P-F09: Week 5 NFL Results

Updated 10/7/09 11:01AM


Novacain is still dominating... and now he's got chicks chasing him in the 2 hole.

The NFL games continued to be pretty predictable this week. Despite the bye weeks starting (14 vs 16 games), most of you pulled double digit scores.

Bonus points broke down like this:

Weekly Winner(s): GF (13) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): KW, DW, GF, A-C, BD +3 points
Farve INTs (0... since you can't count the bad call on that one INT): AN, CJ, GF, KS
Paid: A-C, BD, CG, JHa

Two words: Brett Favre
(I still hope that this year is a fantastic success or a fantastic failure. I will not be satisfied with anything in between. Wait till the 2nd half of the season rolls around. Failure is knocking on Favre's Minnesota residence door.)

Texans 29, Raiders 6. I guess every team needs to a little Raiders to make them feel good about themselves every once and a while.

Romo on Fox 3...errrrrrrrrrr 4.



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