P-F22: Playoff Challenge Scoreboard

NFL Playoff Week 4 - The Super Big Game Thing

2/12/23 Final Update
Congrats to Huntwick Hosers (KW)!

2/12/23 Pregame Update
Our 2 leaders picked opposite sides, so this 2 team game is now a 2 man race to end our seasons.

If the Kansas City Chiefs win, Huntwick Hosers (KW) wins
If the Philadelphia Eagles win, Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK) wins

One of them will join the other winners.

NCAA Bowl Challenge Winner: Left Hand Scissors (GN) 
NFL Pick'em 1st Place: Astros! (AP); 2nd Place: Bexo XV (DW)
NCAA Pick'em 1st Place: A Northmen (AN); 2nd Place: 18 National Championships (CG)

NFL Playoff Week 3 - Conference Championships
1/29/23 End of Week Update

1/29/23 Initial Scoreboard

49ers/Bengals AP 
49ers/Chiefs AP
Eagles/Bengals CG (and RH, CC, GF close)
Eagles/Chiefs RK (and KW close)

NFL Playoff Week 2 - Divisional Playoffs

1/22/23 End of Week Update:

Our leader failed to pick, and AP, RH, and CG took advantage. In BK We Trust (RH) is our new leader.

1/21/23 Update:

Despite not picking this week, Beelzebubbles (CC) still leads. The rest of the league continues to blow all their big bets. Will the Cowboys cover tomorrow and keep the streak alive??

NFL Playoff Week 1 - Wild Card Weekend

1/16/23 End of Week Update:

Our first leader is Beelzebubbles (CC), who bet big on the Cowboys in the playoffs and it turned out differently than it has for a while.

1/15/23 Update:

1/14/23 Update:

Contest Announcement:

We did it, folks. We made it to P-F22's last contest.

Now let's do this:
  • Open the attached spreadsheet
  • Choose your team name (you play with 200 house points, and 1-35 bonus points scaled from your regular season bonus)
  • Pick all 6 games on the card
  • Wager at least 15 points on each game (you don't have to use all your points)
  • Relax and enjoy.
Every correct pick pays back what you wagered. Points will carry over from week to week.

Picks for the entire weekend are due prior to the first kickoff on Saturday.

1. Do the whole card before the first kick on Saturday.
2. Wager at least 15 points on every game.
3. You don't have to use all your points.
4. Let me know if you have Excel issues and we'll work something out.


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