Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Day in the NCAA

Not sure yet if this will be an ongoing, day long journal or just a shorter glimse into the day.

First, a little housekeeping, for Pickem Dash pickers, here is the card that will be updated all day:

This is unequivocally the most exciting time of year for NCAA Football. The only thing that might compare is the opening week (after what seems like 275 days of NO football). But that week, we are treated to awesome matchups like Texas Tech vs. North Dakota, Kansas vs. N. Colorado, and Northwestern vs. Towson.

The year end matchups are also a nominee, but it gets really regional. Texas vs. Texas A&M is THE game for me. But watching South Carolina vs. Clemson, USC vs. UCLA, or the Civil War in Oregon is nothing more than a matchup of borderline ranked teams here.

Which brings me to today. Just past the midpoint of the season for most teams. Almost every conference race is far from over, much to debate about who will beat who down the stretch. There are no more Miami vs. Florida A&M, Florida vs. Troy, or Tennesseee vs. W. Kentucky matchups. It's all big conference games and today is going to shake down literally every conference race.

The weather feels like football. There are the typical 6-8 undefeated teams (including my Longhorns) in the BCS Title mix. There are probably 100 out of 120 teams that have not been eliminated from Bowl contention yet (sorry Rice).

And I'm lucky enough to have my schedule cleared. All I need to do is relax, drink some adult beverages, and watch it all unfold.

So how will it unfold? In a few minutes I'll pop ESPN Gameday on. It's a little slow and long to sit and stare for 2 hours, but having it on in the background while I make some breakfast or read the paper is a good start. I can tune in and tune out as the games they talk about catch my fancy.

Then kickoffs at 11 CDT. The early slate looks like:
Ole Miss at Auburn (SEC)
Indiana at Iowa (ESPN)
Purdue at Wisconsin (ESPN2)
Cincinnati at Syracuse (ESPNU)
Nebraska at Baylor 11:30 (Vs)

Ole Miss game the clear front runner. The Iowa and Cincy are must watches if an upset brews. The last one really has regional interest only. But I do live in that region, so I might watch it should the first game get lopsided and it stay close.

Southern Miss at Houston (CSS) at noon then joins in the fun. Exciting for offense and watching Keenum. CSS is a Comcast Sports Channel, FYI, probably not available to those, say, on Dish Network.

At 12:30 CDT we get Missouri and Colorado (FSN). Little interest there, as Texas has defeated both teams I've seen them both and neither are good. Colorado needs some wins to make a Bowl game.

All of the above a nice appetizer. If we're lucky, one or two will be close and come down to the end. Otherwise, it's just what it is, a start.

At 2:30 CDT, the first main course arrives:
Florida vs. Georgia - Jax (CBS)
Kansas at Texas Tech (ABC)
Temple at Navy (CBSCS)
Miami at Wake Forest (ESPN2)
C. Michigan at BC (ESPNU)
W. Kentucky at North Texas (CSS)
An hour later, Penn State at Northwestern (ESPN)

Not sure why my paper lists two games on CBSCS.

If Florida/Georgia isn't close, this gets light in a hurry. C. Michigan is a sleeper game here, evenly matched and the Chippewas are 7-1. Kansas at Tech has some excitement potential but the way these formerly ranked teams have performed, it's more of a battle for the Alamo Bowl vs. the Houston Bowl.

Finally in the evening slots (6p - 7p CDT kickoffs) we have
E. Michigan at Arkansas (ESPNU, hey, who scheduled this one and who decided to put it on TV?)
Sam Houston State at Northwestern State (KTBU Ch 55)
Notre Dame at Washington State - SA (NBC)
New Mexico at San Diego State (CBSCS)
South Carolina at Tennessee (ESPN)
Georgia Tech at Vandy (CSS)
Texas at Oklahoma State (ABC or ESPN2)
USC at Oregon (ESPN2 or ABC)

Clear winner here. Sam Houston State. Will they bounce back from their humiliating defeat to SFA? Can they creep closer to the playoffs. Wait. Playoffs? Oh, I'm in the wrong division.

Obviously the last two games are the main course here. College Gameday will be in Eugene. Texas and OSU always play a wild one. And it really is Texas' last big hurdle, they'll be 2 TD or more favorites the rest of the way.

Well here we go, its 9a CDT and Gameday has kicked off! And it's raining in Eugune. Shocker!

More thoughts to be posted as the situation dictates.

9:50 a.m. - Making a "Gameday" audible and flipping over to "Talkin' Football - SEC Edition" on CSS here in 10 minutes. A panel of Bob Neal, Tony Barnhart, Brady Ackerman, and Mark Schlebach will give the rundown on SEC games. I usually watch their Sunday night wrap up show, if this is close to that quality it'll be an hour well spent.

10:10 a.m. - Checking down to the third receiver, at 10:30 I plan to switch over to FSN for the Big XII pregame show. Nothing on the previous shows has led me to change, just looking for more of a graze of options rather than one main course of one conference. Schlebach missing from Talkin' Football is a hit (stuck in Albequerque apparently...and that was when the show was taped Thursday I believe).

11:06 a.m. - Pregame shows each deliver in their own way

ESPN Gameday
Strengths: breadth of games covered, production quality, on campus format
Weaknesses: slow moving, predictable human interest stories, lack of depth in analysis

Talkin' Football - SEC edition
Strengths: panel's knowledge, viewer email abundance, panel's chemistry
Weaknesses: little game footage, too much Tebow, slow moving

Big XII showcase
Strengths: Good video footage, panel's analysis, Hooters girls fielding question of the week
Weaknesses: Too many commercials, panel is not in same studio, no big names on panel.

All in all I felt like I got all I needed for pregame setup, with opinions from a dozen analysts. Recommend this surfing approach for the future.

1:00 - Iowa upset brewing is clearly the most interesting development so far today. Auburn/Ole Miss living up to its billing competetive-wise. Sue Ellen (I.e. Mrs. Ewing) is trying to squash the fun, got some text from an old HS friend who wants to meet up for UT game, I vetoed that but the compromise was they might come here to watch. I'm not one to visit guests during Horns games, decent chance the guy won't want to come by.

1:20 - crazy Iowa/Indiana game. Felt that last overturn should have been upheld. Who would have given a chance for this game to have so many big plays? Now another INT!

1:35 - Awesome, we will have visitors during UT game. Lifetime goal of watching ncaa games all day with no event/activity remains unfulfilled. It's always something.

2:15 - Indiana implosion is both disappointing and predictable. Iowa might actually cover the 17.5. Baylor not going away on Vs.

2:30 - Iowa covers. Oddsmakers that put that game at 17.5 are geniuses. Baylor squanders FG opp.

4:00 - a moment to reflect on the Houston Chronicle TV listing inaccuracy. HC listed none of the three CSS games (which includes the hometown Cougars). HC didn't list the ESPN2 game at 11a (Wisconsin vs. Purdue). Mislisted TCU game on CBSCS instead of Vs. Also told me Miami game was on ESPN2 right now but it's Michigan. It's unclear whether OU is on later, FSH has Rockets, sometimes they move a big preempted game to a fallow Comcast channel (like 77) in cases like this. I need a little more from my delivered media, for which I am one of the few who still pay.

4:15 - Tough day picking games. Houston, Iowa, and Ohio State all finishing within a point of Pickem Dash and Yahoo contests. An Ohio State line at 44 and having hit 45, with Iowa coming from 10 behind to win by 18 on a 17.5. Houston scoring in the last minute to win by 7 vs. the 6.5 line. There really is no way bettors can sit at home and make any money on crapshoots like that.

4:45 Florida pouring it on, very impressive. Penn State and Texas Tech games are primary watching at this point. A couple of dings to CBS coverage, mislisted Florida as leading overall series before kickoff and Vern mentioned Tebow as playing for Georgia once. Tech putting in Potts, he's second in the NCAA in YPG in 2009 behind fellow SWC QB Keenum.

5:00 - Illinois leading Michigan in a big comeback "sleeper" game. Georgia not giving up cuts it to 14.

6:00 - Florida dominates. They may clinch the SEC east tonight. In a playoff system it would make sense to rest Tebow until December. Or play him and answer tough questions as to why he got a 2nd concussion against Vandy in a meaningless game.

6:15 - Viewers note, indeed OU is on Comcast channel 76 (I was off by 1). Already up 7-0, I have a strange instinct to cheer FOR OU after we beat them. I do not before the OU game, nor do I ever cheer for A&M.

1:00 am - Had company as previously discussed. It all works out. Horns get past last hurdle besides A&M. Oregon sticking it to USC really put a stamp on their claim to the Pac 10. The OU scare surprised me late.

Great day of fun, can't complain about my lot in life.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Colin Cowturd Compares Tebow to VY

Sure, they both have legs and seemingly win games single-handedly, but the comparison probably stops there.

This is ripped from the Barking Carnival... I think the stats speak for themselves.

Young and Tebow’s respective stats in each of their final college season


Passer Rating: 163.9
Pass Efficiency Rank: #3
Carries: 155
Rush Yards: 1050
Yards per carry: 6.77


Passer rating: 151.33
Pass Efficiency Rank: #14
Carries: 121
Rush Yards: 466
Yards per carry: 3.85

P-F09: Week 9 Cards

NCAA Week 9 Card:
NFL Week 9 Card:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

P-F09: Week 8 NFL Results

updated 10/27/09 1:17PM


Point summaries for Week 8:
Cain dubs for the 6th time in 7 NFL weeks... he is picking an impressive 76% of NFL winners straight up. I feel the need for a jinx.

Weekly Winner(s): AN (13) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): No one +3 points
Bonus Question: "How many teams lose the '0' in their record this week?" Only Minnesota... JHa, KW, KS, AN, DW, CG, BD, JN, CJ, GF, RH, KZ, JC +2
Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC +1

Adrian Peterson crushes William Gay and then steps on his face. Check the video below.

Peterson may be a sooner, but he is a man-beast.

Monday, October 26, 2009

P-F09: Week 8 NCAA Results

updated 10/26/09 4:46PM


Point summaries for Week 8:
The top and the bottom of the league look a little different this week. Jess' mighty 11 vaulted him 3 spots to take the lead from Justin, who scored one less than last week with 7. Amanda got tired of being at the bottom and sent in a card with 13 of 15 winners. Nice! That was enough to drop Gary to the rear and also move reigning champ Cain down a spot to 2nd to last.

Weekly Winner(s): AN (13) +3 points
NCAA dubs (10+): AN, JHa (2nd straight week), JHo +3 points
Bonus Question: "I was going to pose the question - Will A&M get it's first win in Lubbock since 1995? - but I'm afraid everyone will pick the same answer. Instead, who will score the most points this week?" Nuts, A&M not only won, the answer to the chosen question was almost A&M!! , KW, CG, JN, CJ, KH, RH, RK +3 *
Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC +1

* Gary called his own number and then scored 7... he *should* get negative bonus points for that...

THE AGGIES DID IT!! They won in Lubbock for the first time since 1995 or 1993 or whatever it was (I'm too lazy to look it up). How did they do it, you ask? I have no idea. The game had no TV coverage what-so-ever. Baylor called, they want their Big 12 media status back.

Arkansas shot their wad, I said it.

The Big 12 North is straight up garbage. notes that K-State could win the North division and not be bowl eligible.

Aggies, don't go thinking your losing streak is too awesome. Iowa State hadn't won in Lincoln since 1977, but Nebraska turned the ball over 8 times (4 inside the ISU 5 yrd line) in their 9-7 loss to Iowa State Saturday. On second thought, this effort would go unnoticed if they were in the SEC. Outstanding defensive performance!

Here is the section where I refuse to rant about how terrible (and potentially criminal) the refs have been in the SEC this year. Not just we-don't-call-holding-in-the-Big12 bad, like we-are-"surprisingly"-making-bad-calls-that-benefit-our-best-teams bad.

I don't have any strong like or dislike of either Florida or 'Bama (although with half the league being SEC fans, you may), but Bama and Florida rank 80th and 84th in passing offense, respectively. 'Bama has only 2 offensive TDs in the past 3 games.

I wonder what it feels like to be an Iowa fan this year?

Back before he was a responsible father, I once went out bar hopping with Kirby and his Dad (who is arguably the REAL most interesting man in the world). After kicking back a few, responding to a young bride-to-be looking for some salt for her margarita that he had salt in his pants, but before his Dad ditched us so he could get his party on without us... Kirby threw a backwards dart in a bar (and dart room) chock full of people. This wasn't just a casual backward dart, this dart would have gone through a person if they had been in its path. The best part of the throw was that he did it without hesitation *and* it hit near the center of the board.

Kirby, this clip is for you...

via Deadspin: Sam Bradford Reminds You To Not Stay In School, Kids

Thursday, October 22, 2009

P-F09: Week 7 NFL Results

Edited 10/22/09 11:22AM

NFL Scoreboard

Point summaries for Week 7:
The high and low scores this week were only 3 points from each other. Interesting. Cain picked well enough to keep the ladies away and even extended his lead a little.

Weekly Winner(s): CC, GF, BD (10) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): None +3 points
Even/Odd Bonus: 11 of 20 guessed correctly... statistically speaking, that sounds about right, +2
Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC (+1)

Like/Dislike the Even/Odd bonus. It's funny because only days after I wrote that as a bonus question, a study on how coin flips were found to be statistically flawed came out.

Anyone care to leave a comment explaining to me how or why the Saints are so freakin' awesome this year? Anyone care to bet that they won't remember that they are the Saints come playoff time?

NFL Scoreboard

P-F09: Week 7 NCAA Results

Edited 10/22/09 11:01AM

Point summaries for Week 7:
Justin scored a pedestrian 8 correct picks last week. Kyle made a huge move toward the top with an 11. Cain no longer has the magic that propelled him to the Pick'em sweep last year. He is hanging out at the bottom.

Weekly Winner(s): KW, GN (11) +3 points
NCAA dubs (10+): KW, GN, JHa, CG, +3 points
Texas State Fair Booth Bonus (post coming soon): Winner AN, +5
Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC (+1)

NCAA Scoreboard

It's easy for me to say "I'm not superstitious." It's a lot harder to actually never be superstitious. I am not saying that I am as superstitious as fellow Pick'em peep Curtis (he refused to pick 'Bama last year for the NCAA Championship bonus question because he didn't want to jinx it), but it is for this reason I like to stay relatively neutral during the week prior to a rivalry game.
Sure, Texas is a more talented team than OU. Sure, Mack Brown is an esteemed and respectful gentleman and not the total self centered paranoid douche that Stoops is. Of course Texas a more desirable place to live than Oklahoma. There is no question that Texas is a far superior educational institution than that of OU. And everyone knows why Texas doesn't float out into the ocean.

The difference is now... I can publish it. At 2:54 PM on October 17, 2009 -- nearly 4 hours after coverage started at 11:00 AM -- we all were reminded that ou still sucks. The Longhorns took care of business, albeit a little ugly, in the great --- KYLE, JON, EYEMUFFS --- unwelcoming chotch-bag magnet city of Dallas, Texas.

In fact, sometimes I even feel for our little buddies to the North. Okies are good, hardworking, simple, fried bologna eating dirt burglers just trying to make it in this world. They may genuinely hate me and my burnt orange family, but I'm OK those people. They love their school (or the flagship school in their state that they root for since college wasn't for them and/or there is nothing else to love about the state of Oklahoma). Take a look at these guys. Don't you want to have them over for dinner?

Forget about the fruity hand signals. I'm sure there has been something original to come out of the state of Oklahoma, I just couldn't find anything with a quick google search. At least they still have that awesome two word song.

Alright, that video was NOT what I thought it was going to be. Sorry about that one. That first video was genuine, but apparently the guy in the 2nd video wasn't a sooner fan at all... and the whole c*#ks%#ker thing is just not right. Okie's don't have to resort to that nonsense... I mean, not as long as there are still options at the family reunion.

I'll probably lay low the week before Thanksgiving, but given the beatdown the agricultures took from K-State ("aggied" needs to be become a verb, like the Patriots aggied the Titans this week), it's probably just me being superstitious.

You can't even make this bleep up.

NCAA Scoreboard

Just kidding the sooner, aggie, and dallas. I love you guys. *kiss*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

P-F09: Week 6 Results

Better late than never.

NCAA Scorecard

IMO, it was a week of mediocre matchups or disappointing results. Below is a look back on the Pick'em results.

Justin held onto his lead... Dave made a big move into 2nd place.

NCAA Bonus points broke down like this:

Weekly Winner(s): JC (10) +3 points
NCAA dubs (10+): only JC +3 points
USA/Honduras Bonus (USA won by 1): AN, CC, KS, GF, RH, JHa, CG, JC, Jho
Paid: DW, KH, KZ, JHa, CG, A-C, BD, JC (+1)

NFL Scorecard

NFL Bonus points broke down like this:

Weekly Winner(s): KH, KS, RH, CG, A-C, (10) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): nobody
Bonus: How Many NFL Picks Will Novacain Get Correct This Week? CG (8, +4)
Paid: DW, KH, KZ, JHa, CG, A-C, BD, JC (+1)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

P-F09: Week 6... The Way I Remember It

Thurs 10/8 – Evening
#24 Mizzou looks good against #21 Nebraska. Thursday night football in the motherbleeping house!! Big 12 in the motherbleeping house! Whooooo!

Thurs 10/8 – Later that evening
...Dude, Nebraska woke up.

Thurs 10/8 – Nearing midnight...

The Big 12 sucks. I hate saying it. But the Big 12 bleeping sucks. It doesn't ACC suck, or Pac-10 suck... it may not even Big 11 suck, but it's not SEC good... not even close... in fact, I don't even feel right typing that (redacted). Ugh.

Thurs 10/8 – Post midnight (better known as 10/9 I guess)
*slaps head* WTF! A "Friday trip to Austin" means "Thursday packing." I wish I would have thought of that during that crappy Mizzou/Cornfkr game.

Fri 10/9 – Departing work at 4:15PM
Almost no one is left in my office anyway... working for the government is pretty sweet sometimes (signed, that govt rate I have on my hotel room this weekend).

Fri 10/9 – In downtown Austin by 7:20PM
Time to hit the Gingerman, but oye, those 10PM dinner reservations at Kenichi might as well be tomorrow.

Fri 10/9 – Minutes later.
9PM reservations at Kenichi now. My first beer, a Stone Anniversary Ale, is life changing-ly good. I'm craving it as I'm typing. My 2nd round, Independence Brewing's Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout, not only has a sweet name, it's also outstanding. Well done Rob and Amy (and to all you guys reading, if you don't support Independence, then you are a terrorist... or something like that).

Fri 10/9 9:00PM
Remind me again, what is the bleeping point of reservations? While I'm on the topic, what is the point of the appointment system at doctor's offices?

Fri 10/9 9:02PM
Saketini's ordered. Wait seems doable now. What the heck is in these things?! Ginger is floating in the bottom, they taste like cucumber, and I'm getting bleeped up on one!

Fri 10/9 9:30PM (or who knows... I couldn't see straight)
Finally get seated. Ordered a hot sake and a Kirin Ichiban. Everything was amazing, but here is just one plug for Kenichi's food. They made some special wasabi sauce thing that is one of the greatest sushi toppings I've ever had in my life... no soy needed. The waiter told me several times what the name of it was, but I couldn't comprehend. He also swore it was on the menu ($2), but I wouldn't know because reading the menu was difficult after saketini.

Sat 10/10 11:00AM
... whoa... the drugs in the saketini + no kiddie alarms at 6AM = where did the morning go?

Sat 10/10 – Nearing noon
Bleep bleep-it! It is *really* cold in Austin. Uh oh. Since I packed Thursday... in Houston... and I can't remember a cold game this early in October in my lifetime............. all I've got is shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Bleep.

Sat 10/10 – Just after noon
Hit up the new(-ish) Specs on Hwy-183. $200+ of alcoholic goodness acquired. If Vegas set the over/under on people saying "Wow, that's going to be a good party" at 2 1/2, then the over would have won. Sooooo funny.

Sat 10/10 – Beer 1st, Food Next
Central Market provides the rest of the tailgate goodies for a nominal fee. If Vegas set the over/under for Central Market grocery bill total at $100, then I am O-fer on the under in my lifetime. Also bought beer here... couldn't help it.

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate
Set everything up at the tailgate. Holy bleepballs it is cold, and this is the hottest part of the day! Drinking should help with the body temperature.

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate in full swing
After first round of games... I do a Pick'em score update... Auburn and Georgia lose big. Aggies lose to an Okie St. team that was devoid of all its best players. Great, I'm 2 for 5... and it's cold.

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate Grillin'
...time to grill some hot dogs... Pick'em peeps Kirby and Justin join in on cold-gate... more drinking.

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate Porto update
They (State of Texas?) added 2 portos in the State garage I tailgate in... no more holding back on the drinking!

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate… Mo' Grillin'!
You know what is good after a bean and cheese taco, tortillas and queso, a few hot dogs, a couple of few beers, pork rinds, grapes, and Zapps? Yep. Cilantro chicken sausage. Grill work complete.

Sat 10/10 – 5:00 PM, pregame

Kirby pretty much invented the pre-game "walking beer," which is the beer you grab from the cooler before packing up the tailgate and finish right before you get to the stadium. Genius. But this game Kirby takes it to another level and brings *2* walking beers. Bleeping genius... uh I think. I'm 6 beers in. It is cold yo, and I make an ill-advised decision to not take an extra shirt Kirby has… man up!

Sat 10/10 – Gametime
In (most of) college football, this represents the long, four hour sobering up phase of a gameday. Not for the row behind me though. They brought the party inside. We heard everything from a girl who slurred though various stories about herself from kickoff until the final cannon blast to plots to kill UT offensive coordinator Greg Davis… at the stadium… in the coaches booth. Oh yeah, we won… but "ugly." Did I mention it is COLD!

Sat 10/10 – Post game
Is it manly to take another man's jacket? Don't care. I'm cold (thanks Justin). LSU/Florida is still on. We catch a glimpse of LSU letting their last opportunities slip away. USA/Honduras will have to be followed by internet. In the infinite wisdom of the host country, the game was available by closed circuit TV only. Hrrmm.

Sat 10/10 – Postgate
Postgate is a tradition started by Amanda where – instead of fighting traffic or going home or going out on the town – we tailgate after the game until almost everyone is gone. Kirby's walking beer tradition is pretty good, but postgate is just about the greatest thing since the invention of foldable chairs. We keep it going until the cops started peeking in periodically on our party. I consumed a very responsible four more beers.

Sat 10/10 – Dancin' in traffic
The traffic in the garage after the game is gridlocked for about 30 mins or more.
This game was no different. But when faced with adversity, there is only one thing you can do: DANCE MTHRFKRS!! They had been going at it for several minutes before I busted out the camera to film them. Unfortunately due to the cackling at my tailgate (ok, or me walking right up to their car), they turned the music off and stopped.

Sat 10/10 Midnight-ish
Kirby is a few weeks from becoming an adult, so we decide to keep the party going to celebrate his last UT game of the year (or ever?). I also updated the Pick'em scores. 14 games in the books… Bob's score = 2.

Sat 10/10 – …a few minutes later
Washington beats Arizona in the super late West Coast game… Bob picks up a crucial point and finishes with a Pick'em score of 3! Justin pulls the only double with 10.

Sat 10/10 (technically Sunday I guess)
You know what I like about Candlewood Suites? No, not the kitchen in the room. Not the inexplicably low rates. Not the cupboard of food that you can use on the honors system. Candlewood Suites all have a gazebo. We roll the cooler up to that bad boy, bust out the iPod speaker, and turn the gazebo into Old Skool Rap Gazebo Party. My Mrs goes to sleep and it's also, like, cold, so I gank the fleece that Amanda bought at the game (because women tend to not be able to take cold like us men). Pick'em peeps Kirby, Justin, Dave, and for a while, Mrs Dave join the party. A few beers and a few emptying of our collective bladders later, a lady walks barefooted through our bathroom (which was just the corner around the building)… gross… but pee is sterile folks.

Sun 10/11 Old Skool Rap Gazebo Party
Po-po comes to break up the party… said something about a noise ordinance. Dude should have known I was drunk. I think I said "Yes Sir" like 10 times… maybe more. Anyone who knows me would have known that was out of character. If Vegas set the over/under on the amount of times I said "Yes Sir" in the 365 days prior to this weekend at 1.5, those holding under tickets would cash in easily. Cop leaves. Old Skool Rap Gazebo party resumes. Fk 'em. Kirby busts out cigars, but only 2 matches. Well played anyway, sir.

Sun 10/11 4:30AM
Kirby is asleep in his gazebo chair. The cooler has no more beer (misther osifer, I only had like sixth… I shwear). We decide to shut down the Old Skool Rap Gazebo Party… I'm in bed by at least 5AM or so.

Sun 10/11 11:00AM+
...ugh, time to pack up and head out of town. El Mercado provides the migas with chorizo and Dr. Peppers I needed to make the drive home. XM/Sirius's NFL package provides the football games needed to make the 2.5 hr trip feel like 1 hr. The Cowboys and Texans provide the great games, but ultimate disappointments I needed to decide to watch the UT/CU game off the TiVo in the evening. The two kids reminded me of the parental dilemma of simultaneously wanting to never be away and wanting to get away. Epic weekend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Realistic Approach to the BCS Title Race

It's getting close to that time of year when experts and fans alike start to think about who is going to be playing in the BCS title game.

The BCS champion has evolved (in my opinion) to be very little more than a ceremonial title. While I am still against a playoff for tradition sake, I can no longer say "yes, the team that wins that game is clearly the best team". While many people might say my view was skewed when Texas was excluded from the BCS title game last year (or the exclusion from the Big XII Championship game on BCS points, a game in which they beat the two participants by an average of 17.5 points). But really, when LSU won the BCS title despite having two losses, including one on Thanksgiving weekend, it became apparent that we're to the point that the human votes, which means the SEC, are going to drive this thing. Human votes mean SEC powers, USC, OU, and even a side of Texas, will get the bias. But in that order, hence the OU debacle last year.

So what does this mean for this year? Don't start to run down the schedule and just assume everyone wins out. It's not going to happen. I think the SEC champ will have one loss, it's possible the SEC runner up will also have one loss. Texas realistically has the best shot of any team in IA (besides Boise) of running the table, based upon their cream puff schedule, including the benefit of not having to face Gresham, Broyles, maybe Bradford, Griffin III, Dez Bryant, and having beat Tech at home, having Kansas at home, and a nice schedule break with UCF in November.

We know OU is done. I predict 5 total losses for OU. Three straight losses away from Norman at this point, with Tech, Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas all not in Norman. Note those teams were IN Norman last year which set up well for them (sans Texas, the loss).

USC is far from done. The beauty of their losses are the are usually to such crappy teams, it doesn't cost them the Pac 10 title. They might drop one more and still win the Pac 10. But they are right there.

Boise. Wow. What to do. They are positioned really well. No real challenge left. They beat Oregon and that's their ticket to the title game. Or is it? This is where the human polls get hairy. More in a minute.

TCU will lose, they always do. I also note they beat Boise in one of the best minor bowls last year...the Poinsettia.

Cincinnati really looks good. Against really bad competition. There is enough depth in the Big East, they will lose as well.

Iowa will lose, the Big 10 is mediocre, but still deep enough. I think Iowa loses this week, actually.

The ACC consistently produces conference champs with 3 losses or more. Virginia Tech and Miami are clearly the best of the bunch. But Tech barely beat Nebraska, really should have lost if not for a defensive meltdown by the Huskers. The Huskers. Somewhere between the 4th and 7th best Big XII team. Miami has the best shot here to make a run, loss was early and on the road, and having played their four toughest games early (only Wake and UNC left on the road in conference) they've got a shot.

No Big 10 or Big East team makes it with one loss (assuming no complete meltdown by top contenders).

So it boils down to this field.

SEC winner, SEC runner up, USC, Texas, Miami, and Boise.

Book it, two of those teams are in.

SEC runner up get your attention? What if Florida beats LSU, goes undefeated to the title game, Alabama loses to Ole Miss and LSU, but beats Florida by 1 point? And Texas drops one in Stillwater. No doubt, Florida plays someone. The polls will dictate.

I think the current pecking order is as follows. The second time you see a teams name is where they pop back up after a loss:


So that means, Florida gets in with one loss if two of the Alabama/LSU/Texas lose one game. Boise gets in if all the SEC teams have two losses, and two of the USC, Miami, or Texas lose. Texas doesn't get the same respect, not with their schedule.

Maybe an Ohio State or Penn State or Virginia Tech or Cincinnati can sneak in there, I'm dismissing their chances above, they will lose. It's like going with a scenario in which Missouri wins out, just not going to happen.

Somebody bookmark this and let's see where we stand.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

P-F09: Week 6 Cards Are Ready

NCAA Week 6 Card:
NFL Week 6 Card:

P-F09: Week 5 NCAA Results

Updated 10/7/09 11:13AM


The Dallas D-bags joined Justin's Team on top of the standings this week. I take back what I said a few weeks ago, Crystal (like her Red Raiders) do not have their mojo back. Don't feel back about that 6, Gary pulled a 4. I hate those weeks where if you would have picked the exact opposite then you would have had the highest score rather than the lowest score... ugh.

Bonus points broke down like this:

Weekly Winner(s): AN, KW, KS, RH (10) +3 points
NCAA dubs (10+): same as above +3 points
Introductions: See Post
Paid: A-C, BD, CG, JHa

Let me get this out of the way early... the celebration rule, as it is enforced right now, is ridiculame at best and ridiculatarded when it changes the outcome of games. I'm not saying I was pulling for Georgia, but they got hosed... and no, the make up call didn't erase the damage already done.

This is just about the cutest cute that ever cuted.
Nice job refs for spoiling the cute party!

Like Kool and the Gang said, "Celebrate good times. Come on!"

This celebration would not get penalized

If Boise St. or Notre Dame make it into a BCS game, the system must go away and never come back.

Anyone catch the "U Swag" Jacory Harris had buzzed in his hair? Iz da' U back or is blow-u that bad? I'm not the most impartial judge on this matter, but ou's offensive line is horrendous. And as good as I feel Venables is, someone needs to be blamed for the terrible use of some serious talent on D. Unfortunately, this depleted version of a Bob Stoops team will probably play 150% against Texas is Dallas... and lose in a close one (let's face it folks, they aren't *that* good ;)

If I gave a crap about West Coast football, this section might mention teams like Oregon, Cal, and USC... but I don't. But are their three teams in the same conference that had more undeserved hype than these three? Maybe the sooners and cowboys? Speaking of teams I don't care about, I read that FSU has lost four of its last five home games, with the lone win coming against a I-AA team (Jacksonville State). Ouch!

I am rolling my eyes as I'm typing this. Yes, the SEC is the greatest conference in football. But that isn't the point of this section. The point of this section is how good of a job the SEC has done with scheduling. Despite practically inventing the cream puff out of conference scheduling, 2 or 3 of the best games on TV each week are SEC games.

wewp! we r winnin'!

I kid the aggies. Seriously, I was rooting for the aggies. They are like your little brother. You want them to succeed, just not at your expense and by no means can they enjoy more success or attention than you are getting. But I love them like a little brother. The pigs, on the other hand, are like the jackass kid down the street that is always trying to build a tree fort bigger than yours or that schedules a party on the same day as yours and invites the same guests. I hate those fkrs.


P-F09: Week 5 NFL Results

Updated 10/7/09 11:01AM


Novacain is still dominating... and now he's got chicks chasing him in the 2 hole.

The NFL games continued to be pretty predictable this week. Despite the bye weeks starting (14 vs 16 games), most of you pulled double digit scores.

Bonus points broke down like this:

Weekly Winner(s): GF (13) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): KW, DW, GF, A-C, BD +3 points
Farve INTs (0... since you can't count the bad call on that one INT): AN, CJ, GF, KS
Paid: A-C, BD, CG, JHa

Two words: Brett Favre
(I still hope that this year is a fantastic success or a fantastic failure. I will not be satisfied with anything in between. Wait till the 2nd half of the season rolls around. Failure is knocking on Favre's Minnesota residence door.)

Texans 29, Raiders 6. I guess every team needs to a little Raiders to make them feel good about themselves every once and a while.

Romo on Fox 3...errrrrrrrrrr 4.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

P-F09: Week 5 NCAA Bonus Results - What Is Your Intro Music?

In Week 3, I asked the following...

If you were coming out of the tunnel onto the field before the Pick'em contest, what would your Intro/Theme music be?

After getting your responses, I started putting together this blog post and writing something for everyone's intro. However, 20 intros proved too much to write. Also, there was not a very good way to evaluate the song choices, so therefore I gave everyone 3 points for Week 3.

For Week 5, you guys were asked to write your own intros (a la Craig Kilborn, Doogie Howser on the Emmy's). The bonus points for this week will be scored (0-5) on my evaluation of the intro "experience" (combination of your intro and song choice). Enjoy the results below. For the full experience, hit play on the video and then imagine the a "Good God Almighty, that's [player's] theme music!!!" introduction.
(some intros edited at the Commissioner's Office discretion)

CG - 12 National Championships (+3)
Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke

"...and now, hailing from the great state of Texas, last years co-champ in the NCAA picks, the number one Alabama fan in the country here to defend his title, CURTIS BLOW!!!"

A-C - Amy/Carrie (+2)
O.A.R. - This Town

"Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to date her. Don't hate her because she's beautiful, hate her because she's good.

Let's hear it for the world's first supermodel genious [sic], Carrie Fran Krasner!!!!"

CJ - Beelzebubbles (+2)
Lords of Acid - Darling Come Here I Sit On Acid

Her name is Crystal (fans scream "yeah!")
She knows karate (fans scream "yeah!")
If you don't believe it (fans scream "yeah!")
Check out her body ("fans scream "yeah!")

I really wanted to give negative points for 1.) Not getting the song title correct, and 2.) Picking a song with the lyrics "Darling, come here - f*&# me up the... Sit on your face. I wanna sit on your face"

JN - Naked Bootleggers (+0)
some ou crap
Thunderstruck faded into tornado sirens going off, since I'm in Oklahoma of course.

I couldn't find that crap, but I did find this masterpiece... no, not a parody piece... this is genuine.

(PA Announcer Silence)

DB - Fighting Farmers (+0)
Metallica - Wherever I May Roam

(PA Announcer Silence)

JHo - Demons (+1)
AC/DC - Back in Black

A winnnnnnnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
(it ain't braggin' if it's true... I guess)

BD - Bobs Bobcats (+0)
Queen - We Will Rock You

(PA Announcer Silence)

JHa - I Will Beat Bob and Gary (+0)
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

(PA Announcer Silence)

GF - Six Six in Shoes (+0)
Queen - Princes of the Universe

(PA Announcer Silence)

DW - Bevo XIV (+4)
Eminem - Lose Yourself

And now...introducing...the engineer from ESCG, the hustler from Hagerstown, the player from Pasadena, the big man from the Bay Area, the one and only Brew-drinking Bevo XIV!

AN - The Motherload (+4)
Michael Jackson - Beat It

(PA Announcer Silence)
[Two minutes of hard hitting highlights as the music gets louder then shooting flames erupt out of the top of the scoreboard and smoke fills the stadium as the team runs out to a standing ovation. Then more shooting flames and fireworks. (yup I love fire). Then a big fire hoop the the teams runs through to the opposite end zone. Then the team mascot runs and jumps through the hoop as the fire shoots out in all directions in a big round fireball circle. By the end the grass is black adn burnt and there is so much smoke you can't see but the excitement is just beyond words. Yeah, like that!]

RH - Los Tigeres (+3)
Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

Da Da Duh
Da Da Duh
Da Da Duh Duh Da Da Duh
I need a beer.

GN - Ferments-A-Lot (+4)
Jamie Kennedy - Mattress Mack

Representing H-town like an Aggie reps animal lovin', like a dirt burglar reps fried bologna on the buffet, like Brett Favre reps uncertainty. He doesn't get paid for this Pick'em stuff, unless you count all that time at work he spends maintaining the league and providing updates. He's no Geto Boy, but his rhymes will make your mind play tricks on you. Mattress mackin' till the day that he dies... He likes big beers and he can not lie... he's Ferrrrrrments-A-Looooooooooot.

JC - Justin's Team (+3)
Rocky Theme (cuz this shiznit is a slugfest every week)

And now, straight from the slums of The Woodlands, in his second year, fighting out of the green corner, with creativity that is evident through the very thoughtful team name, please welcome Justin's Team!!!

CC - Novacain (+3)
Young Jeezy - I Put On

And now, measuring 6'4" and weighing in at 190 lbs., the man in the middle, the Nostradamus of football prognostication, the Austin assassin, two-time defending pick'em champion: Novacain!

KW - Dallas D-Bags (+4)
AMG - Rigamarole
(I couldn't find Rigamarole online, so I went ahead and selected Vertical Joyride for you)

During an awards show I rush the stage, wearing Kool Mo Dee sunglasses and lederhosen, and as soon as it's time for a teenager to make her acceptance speech, I tear the microphone away from her hand and proclaim, "Honey, your video was good, but everyone knows that 2Pac's California Love was the best video." Then as I walk off stage my AMG theme song begins as I display double rods to the booing crowd.

KS - DonkeyStyle (+2)
GNR Patience to start followed abruptly by Let the Bodies hit the floor

yeh gustos in the mutherfuckin house with my man dead mike we break the mutherfuckers off 24/7 so check this shit out ay yo gusto.. wussup.. kick that shit.. straight outta locash a crazy mutherfucker named gusto ill fuck ya wife cuz the bitch is a big ho ill fuck ya sista ill fuck ya cat i would fuck ya mom but the bitch is too fat when im in ya neighbourhood ya better dig em up coz im comin to slit ya mutherfuckin throat blood is drippin.. im not trippin.. bitches panties is what im rippin rollin' faster than a mutherfuckin dirtbike never met a peice of pussy that i didnt like like to eat it.. like to suck it.. take ya shit and ill fuck it straight outta locash (crazy mutherfuckers.. haha.. yeh) where you from nigga need ta get ready coz ya goin for a long hike off a cliff im drivin you over now ya dead with ya four leaf clover float like cannonball.. sting like a shark im the nigga waitin for ya in the dark waitin to rob you.. waitin to beat you a bullet in ya head is how i greet you a villain with a hat and its like that i tie your mom to a mutherfuckin train track flat on her back.. i gave her some crack its 10 o'clock.. do you know where your moms is at at my house (doin what) wipin her ass she had to move straight outta locash

(yet he doesn't pick Straight Outta Locash as his song)

KZ - Suck It #15 (+0)
Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance

umm. I don't have enough time for this, sorry. Oh, and I'm too cool. this is gay :)
(and then the Mad Bomber walks out to a booing crowd... and to no bonus points... she probably cheered for Tebow's injury too)

RK - BlitzKrieg (+3)
BDP - Jack of Spades

(PA Announcer Silent)
[For my original choice of 'Jack of Spades' it would have been: "'s my theme music, every good hero should have some" with BDP in tow. Now, with the way my picks have gone this year, I think the song should be 'Yakety Sax'. Instead of having the old, short guy with a hairpiece chase hot chicks around park benches in fast motion to the tune, he would chase and catch me, then beat me upside the head with a Cain. In fast forward. Repeatedly.]

KH - Mr. Smokey Pants (+5)
Kool Moe Dee - I Go To Work

Off of my big train.
Blow the whistle -- I bring pain.
Time to play the game.

To wrap this puppy up... here is a bonus intro for you guys. Maybe the best sports intro of all time.