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2009 Playoff Pick'em Challenge - Official Post

This is the beginning of what will be the official post for the Playoff Challenge. Until it becomes more content rich, I'll leave you with the scorecard below....... and I'll let Dave explain to you guys why this is the 2009 Playoff Challenge when all the games are played in 2010. (click to enlarge) 1/12/10 2:18 PM Update: Either a lot of you guys forgot to make your picks or I need to get a lot better with the reminders this week. It's only 4 games to pick y'all. Even the dudes that didn't pick last week are in better shape than the 3 worst playoff gamblers in the group. 1/12/10 8:17 PM Update: Follow this link to download the WEEK 2 NFL PLAYOFF CARD 1/17/10 7:00 PM Update: Just got back into town... updated scorecard above... Cain went all in on the Saints, and despite strong historical data suggesting otherwise, it paid off. 1/21/10 3:54 PM Update: Reposted the scorecard to show the Week 3 games. 1/21/10 4:11 PM Update: Follow this link to download the WEEK 3 NFL

National Signing Day

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