P-F09: Week 6... The Way I Remember It

Thurs 10/8 – Evening
#24 Mizzou looks good against #21 Nebraska. Thursday night football in the motherbleeping house!! Big 12 in the motherbleeping house! Whooooo!

Thurs 10/8 – Later that evening
...Dude, Nebraska woke up.

Thurs 10/8 – Nearing midnight...

The Big 12 sucks. I hate saying it. But the Big 12 bleeping sucks. It doesn't ACC suck, or Pac-10 suck... it may not even Big 11 suck, but it's not SEC good... not even close... in fact, I don't even feel right typing that (redacted). Ugh.

Thurs 10/8 – Post midnight (better known as 10/9 I guess)
*slaps head* WTF! A "Friday trip to Austin" means "Thursday packing." I wish I would have thought of that during that crappy Mizzou/Cornfkr game.

Fri 10/9 – Departing work at 4:15PM
Almost no one is left in my office anyway... working for the government is pretty sweet sometimes (signed, that govt rate I have on my hotel room this weekend).

Fri 10/9 – In downtown Austin by 7:20PM
Time to hit the Gingerman, but oye, those 10PM dinner reservations at Kenichi might as well be tomorrow.

Fri 10/9 – Minutes later.
9PM reservations at Kenichi now. My first beer, a Stone Anniversary Ale, is life changing-ly good. I'm craving it as I'm typing. My 2nd round, Independence Brewing's Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout, not only has a sweet name, it's also outstanding. Well done Rob and Amy (and to all you guys reading, if you don't support Independence, then you are a terrorist... or something like that).

Fri 10/9 9:00PM
Remind me again, what is the bleeping point of reservations? While I'm on the topic, what is the point of the appointment system at doctor's offices?

Fri 10/9 9:02PM
Saketini's ordered. Wait seems doable now. What the heck is in these things?! Ginger is floating in the bottom, they taste like cucumber, and I'm getting bleeped up on one!

Fri 10/9 9:30PM (or who knows... I couldn't see straight)
Finally get seated. Ordered a hot sake and a Kirin Ichiban. Everything was amazing, but here is just one plug for Kenichi's food. They made some special wasabi sauce thing that is one of the greatest sushi toppings I've ever had in my life... no soy needed. The waiter told me several times what the name of it was, but I couldn't comprehend. He also swore it was on the menu ($2), but I wouldn't know because reading the menu was difficult after saketini.

Sat 10/10 11:00AM
... whoa... the drugs in the saketini + no kiddie alarms at 6AM = where did the morning go?

Sat 10/10 – Nearing noon
Bleep bleep-it! It is *really* cold in Austin. Uh oh. Since I packed Thursday... in Houston... and I can't remember a cold game this early in October in my lifetime............. all I've got is shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Bleep.

Sat 10/10 – Just after noon
Hit up the new(-ish) Specs on Hwy-183. $200+ of alcoholic goodness acquired. If Vegas set the over/under on people saying "Wow, that's going to be a good party" at 2 1/2, then the over would have won. Sooooo funny.

Sat 10/10 – Beer 1st, Food Next
Central Market provides the rest of the tailgate goodies for a nominal fee. If Vegas set the over/under for Central Market grocery bill total at $100, then I am O-fer on the under in my lifetime. Also bought beer here... couldn't help it.

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate
Set everything up at the tailgate. Holy bleepballs it is cold, and this is the hottest part of the day! Drinking should help with the body temperature.

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate in full swing
After first round of games... I do a Pick'em score update... Auburn and Georgia lose big. Aggies lose to an Okie St. team that was devoid of all its best players. Great, I'm 2 for 5... and it's cold.

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate Grillin'
...time to grill some hot dogs... Pick'em peeps Kirby and Justin join in on cold-gate... more drinking.

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate Porto update
They (State of Texas?) added 2 portos in the State garage I tailgate in... no more holding back on the drinking!

Sat 10/10 – Tailgate… Mo' Grillin'!
You know what is good after a bean and cheese taco, tortillas and queso, a few hot dogs, a couple of few beers, pork rinds, grapes, and Zapps? Yep. Cilantro chicken sausage. Grill work complete.

Sat 10/10 – 5:00 PM, pregame

Kirby pretty much invented the pre-game "walking beer," which is the beer you grab from the cooler before packing up the tailgate and finish right before you get to the stadium. Genius. But this game Kirby takes it to another level and brings *2* walking beers. Bleeping genius... uh I think. I'm 6 beers in. It is cold yo, and I make an ill-advised decision to not take an extra shirt Kirby has… man up!

Sat 10/10 – Gametime
In (most of) college football, this represents the long, four hour sobering up phase of a gameday. Not for the row behind me though. They brought the party inside. We heard everything from a girl who slurred though various stories about herself from kickoff until the final cannon blast to plots to kill UT offensive coordinator Greg Davis… at the stadium… in the coaches booth. Oh yeah, we won… but "ugly." Did I mention it is COLD!

Sat 10/10 – Post game
Is it manly to take another man's jacket? Don't care. I'm cold (thanks Justin). LSU/Florida is still on. We catch a glimpse of LSU letting their last opportunities slip away. USA/Honduras will have to be followed by internet. In the infinite wisdom of the host country, the game was available by closed circuit TV only. Hrrmm.

Sat 10/10 – Postgate
Postgate is a tradition started by Amanda where – instead of fighting traffic or going home or going out on the town – we tailgate after the game until almost everyone is gone. Kirby's walking beer tradition is pretty good, but postgate is just about the greatest thing since the invention of foldable chairs. We keep it going until the cops started peeking in periodically on our party. I consumed a very responsible four more beers.

Sat 10/10 – Dancin' in traffic
The traffic in the garage after the game is gridlocked for about 30 mins or more.
This game was no different. But when faced with adversity, there is only one thing you can do: DANCE MTHRFKRS!! They had been going at it for several minutes before I busted out the camera to film them. Unfortunately due to the cackling at my tailgate (ok, or me walking right up to their car), they turned the music off and stopped.

Sat 10/10 Midnight-ish
Kirby is a few weeks from becoming an adult, so we decide to keep the party going to celebrate his last UT game of the year (or ever?). I also updated the Pick'em scores. 14 games in the books… Bob's score = 2.

Sat 10/10 – …a few minutes later
Washington beats Arizona in the super late West Coast game… Bob picks up a crucial point and finishes with a Pick'em score of 3! Justin pulls the only double with 10.

Sat 10/10 (technically Sunday I guess)
You know what I like about Candlewood Suites? No, not the kitchen in the room. Not the inexplicably low rates. Not the cupboard of food that you can use on the honors system. Candlewood Suites all have a gazebo. We roll the cooler up to that bad boy, bust out the iPod speaker, and turn the gazebo into Old Skool Rap Gazebo Party. My Mrs goes to sleep and it's also, like, cold, so I gank the fleece that Amanda bought at the game (because women tend to not be able to take cold like us men). Pick'em peeps Kirby, Justin, Dave, and for a while, Mrs Dave join the party. A few beers and a few emptying of our collective bladders later, a lady walks barefooted through our bathroom (which was just the corner around the building)… gross… but pee is sterile folks.

Sun 10/11 Old Skool Rap Gazebo Party
Po-po comes to break up the party… said something about a noise ordinance. Dude should have known I was drunk. I think I said "Yes Sir" like 10 times… maybe more. Anyone who knows me would have known that was out of character. If Vegas set the over/under on the amount of times I said "Yes Sir" in the 365 days prior to this weekend at 1.5, those holding under tickets would cash in easily. Cop leaves. Old Skool Rap Gazebo party resumes. Fk 'em. Kirby busts out cigars, but only 2 matches. Well played anyway, sir.

Sun 10/11 4:30AM
Kirby is asleep in his gazebo chair. The cooler has no more beer (misther osifer, I only had like sixth… I shwear). We decide to shut down the Old Skool Rap Gazebo Party… I'm in bed by at least 5AM or so.

Sun 10/11 11:00AM+
...ugh, time to pack up and head out of town. El Mercado provides the migas with chorizo and Dr. Peppers I needed to make the drive home. XM/Sirius's NFL package provides the football games needed to make the 2.5 hr trip feel like 1 hr. The Cowboys and Texans provide the great games, but ultimate disappointments I needed to decide to watch the UT/CU game off the TiVo in the evening. The two kids reminded me of the parental dilemma of simultaneously wanting to never be away and wanting to get away. Epic weekend.


  1. They finally got porto's in your garage? Sweeeeeeeet! I wonder if the stench of urine from every nook and cranny convinced them?


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