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P-F11: Week 2 NCAA Results, WTF are Bonus Points?

(updated 9/13/11 10:38 AM)

This is the sh!ttier version of this post.
An unfortunate powering down of the laptop ate the awesome version. This is not that awesome post. This isn't even much of a tribute.

If there was one thing we learned from Week 2 of P-F11, it was -- by the way the *only* great thing about losing a whole update is I can say it was really awesome and no one can dispute my claim -- the laptop powers down real fast. There is almost no stopping it.

My college football Saturday consisted of driving (Bastrop is sad, y'all), cooking, sweating, drinking, eating, sweating, finally seeing a win on the home field of the good guys, and typing in scores here while watching College Gameday Final. Whatever was on that show... that's what I know about Week 2. But enough about me.

It's early, but Large Donkey IPA (KSc), Gig'em Baby (AP), BlitzKrieg (RK), Topo Chicas (A-C), and Chumlee's Banditos (KP) have established themselves as the teams to beat. I can explain RK's score... he's found out a way to cheat my system. A-C... those ladies are constantly flip flopping on their picks. AP and KP... I watched the NFL kickoff on Thursday with them and obviously gave away too many secrets. Those facts are indisputable. However, you guys should watch out for KSc. This week he earned his 2nd straight dub (double digit score) against the spread. That's not normal. If he keeps that up, expect a jinx in the form of an open ended bonus question to come.

WEEK 2 SCORECARD: 2011 Week 2 NCAA Card (v1.0)


Bonus Points, WTF
You know you want them. You get them sometimes and you don't even know what you did. You wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of bed sweat wondering if you'll have enough. I promised an explanation of P-F bonus points, and this y'all, is that explanation.

The Gossip - Sick With It (CD Bonus Track)

I think we can all agree that life is pretty OK. Sure, sometimes it's kinda meh. What makes life special are bonuses. Something extra. Rewards. P-F bonus points don't really make life better (sorry). However, what we all need more of in life are things that almost arbitrarily make us feel better or worse about ourselves. That's what P-F bonus points are all about.

For each contest, you'll be collecting these little offerings. The points for the two contests are tallied independently and applied to the post season contests for the NCAA and NFL. Here's how to get rewarded (I reserve the right to add to this list as I remember more opportunities)

List updated 9/12/11 9:49 AM

  • Pay Your Entry Fee (+1 for the week you pay and every subsequent week in each contest)
  • Dubs (+3, double digit weekly score. Dubs = 10 in NCAA, 12 in NFL)
  • Weekly Winner(s) (+3 for scoring the highest in any given week)
  • Bonus Questions (+0-5 or more, depending on the question)
  • Perfect Pick'em Card (+25, but this has only happened a few times in Pick'em history)
If you have fallen way behind, don't get down on yourself. Likewise, if you have a huge bonus point lead, you might want to temper your celebration dances. The bonus points are normalized to give the leader a 5-10% advantage over the team with the least bonus points.

Any questions? Leave them below.


  1. Not bad after the first two weeks...I am in 5th place...beginners luck I suppose. Have a great day watching the NFL games....Chumlee's Banditos (Kim Paes)


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