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P-F15: NFL Playoff Pick'em Challenge, Part 1

There are* times in all of our lives when we need a new beginning. Maybe you failed to place in a regular season contest. Perhaps you let your mind drift when you saw that monster of a bowl card. Now you feel far from a master picker. Previous disappointments may have caused you to drift from picking. You need a new beginning. But is it even possible? And if it is, where do you start? The thought of a new beginning is scary, because you don't want to risk another pick'em failure. But you aren't content. Your soul needs to pick. You could make the difficult and perilous journey to the promise land, OR you could just click a few boxes and wager some points! Because. You. Are. A. Human. Being. Forget Babylon. It is a pile of rubble. How about couch and computer. You earned this chance by joining at the beginning of the season. Follow me now. * I had a college English teacher in college that failed our papers if we started a sentence with "there are" or &

P-F15: Week 13 Bonus - Pick'em Dash Football's Turkey Leg Awards

Pee Wee Sperman Plan B pill because we all know NFL players need to stop popping out kids OK. One leg to Plan B. +3 The Guru On a personal note, a shout out to my wife for completing a half marathon! One turkey leg to The Guru's wife. +3 A Northmen Turkey Leg to Johnny Football for keeping out of trouble and staying first string....oh wait..what...never mind. Turkey Leg to the Comish for getting the card out on time (yup, not against brown nosing) One browned turkey leg. +3 Gig'em chicainery Beelzebubbles Mine goes to the man who created the 99 Grand Parkway. I know it wasnt a woman because the road is super curvy!! One turkey leg to super curvy women. No turkey legs to converting roads to toll. +4 15 National Cha

P-F15: Week 11 NFL Bonus - Tell Me Something Good

Totally open-ended bonus question. Tell me something good. Pee Wee Sperman a blowjob from your best friend's hot mom... OK. I wouldn't know, but I suppose that could be pretty good… if you were a teenager. I'm not really into my friend's moms anymore +3 The Guru Angry Tom Brady on my fantasy football team An angry Tom Brady is good. +4 A Northmen There is enough DNA in an average person's body to stretch from the sun to Pluto 17 times....little known fact ;-) Nerd. +4 Gig'em Only 2 weeks til Thanksgiving! That woulda been good to read back then. +3 chicainery My wife had our baby last night. If that's not worth the full bonus, I don't know what would be! Pictures or it didn't happen. +6 Beelzebubbles I have stopped fighting the battle of the bulge and decided to embrace my inner and outer chubby girl and love me for me. Fat is where its at yo! Loving yoursel