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Texas A&M is Funny

I ripped this from The Barking Carnival, who ripped it from Texags... but it is comic gold.

Sooner Nation Comes Out In Numbers...

... that you could almost count on two hands... or in oklahoma fan teeff. Since I just can't pass up a chance to piss on our dirtbag neighbors to the North, I thought I'd share a news piece I read today. It looks like elevens of people showed up at the stadium to welcome back the sooners after their style-point-earned championship flop. I guess the rest of the fans were busy repositioning their yard art or frying bologna.

2008 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Post

(the bowl card is a beast, click the picture to bring up a larger version) 12/20 10:05AM update: I'll add content to this as the bowl season evolves. For now... here is the card. 12/20 1:09PM update: The first game is in the books and the bowl season is officially on. 12/20 5:29PM update: Well... if you're name ain't Rich, then you've already lost a least one game... and we are only 2 games in. 12/20 7:46PM update: That South Florida game wasn't all that interesting... I watched 'P.S. I Love You' with the wife. My guy review? Thumbs up... not bad at all. Next up, 'The Dark Knight.' 12/20 10:50PM update: 'The Dark Knight'?? eh. It was kewl I guess. Sorry boys, the night goes to 'P.S. I Love You'. Oh yeah, and BYU lost... WTF! Rich went 4 for 4 on the first day to take the early lead. But remember friends, this is a marathon not a sprint. 12/21 10:57PM update: Wow, Sunday night was a good night for football. Both the NFL game and tonig

Erin Andrews... Kevin, this one is for you.

I can't figure out if this clip needs commentary or not ;)

2008 NFL Playoff Pick'em - Unofficial Post

I'm outside brewing today, but I'll start getting the playoff stuff up while I'm working... sorry if it doesn't make it by the first kickoff. 12:05PM update: damn... still getting everything clean and set up. 12:20PM update: Did anyone know that Bryan Adam's "Summer of '69" wasn't really about the summer of 1969? He was born in 1959, so he was only 10 in 1969. His experience that he is sharing with us is about the first time he got some 69 action... I'm guessing it was in the summer. 3:02PM update: Ahh yeah. Mash-in done. (For everyone not named Kyle) that's when the grain soaks in hot water to pull the sugars out. Smells like bread up in the garage. The compiled playoff card is in progress and should be up soon. 3:39PM update: Well the card is up... kinda. I am still searching for a few cards and all the formulas don't work yet. 6:06PM update: Still brewing... It's a 10gal batch of Grand Cru for whoever is interested. Ugh... so muc

2009 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Post (Pre-New Years Games)

In order to not have ridiculously long post, I'm breaking the bowl update post up. Feel free to relive the pre-Xmas games in the previous post . Here is the Cliff Notes version... I missed every pick. (card removed and moved to newer bowl post ) 12/26 1:17 PM Leader Board Update Game : Sheraton Hawaii Bowl - Honolulu - Aloha Stadium Score : Nevada - 10, SMU - 45 Current Points Leader : KW, Dallas D-Bags - 69 Current Statistical Leader : KH, Mr. Smokey Pants Game Thoughts : I didn't catch this 12/24 Xmas Eve game. I was all up in church, family, dinner, and presents. However, it felt like a big kick in the junk from Santa went I saw I lost an unprecedented 6th straight bowl game pick. Beverage Thoughts : Milk and cookies seem appropriate. I didn't have any (I had lots of red wine), but it is a classic combo. 12/26 2:08 PM Update: If you guys missed Dave's post on NCAA branding , W, T, F.! Go read that post. It's good stuff and this huge bowl update keeps pushing it f