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A Day in the NCAA

Not sure yet if this will be an ongoing, day long journal or just a shorter glimse into the day. First, a little housekeeping, for Pickem Dash pickers, here is the card that will be updated all day: Week 9 NCAA Card This is unequivocally the most exciting time of year for NCAA Football. The only thing that might compare is the opening week (after what seems like 275 days of NO football). But that week, we are treated to awesome matchups like Texas Tech vs. North Dakota, Kansas vs. N. Colorado, and Northwestern vs. Towson. The year end matchups are also a nominee, but it gets really regional. Texas vs. Texas A&M is THE game for me. But watching South Carolina vs. Clemson, USC vs. UCLA, or the Civil War in Oregon is nothing more than a matchup of borderline ranked teams here. Which brings me to today. Just past the midpoint of the season for most teams. Almost every conference race is far from over, much to debate about who will beat who down the stretch. There are no more Mia

Colin Cowturd Compares Tebow to VY

Sure, they both have legs and seemingly win games single-handedly, but the comparison probably stops there. This is ripped from the Barking Carnival ... I think the stats speak for themselves. Young and Tebow’s respective stats in each of their final college season Young Passer Rating: 163.9 Pass Efficiency Rank: #3 Carries: 155 Rush Yards: 1050 Yards per carry: 6.77 Tebow Passer rating: 151.33 Pass Efficiency Rank: #14 Carries: 121 Rush Yards: 466 Yards per carry: 3.85

P-F09: Week 9 Cards

NCAA Week 9 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 9 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 8 NFL Results

updated 10/27/09 1:17PM NFL SCOREBOARD Point summaries for Week 8: Cain dubs for the 6th time in 7 NFL weeks... he is picking an impressive 76% of NFL winners straight up. I feel the need for a jinx. Weekly Winner(s): AN (13) +3 points NFL dubs (12+): No one +3 points Bonus Question: "How many teams lose the '0' in their record this week?" Only Minnesota... JHa, KW, KS, AN, DW, CG, BD, JN, CJ, GF, RH, KZ, JC +2 Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC +1 Adrian Peterson crushes William Gay and then steps on his face. Check the video below. Peterson may be a sooner, but he is a man-beast.

P-F09: Week 8 NCAA Results

updated 10/26/09 4:46PM NCAA SCOREBOARD Point summaries for Week 8: The top and the bottom of the league look a little different this week. Jess' mighty 11 vaulted him 3 spots to take the lead from Justin, who scored one less than last week with 7. Amanda got tired of being at the bottom and sent in a card with 13 of 15 winners. Nice! That was enough to drop Gary to the rear and also move reigning champ Cain down a spot to 2nd to last. Weekly Winner(s): AN (13) +3 points NCAA dubs (10+): AN, JHa (2nd straight week), JHo +3 points Bonus Question: "I was going to pose the question - Will A&M get it's first win in Lubbock since 1995? - but I'm afraid everyone will pick the same answer. Instead, who will score the most points this week?" Nuts, A&M not only won, the answer to the chosen question was almost A&M!! , KW, CG, JN, CJ, KH, RH, RK +3 * Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC +1 * Gary called his own number and then scored 7...

P-F09: Week 7 NFL Results

Edited 10/22/09 11:22AM NFL Scoreboard Point summaries for Week 7: The high and low scores this week were only 3 points from each other. Interesting. Cain picked well enough to keep the ladies away and even extended his lead a little. Weekly Winner(s): CC, GF, BD (10) +3 points NFL dubs (12+): None +3 points Even/Odd Bonus: 11 of 20 guessed correctly... statistically speaking, that sounds about right, +2 Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC (+1) Like/Dislike the Even/Odd bonus. It's funny because only days after I wrote that as a bonus question, a study on how coin flips were found to be statistically flawed came out. Anyone care to leave a comment explaining to me how or why the Saints are so freakin' awesome this year? Anyone care to bet that they won't remember that they are the Saints come playoff time? NFL Scoreboard

P-F09: Week 7 NCAA Results

Edited 10/22/09 11:01AM Point summaries for Week 7: Justin scored a pedestrian 8 correct picks last week. Kyle made a huge move toward the top with an 11. Cain no longer has the magic that propelled him to the Pick'em sweep last year. He is hanging out at the bottom. Weekly Winner(s): KW, GN (11) +3 points NCAA dubs (10+): KW, GN, JHa, CG, +3 points Texas State Fair Booth Bonus (post coming soon): Winner AN, +5 Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC (+1) NCAA Scoreboard It's easy for me to say "I'm not superstitious." It's a lot harder to actually never be superstitious. I am not saying that I am as superstitious as fellow Pick'em peep Curtis (he refused to pick 'Bama last year for the NCAA Championship bonus question because he didn't want to jinx it), but it is for this reason I like to stay relatively neutral during the week prior to a rivalry game. --- JON, EYEMUFFS --- Sure, Texas is a more talented team than OU. Sure, Mack Br

P-F09: Week 8 Cards Are Ready

NCAA Week 8 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 8 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 6 Results

Better late than never. NCAA Scorecard IMO, it was a week of mediocre matchups or disappointing results. Below is a look back on the Pick'em results. Justin held onto his lead... Dave made a big move into 2nd place. NCAA Bonus points broke down like this: Weekly Winner(s): JC (10) +3 points NCAA dubs (10+): only JC +3 points USA/Honduras Bonus (USA won by 1): AN, CC, KS, GF, RH, JHa, CG, JC, Jho Paid: DW, KH, KZ, JHa, CG, A-C, BD, JC (+1) NFL Scorecard NFL Bonus points broke down like this: Weekly Winner(s): KH, KS, RH, CG, A-C, (10) +3 points NFL dubs (12+): nobody Bonus: How Many NFL Picks Will Novacain Get Correct This Week? CG (8, +4) Paid: DW, KH, KZ, JHa, CG, A-C, BD, JC (+1)

P-F09: Week 6... The Way I Remember It

Thurs 10/8 – Evening #24 Mizzou looks good against #21 Nebraska. Thursday night football in the motherbleeping house!! Big 12 in the motherbleeping house! Whooooo! Thurs 10/8 – Later that evening ...Dude, Nebraska woke up. Thurs 10/8 – Nearing midnight... The Big 12 sucks. I hate saying it. But the Big 12 bleeping sucks. It doesn't ACC suck, or Pac-10 suck... it may not even Big 11 suck, but it's not SEC good... not even close... in fact, I don't even feel right typing that (redacted). Ugh. Thurs 10/8 – Post midnight (better known as 10/9 I guess) *slaps head* WTF! A "Friday trip to Austin" means "Thursday packing." I wish I would have thought of that during that crappy Mizzou/Cornfkr game. Fri 10/9 – Departing work at 4:15PM Almost no one is left in my office anyway... working for the government is pretty sweet sometimes (signed, that govt rate I have on my hotel room this weekend). Fri 10/9 – In downtown Austin by 7:20PM Time to hit the Gingerman , bu

P-F09: Week 7 Cards Are Ready

NCAA Week 7 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 7 Card: Official Form Printable Card

A Realistic Approach to the BCS Title Race

It's getting close to that time of year when experts and fans alike start to think about who is going to be playing in the BCS title game. The BCS champion has evolved (in my opinion) to be very little more than a ceremonial title. While I am still against a playoff for tradition sake, I can no longer say "yes, the team that wins that game is clearly the best team". While many people might say my view was skewed when Texas was excluded from the BCS title game last year (or the exclusion from the Big XII Championship game on BCS points, a game in which they beat the two participants by an average of 17.5 points). But really, when LSU won the BCS title despite having two losses, including one on Thanksgiving weekend, it became apparent that we're to the point that the human votes, which means the SEC, are going to drive this thing. Human votes mean SEC powers, USC, OU, and even a side of Texas, will get the bias. But in that order, hence the OU debacle last year. S

P-F09: Week 6 Cards Are Ready

NCAA Week 6 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 6 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 5 NCAA Results

Updated 10/7/09 11:13AM WEEK 5 SCOREBOARD The Dallas D-bags joined Justin's Team on top of the standings this week. I take back what I said a few weeks ago, Crystal (like her Red Raiders) do not have their mojo back. Don't feel back about that 6, Gary pulled a 4. I hate those weeks where if you would have picked the exact opposite then you would have had the highest score rather than the lowest score... ugh. Bonus points broke down like this: Weekly Winner(s): AN, KW, KS, RH (10) +3 points NCAA dubs (10+): same as above +3 points Introductions: See Post Paid: A-C, BD, CG, JHa Let me get this out of the way early... the celebration rule, as it is enforced right now, is ridiculame at best and ridiculatarded when it changes the outcome of games. I'm not saying I was pulling for Georgia, but they got hosed... and no, the make up call didn't erase the damage already done. This is just about the cutest cute that ever cuted. Nice job refs for spoiling the cute party! Like Kool

P-F09: Week 5 NFL Results

Updated 10/7/09 11:01AM WEEK 5 NFL SCOREBOARD Novacain is still dominating... and now he's got chicks chasing him in the 2 hole. The NFL games continued to be pretty predictable this week. Despite the bye weeks starting (14 vs 16 games), most of you pulled double digit scores. Bonus points broke down like this: Weekly Winner(s): GF (13) +3 points NFL dubs (12+): KW, DW, GF, A-C, BD +3 points Farve INTs (0... since you can't count the bad call on that one INT): AN, CJ, GF, KS Paid: A-C, BD, CG, JHa Two words: Brett Favre (I still hope that this year is a fantastic success or a fantastic failure. I will not be satisfied with anything in between. Wait till the 2nd half of the season rolls around. Failure is knocking on Favre's Minnesota residence door.) Texans 29, Raiders 6. I guess every team needs to a little Raiders to make them feel good about themselves every once and a while. Romo on Fox 3...errrrrrrrrrr 4. WEEK 5 NFL SCOREBOARD

P-F09: Week 5 NCAA Bonus Results - What Is Your Intro Music?

In Week 3, I asked the following... If you were coming out of the tunnel onto the field before the Pick'em contest, what would your Intro/Theme music be? After getting your responses, I started putting together this blog post and writing something for everyone's intro. However, 20 intros proved too much to write. Also, there was not a very good way to evaluate the song choices, so therefore I gave everyone 3 points for Week 3. For Week 5, you guys were asked to write your own intros (a la Craig Kilborn, Doogie Howser on the Emmy's). The bonus points for this week will be scored (0-5) on my evaluation of the intro "experience" (combination of your intro and song choice). Enjoy the results below. For the full experience, hit play on the video and then imagine the a "Good God Almighty, that's [player's] theme music!!!" introduction. (some intros edited at the Commissioner's Office discretion) CG - 12 National Championships (+3) Eric B. & R