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P-F19: Should NFL Picks Be Against the Spread? (Week 2 NFL Bonus)

Despite James Madison's warning of "the tyranny of the majority," I'm okay with most decisions here being majority rule. In our recruitment form this year, I let you vote on changing NFL picks from straight up to against the spread. As a way of documenting the reasons why we do what we do around here, I also gave you the forum to defend your position. However like our democracy here in the United States, or should I say republic, you probably need your commissioner to clarify and validate your opinions. Below are the official commissioner interpretations of what your answer sounded like. Almost no one wanted to switch the NFL contest to against the spread. Why not? I voted for lines. Rest of the league is soft. - BlitzKrieg (RK) This sounds like you aren't interested in some of the solid arguments that are going to follow. I did don’t blame me - Too much pressure to come up with a name quickly (KS) This sounds a little defensive sir, so I DO BLAME Y