's what I know about Week 2. But enough about me. It's early, but Large Donkey IPA (KSc), Gig'em Baby (AP), BlitzKrieg (RK), Topo Chicas (A-C), and Chumlee's Banditos (KP) have established themselves as the teams to beat. I

P-F11: Week 2 Cards

(updated 9/8/11 10:00 AM) COMMISSIONER'S NOTE: NFL starts with a Thursday night game. At a minimum, fill out your NFL card with this pick before the kickoff. NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 2 Form NCAA - Week 2 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 2 Form NFL - Week 2 Printable Card

Critique of Some Brilliancy

The Yeasty Beasty's (KW) bonus question answer was pretty, pretty good. I'm not saying that it was better than yours, but it is getting its own post. So gather 'round, Kyle's the new fool in town, and his sound will be laid down when you hit play and sh!t. Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance So just let me introduce myself, My name is Ag-gie, pronounced with a Ag-gie. Yo 'Horns, oh how I like to Gig thee. And all the haters in the Big XII--please allow me to flip thee. I'm steppin' tall, y'all, and just like Miami, you're gonna fall when the Announcers pump me. I like to Whoop, I like my beats military, I'm rowdy. I like my ladies sayin' Howdy. I'm sick wit dis, screw Coachy Mack, but sometimes I get to yell, I Pass It Back and we get to BEAT THE HELL! Hey yo fat girl, c'mere--why ya wearing purple? Yeah, I called ya fat. Look at me, our time's due, It never stopped me from yellin' Hullabaloo. I'm a Dea

P-F11: Week 1 NCAA Bonus - Goodbye to A&M

On the Week 1 NCAA card, I asked you guys to do a little role playing, agro style. You are: a. The SEC welcoming the Aggies b. The BigXII bidding the Aggies farewell c. The Aggies introducing yourself Team name, Your answer, Commissioner notes +points ANo Northmen SEC: Welcome Baylor! ATM: ummm we're ATM SEC: Same difference...... Great start. An Aggie & Baylor joke. Nice. +4 GN Ferments-A-Lot Aggies! Someone told me you guys moved. I turned around to see if you were there, and sure enough... gone. How long has it been? I could have sworn I heard you back there all this time. Well, got some things to do. Good catchin' up. Gotta go. Good one, me. +4 KW The Yeasty Beasties [REDACTED] This winning entry will get its own post . +5 DW Bevo XIV Lassie will wake up in 2015 and realize that they are relegated to 1-7 conference record every year, assuming they manage to beat Ole Miss. Collie reference. +4 KH Mr. Smokeypants I find it strange that none of the media co

P-F11: Week 1 NCAA Results, It begins...

The kickoff. The alpha week. How did you do from the gitgo (how is that word in Websters)? WEEK 1 SCORECARD: 2011 Week 1 NCAA Card (v1.0) WEEK 1 LEADERBOARD: Speaking of the beginning, I'm going to do a little soundtracking of the Pickem-Football 2011 season. I'm not sure where I'll go with it, or even if I'll stick with it, but this week's theme made me think of a story. For the proper Soundtracking P-F11 effect, hit play as you go along. THE BEGINNING: My seventh and eighth grade reading teacher, Ms. Probst, didn’t care much for me. I don’t know what her deal was, because I get along with – like – everybody. However, like most of us, Ms. Probst had a flaw. Her flaw was that she thought everyone was inherently good. I too have a flaw. I like winning. Michael Jackson - Bad Ms. Probst headed up our Jr. High’s chapter of the Peer Support Group... whatever that is. I guess the group probably helped boost losers’ self-esteem, may